Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekend Recap and Menu Monday

A few scenes from the end of last week and weekend.  Our back door neighbor Anna came to visit. 

This stool is one of the cutest gifts we got.  One of our neighbors gave it to her!

A coworker of mine and his wife gave her this adorable monkey!

Friday night we had a little date night for the three of us.  Molly Anne and I watched Mills play ball out back for a bit. She LOVES being outside. I can't wait for it to cool down. 

Saturday we hung at a neighbors house by their pool and had a couple beverages before heading to dinner at Hawthornes with Kevins parents and niece.  Usually we do Friday night pizza but this weekend we did it Saturday. They have the best wings in town we think.  

Sunday we did a lot of this...

And I got our usual weekend errands done.  I can't stand going to the grocery store before every dinner or even more than once a week.  Meal planning helps cut this to one time a week and I'm always so glad when we plan ahead. Cheaper and time saver.  Coming up on our menu this week:

1.  Burgers (no bun for me!), corn and grilled zucchini and squash (hello farmers market!)
2.  Shrimp cocktail and a side salad for Kevin. Shrimp on a salad for me. Details, details!

3. Chicken parm (I bake it and don't put many breadcrumbs on) and side salad.  Sometimes I'll do a tiny side of pasta but not this week.

4.  Make our own pizza - we will do this on Friday usually but also occasionally during the week.  It's just so easy because we keep the thin wheat crust and ingredients on hand so if we need something fast, this is it. 

5.  Tacos - the trusty staple.  Happens every week in our house.  Sometimes ends up being just a taco salad.  

Lunches this week - 
1.  Basil, fresh mozzarella and tomato sandwiches with balsamic.  Obsessed. I've been getting at least 3 tomatoes from the farmers market every week. 
2.  Tomato sandwich with Dukes mayo and Pawleys Island Pimento cheese.
3.  Kevin likes just having two Greek yogurts after he does his workout (whatever floats his boat)


  1. Make your own pizza is my favorite night of the week! At the moment I am doing the 21 day fix and I miss it!

  2. I've been obsessed with tomatoes this summer. I try my best to meal plan but I feel that something always gets in the way. Kudos to you for staying on track!

    Also, I love all of Molly Anne's personalized gifts. They are so cute!

  3. Your meal plan looks delish and has me craving Caprese sandwiches in a a BIG way!