Wednesday, April 1, 2020

More Positives

Happy April Fools Day!  I think we all need a laugh today so be sure to trick someone!  

Don't know about yall but I'm looking for POSITIVE things all day every day!  I encourage you to write them down and look back at them when you need to do so. Here are mine for the past week...

1.  Grady has learned how to go for a walk and stay on the sidewalk. He can even do chalk on our sidewalk out front and not wander into the street. It’s a miracle!  And makes our playtime in the driveway way easier now that I don’t think he will dart into the street. Still keeping a close eye on that boy!

2.  Getting to plant some flowers and herbs with Molly Anne and Grady helping me!  They got to learn more about plants to expand on what Molly Anne has learned in science at school. 

3.  The balance of work and kids is mostly going okay. I have them all day every day. Kevin is busy with work because of some things going on with his businesses. I will say, there have been some moments of meltdown city when I’m on a conference call that I have to talk on. Y’all know those!  Omg it was insaneness. I’ve tried to be creative of what to do when I have a call when Grady is awake and I’m still tweaking that daily! ;)

4.  Getting a lot more exercise in because I can be creative with the timing. Keeping me sane!!!  This has literally been the biggest thing to keeping my mind right through all of this. I’m doing it after bed times, before bed times, during my lunch break (the beginning of Grady's nap), with the kids in the morning so I can talk on a conference call. Random times, fit it in. 

5.  The ability to get a little more creative in the kitchen. I usually can’t do certain recipes because of timing. Typically I can’t do many crockpot recipes because I leave so early and get home so late when I’m in the office. Now I can because I start it at lunch!

6.  Speaking of food - it’s nice to know exactly what my kids are eating all day every day. I think I mentioned this last week ha. 

7.  Being able to be around while Grady gets these teeth and provide a little extra TLC for him. 

8.  Honestly I’m closer with my kids than ever before. I’ve always been pretty tight with them but this is a different level and I’m THANKFUL for the time. And I do not take it for granted. 

9.  I work for a wonderful company. Their response has been amazing and you don’t get better people to work with/for.  And all of our vendors and clients have been overly understanding with everything. 

10.  Taking walks with the kids and Molly Anne always picking know the yellow ones that grow in the middle of people's yards that shouldn't be there...those.  They make her so happy and we always bring them home and put them in a little cup of water.

11.  Mills has loved us being at home and values nap time a lot these days.  He certainly isn't getting his typical naps in so he is tired at night!

12.  Time to work on a couple of projects I'm doing this year.  

13.  The ability to organize a couple of spaces each week.  Nothing major.  Just trying to make our house function better.

14.  I've loved keeping up with the laundry.  I typically do anyway but this is way easier since I'm always home. 

15.  Popping toys out of the playroom cabinets that we haven't played with in awhile. Grady is enjoying doing some new things.  

It’s going to be interesting how people think after all of this. Maybe an office job person now wants to be a work from home person. Maybe an office person now realizes they only want to be at their office. Maybe a working parent has enjoyed the time with their kids and decides to stay at home and not work anymore. It’s all going to be interesting to see how it shakes out personally for everyone!


  1. I agree! We have loved the extra time with the children... especially when they are so little & learning so much! I'm grateful to be there with them through all of this. Thanks for the helpful, cheery reminder!

  2. Totally agree!!! While there have been some hard moments this time at home with Sydney has been unprecedented! My husband is also working from home but his schedule is much more rigid right now so Syd and I spend all day together and I am really trying to take advantage of not rushing from here to there - having the extra time is 100% the silver lining!

    It is still freezing up in the north east, and running doesn't feel great at 30 weeks pregnant so I am taking full advantage of my Peloton! It is keeping me sane for sure!