Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Kid’s Meals

None of these meals are rocket science but sometimes I see friends post their kid’s meals on Instagram and I’m like duh let me add that to my cart. It’s always fun to have something different.  

Not pictured - frozen waffles and a yogurt pouch for breakfast. PB&J for lunch with chips and pickles. Or noodles with butter, garlic powder and grated Parmesan (they both gobble this right up)! Fancy I tell ya! ;)

Cottage cheese (Grady is obsessed) mixed fruit, mini pepperonis, cracker cuts and crackers.  Molly Anne loves this meal, it’s her fav. Hers is on the pink plate. 

Smoked sausage and mushrooms roasted with seasoning, peas. 

“Chicken bites” - grilled chicken with panko on it. Lima beans Molly Anne picked out then barely ate. Mandarin oranges. 

They like to have half pb&j and half Nutella and PB. Pretzels sticks and string cheese. 

Turkey and cheese sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls, carrot chips and raisins. 

Perdue chicken nuggets, green beans and applesauce pouch. This is our standard eat outside on the driveway meal when Kevin and I have something else for dinner. 

That’s all I have for now.  Keeping it easy!

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  1. Thanks, Annie! I'm always looking for new ideas for easy meals for my kids.