Monday, May 30, 2016

Maryland Day One

Molly Anne and I flew up to Maryland last Thursday morning to visit my parents for the long weekend!  The flight was not all that wonderful but we survived.  Last time she flew, she was small enough for the infant car seat and I scored an extra seat beside me.  This time, the flight was full and I didn't travel with a car seat.  My parents had one already in their car when we got here. 

Thursday afternoon we just played.  They had gotten some new toys and brought down some toys that my brother and I used to play with.  

Molly Anne loved her little golden! ;)

Thursday night we just hung around the house.  This little love skipped her morning nap because we were on the flight and she was highly entertained ha.  So an extra early bedtime was necessary.  

Friday recap is up next where Molly Anne got to eat crabs!  Saturday will be after that...she played at the beach this day. 

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Sarah O said...

OMG that picture of MA eating crabs is adorable. I might have to try and recreate it with Anna Grace.