Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Picking Crabs

I really have zero time today as I'm trying to regroup and get ready for our next adventure.  And it's my first day back in the office in two weeks.  Crazy!

Continuing my recap of our trip to Maryland!

Friday morning cuddles with Poppa...

We did lots of playing on Friday.  Including a little redneck pool time! ;)

Wrapped up in a Minnie Mouse towel that I used to use as a child!

She loves looking at the pond.

Ready to pick some crabs!

Fried shrimp were her very favorite!

She loved the crab.  She also ate clams, chicken and hushpuppies.  We had to be careful of the old bay getting in her eyes so I kept a pack of wipes handy and kept her lil hands clean.  

Poppa gave her his best claw!

Hunks of crabmeat!  I loved picking crabs...one of my favorite summer things!

Molly Anne's high chair...she had a feast, can you tell?!

and so did Dad and I.  Mom always has moderation when we pick crabs, but Dad and I always try to get to double digits.

I have a picture of she and I in front of Old Mill from September as well.  I look forward to continuing this little tradition for many years!

Dead asleep immediately after her bath and bottle!

Next up Saturday at the beach!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Maryland Day One

Molly Anne and I flew up to Maryland last Thursday morning to visit my parents for the long weekend!  The flight was not all that wonderful but we survived.  Last time she flew, she was small enough for the infant car seat and I scored an extra seat beside me.  This time, the flight was full and I didn't travel with a car seat.  My parents had one already in their car when we got here. 

Thursday afternoon we just played.  They had gotten some new toys and brought down some toys that my brother and I used to play with.  

Molly Anne loved her little golden! ;)

Thursday night we just hung around the house.  This little love skipped her morning nap because we were on the flight and she was highly entertained ha.  So an extra early bedtime was necessary.  

Friday recap is up next where Molly Anne got to eat crabs!  Saturday will be after that...she played at the beach this day. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Five on Friday

1.  First hydrangea blooms ever!  I thought the plant was dead last year but it's not!

2.  I love when she's just out of the tub, all clean and cuddly. 

3.  Best lil playmates.  I knew Mills would be good with children because hello he's a golden retriever but I had no idea that he would be as amazing as he is.  He is sooooo sweet with Molly Anne!  

4.  Molly Anne has really been into stuffed animals lately. If you give her one, she smiles so big, it's adorable.  Random fact!

5.  Looking forward to some R&R this weekend. Make sure you all remember that this weekend is not about grilling out and sales.  It's about remembering the fallen...those killed in action. Veterans Day is to honor those that fought or are fighting.  There's a difference between the two days. And a huge pet peeve - it's not "Happy" Memorial Day.  It's not happy that people died serving our country.  It's Memorial Day.  Just little friendly reminders!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

What MA Was Up To - Pulling Up

Kevin and Molly Anne have fun when I'm gone and I think it's good for them to be together by themselves if you know what I mean!  

This week he got to see a first on Monday. She pulled up for the first time!  I hate I missed it but I'm glad Kevin got to see a first!  He also got her almost saying mama so that made my lil heart melt that he worked on it with her and that she almost is saying it!  Although she prob still doesn't know what it means ha!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Sunday morning I flew to Vegas for the big annual commercial real estate conference. I go every year but last year I was too pregnant ha!  

A bunch of us from our company went so it was so fun hanging out with them (because we never see each other...we are all always on the road) and seeing our friends in the business that are our clients too!

View from my 51st floor hotel room at Elara.  We stay there because it's a Hilton property so we can get points, plus there's no casino so it's easier to deal with.  

Landed around 1pm local time and checked in the jetted off to see my friend Jodie who used to be our client.  We've traveled many of miles together.  It was awesome to catch up with her!  We met at the Wynn parasol bar.  Dirty gin martini was calling my name.  

Still at the Wynn we went over to our client dinner at Costa Di Mare.  

Cocktail hour overlooked this pool and we had a fancy dinner just inside but with open doors to this view.  It was amazing food and great company!

All of us from our company went out afterwards to Mandalay Bay.  Well first Laura and I went to an engineers (one we use) party at the pool at Hard Rock.  Then met up with everyone else at Mandalay.  Got to my room at 12:30a which felt like 3:30a to me ha!!  Yikes. 

I was up at 4:30 (my body was still on east coast time) ready for a morning of meetings. So we did those then headed to the pool for a few.  As in like 30 min.

Then, sushi samba with our GC that we love so much!  Five cucumber martinis later for some, I only had two drinks and too much amazing food, we rolled out of there. 

Sea bass...omg so good. 

Ken had booked this ride back to his hotel so we jumped in with him and Laura and I went to one of our clients happy hour.  

Good times at the happy hour socializing. Then I met up with coworkers at Giada's restaurant. It was amazing!!!!!

First, a glass of rose from the bar while our table was getting ready. 

Ridiculous food again. 

A huge pepper mill. 


I got surf and turf. Check out that bacon!

I got up again at the crack of dawn yesterday morning and flew to Salt Lake City for a final walk through on a building I built there.  I was there for five hours checking on some other sites then flew back to Charlotte. Landed just before midnight.  This morning came early but I was glad to be home!!!!  Tmw I'm off for another escapade!  Busy busy. Chat soon!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Last Weekend

It was a short weekend but still fun!  Friday night happy hour with my neighbors at Sarah's because it was raining and we couldn't be outside!  Gigi and Molly Anne!

That night we went to a couple spots with Brad and Shauna - Duckworths and Brews.  Clearly I need to work on my selfie game but I think it's a cute picture of them!

Saturday we just hung around and Molly Anne officially wouldn't take an afternoon nap but she did stay in her crib for 2 hours of "quiet time!"  Silly us went out to dinner and that was not smart after she didn't nap.  Never again. But this was the first time ever she didn't nap so there's that. 

Soooo sleepy Saturday night. She never lays on my shoulder anymore (because she doesn't stay still that long) so I ate this moment up!

Sunday morning with my girl!

I flew out on Sunday morning for a work thing. I'll fill you in on that tmw!