Monday, May 2, 2016

Girl's Night and Hang Out

This weekend was so fun.  Perfect amount of chill and crazy. 

I love this picture of Molly Anne. I look disgusting but whatever ha. She is too cute!

Friday night we had a big time!  Sarah invited us for a girl's night out at her club!  We had a fancy dinner and drinks and the girls ran wild.  Well two out of the five did!

Love these girlies.  I'm so thankful to have amazing friends but also mom friends. Y'all know what I mean?  We are in the thick of this crazy phase and you gotta have those friends that you can text and say my child just fell off the bed. Or my child is screaming for no reason. Or my child just went potty in the bath.  Mom friends. xo

Kevin came and picked us up and this missy fell asleep after being in the car for one minute.  Up wayyyyy past her bedtime. 

It was worth it though. It was really a blast!

Saturday morning we went to Duke's Grill which is pretty close for a down home breakfast. Hole in the wall. Love it. We did some errands afterward then headed home for lunch and nap. 

Saturday night we had a couple folks over.  It was monsooning outside.  I was planning to meet the pizza guy at his car but he came to the door anyway. Then when he left our driveway he hit numerous plants and our mailbox so there's that.  Always something. 

Poor mills. He was traumatized by the thunder. 

And again yesterday morning. 

Sunday we didn't leave the house all day and it was truly so nice. 

Well we did walk a few houses down in the wagon but that's it.  

We played and played. 

Monday came quickly.  Ready for a productive and fast week. Chat soon!!


Elizabeth said...

Molly Anne gets cuter and cuter! And OMG Duke'a Grill! I grew up in Monroe and we went there a lot! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Tess said...

Perfect weekend! That pictures of you girls and your girls at the club on Friday is absolutely spectacular!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Can't wait to see how all these little ladies develop a friendship as time goes on! So sweet!