Sunday, August 30, 2015

Weekend - Hanging Out

Friday we went to the nature museum with our friends!  Molly Anne got a lot out of it hahaha, not!  Hey, it's better than sitting at home all day every day.  We have fun with our friends!

We did errands in Southpark alllll afternoon and had our first mother daughter lunch date at the mall. Mom and I always have like lunching in the middle of our shopping days so this was cool to do with Molly Anne. 

Friday night we hung at home and watched the panthers pre season game. 

With a lil Punk'n beer from Salt Lake City!

Saturday Molly Anne and I went to dean and Deluca to meet up with Jenn and Wendy. Brooklyn came too. They hadn't met Molly Anne yet.  Well Jenn had in the hospital but the other girls hadn't. 

That morning I went to the Harris YMCA consignment sale and was able to find a few cute items!

Saturday night we went to Midwood with Kevin's parents!

And then went to Sarah and Mike's house spur of the moment.  It was fun to hang!!   Thank y'all for not thinking we are too rude ha!!

Sunday we had a lil family day which was necessary. I did a little clean up yard work from Kevin's real yard work on Saturday.  We went to the Apple Store and had lunch at mellow mushroom.  Low key and perfect way to end our weekend!  This week is going to be a busy one and will end very well!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Five on Friday

The 1.  The only way I've been able to keep blogging is doing it from the Blogger app on my phone in the middle of the night.  It takes me five minutes.  I don't do any fancy picture collages (not that I ever have) and I just keep it simple.  I just want to remember these days. 
(Dinner time at our house, this is where the queen hangs!)

2.  Yesterday I downloaded some new music from iTunes.  I was tired of the same tunes.  Kevin picks on me because I will literally listen to the same five songs on repeat for months.  The ones I've had on my playlist now have been there since at least June, probably May.  Do you all listen to your iTunes in your car?  I love it. 

3.  We are thinking about selling our juicer and buying a Vitamix.  Any thoughts?  I can make baby food in the Vitamix right?  Do you all love your Vitamix for smoothies etc?

4.  I passed my follow up glucose test by one yesterday. But basically I still have some life changes to make - more exercise and less sugar.  

5.  Two very nice people in this world:

I spent a good part of the day at Home Depot yesterday because one of our new bathroom vanity lights fell. It only tilted down but when it hit the mirror, the globes broke.  Of course they don't make the lights anymore so now we have to replace all of the lights. The store manager could not have been more helpful.  I'm leaving a lot of the story out for sake of time but he really went out of his way for me. 

And two - I've been grocery shopping on the weekend so I don't have to take Molly Anne and it would be easier and faster. Well I didn't get there this past Sunday so I had to take her with me yesterday because I hadn't been in 1.5 weeks. The kindest lady (another customer) demanded to push my cart out to my car, helped me load them into the car then returned my cart for me. All because I was carrying the car seat after they put all the bags in the cart.  It was just the kindest gesture.   

Cheers, it's Friday!

Hump Day Recap

This week is busy busy!  Yesterday started with Mills' vet appointment for all of his annual shots.  I'm so mean to have done this on National Dog Day!  Haha, who knew?!!

Molly Anne and I scooted up to Dean and Deluca to meet longtime blog friend Jess who was in town!  And then 1.5 hours passed by instantly as we chatted away!  Sorry Molly Anne for blocking your face baby!

Regrouping at the house with my two best buddies. 

Then we went to Gigi's house and I kept both girls for a little while.  

They were precious together!

Today I have a follow up glucose test to make sure diabetes didn't hang around after the pregnancy.  Yes I have to drink that junk AGAIN and sit around for hours while they keep checking my blood multiple times. Cross your fingers and toes for me please!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Music Class and Tutu Cute

Yesterday was a busy day.  First up, a walk with my friend Lisa.  Then, music class with April, Camille, Sarah and Gigi!

Molly Anne actually really seemed to enjoy it. Her eyes were wide open almost the whole time. She only fell asleep during the last song.  The teacher said how good it is to bring them even when they're this young.  I hope to maybe sign her up for the Spring class after I've gotten back to work and am more settled. 

Mills found these two turtles in our backyard and about flipped out at them.  Mills doesn't bark (he never kept barking after he learned that time) but he does this whimpy bark half growl thing.  I don't think the turtles cared! ;)

My neighbor's daughter made Molly Anne this headband and tutu!  Isn't it the cutest ever?!!  

I thought this was a cute picture of Molly Anne but it was before I put the headband on.  I was carried away with how precious this tutu was on her.  Seriously!!!!  I can't take it!  

Last night we went and looked at Sequoias.  We really are leaning that way but need to sell my car which we bought about two weeks before we found out that miss Molly Anne would be joining us!  Great timing!  Ha. Anyway, the bucket seats are pretty sweet and it has so many cool features.  We think Kevin is going to drive it mostly and I'll drive his current car.  He doesn't have a commute but I do so I need the more fuel efficient and smaller car.  Who knows, we will figure it out if and when we get this new one. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Monday

Here are some pictures of our Monday!

We went and surprised Molly Anne's Nana at her office!

This half human took care of things at the house. 

And spur of the moment we went to dinner with Kevin's parents for his dad's actual birthday!  Kevin couldn't go on Sunday so this was a redo. 

The best grouper I've had in awhile. 

Mickey and Mooch was good.  It's his favorite spot!  They came back to our house and we chatted for awhile and Nana hung out for the bedtime routine while the guys did their thing. 

Kevin and I laid in bed watching bachelor in paradise for the second night in a row. It's so ridiculous but so entertaining right?!  

Today we have a bunch of things going on - walking with my friend Lisa, music class, stopping by a neighbor's home and a few errands. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend - Game and Birthdays

Friday night - Cantina. And worth every calorie. 

Saturday AM we had a lazy morning then did yard work while this queenie napped. 

We had a few couples come over that afternoon and evening who wanted to meet Molly Anne. First up, my best guy friend from college with his wife and daughter.  

I couldn't believe we were standing there holding our daughters.  We have come a long way since suffering through civil engineering classes together haha.  

Mills' brother's parents came over and brought Wylie for them to play on their third birthday! 

Cheers, brother!

Mills had a good birthday. He received a card in the mail addressed to Master Miller West Ben from his Nannie and Poppa, a bunny stuffed animal and a new collar. 

Mike, Sarah and Gigi came over and Mike stayed for the game with us while miss Gigi went home for her bedtime.  Mills loves loves loves this family. Can you tell?!

Ken one of Kevin's high school buddies came over for the panthers game too. He loved holding our girl. 

My boys!

Here for the party, but dead asleep. 

Sunday = this. 

And we celebrated Kevin's dads birthday at the fish camp.  Kevin's brother met Molly Anne for the first time.  

And Molly Anne got to cuddle with the birthday boy and her Nana. 

Happy Birthday!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Five on Friday - Keeping It Real

Whew, I can't believe it's already Friday.  

Today, let's keep it real.  

1.  I can't lie and say I don't miss traveling, because I do!  But I have really loved being home with Molly Anne.  I have no clue how it's going to go when I go back to work.  I was doing a lot of day trips the last couple of years but when I go out west (ie past Texas) once a month or so, I obviously can't do day trips.  So, I'll have to survive and Kevin will hold the fort down!  He's been very involved from the beginning so I'm not worried about it.  I'll just miss her like crazy!

2.  I hate that we can't go to the pool or be outside much because it's just SO hot and babies can't be in that heat or sun!  The doc told me to use blue lizard sunscreen on her and could even do it now (not wait the 6 months) but I just don't think it's worth it.  Maybe in September when it cools down.  

(My nieces on the first day of school yesterday)

3.  Sleep when the baby sleeps...HA.  This advice is so comical.  Everyone says it but has anyone actually done it regularly?  And if they have, did they have someone else helping around the house - doing all of the laundry, cooking, bottles, etc?  And someone must have written thank you notes for them too ha!  

4.  Some new moms say that every day is so hard and they don't shower and they live in seas of spit up and poopy diapers and they're walking zombies.  I was sooo intimidated by this and scared out of my mind to become a mom.  Pregnant friends - it ain't that bad!  It's fun!  And I'm not saying I'm perfect at being a mom (because I'm far from it) but like anything, it's all in what you make it.  I've put real clothes and makeup on every day since July 6th when we came home.  Molly Anne and I go do SOMETHING every day.  You'll go insane if you sit at home 24/7.  Must get out.  The first time she and I went out by ourselves, we went to the mall and I thought to myself, well if something goes terribly wrong, there are nice people in this world and a lot of women who have 'been there' so I'll just ask for help!  And people are SO nice when you have a baby - they hold the door for you and the stroller etc.  So, don't be scared.  I was scared and didn't look forward to this experience like I should have!  

5.  Kevin and I have a couple fun outings planned this Fall and we are excited.  I think the grandparents may be more excited than us ha!