Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Preparing for Travel Away from Baby - Part 1

There are a few documents that are extremely important that I leave with a babysitter or anyone taking care of Molly Anne.  

1.  Information Sheet
On this sheet I have these things:

Her Name
Her Birth Date

Charlotte Pediatric Clinic
Address and Phone Number

Pediatric Urgent Care: Open 10am – 10pm, 7 days a week
Phone Number

Carolinas Medical Center – Main
Levine Children’s Hospital
1000 Blythe Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28203
(704) 381-2000

Allergies:  None known as of 11/20/15

Mom: my name and phone number
Dad: Kevin's name and phone number

Emergency Contacts:
XXXXX - phone numbers and addresses.  If they are a neighbor, I specify that.

XXXXX - where they go to day care or school with phone number and address.


2.  Authorization of Medical Care - you should check with your pediatrician's office to see what they require.  Ours said they would just call me and I could verbally authorize but I feel better leaving this with my parents and Kevin's in case they can't get in touch with us. 

I, ______________, do hereby release my parents, ______________ or in-laws, ____________to authorize medical care for my daughter, ____________. 

Please contact me if necessary at XXXXXXXX or my husband (___________) at XXXXXXX.


3. and 4.  These last two aren't nearly as important but I think they make life easier for everyone. I just did simple word documents with general information of what she eats, how much, schedule etc. 

Clearly I forgot two things - what goes in her lunch box and Mills' vet! ;)

The last thing I did for my parents because they were flying in from out of town and staying at our house (yessss I loved it - so easy!), I made them a menu and prepped dinners before I left.  It was a little crazy because I had been out of town the week prior and had one day to get my act together. But somehow I got it done. I got them their favorite drinks (non-alcoholic and alcoholic ;)), fav breakfast and lunch foods, cocktail hour food, some other treats and prepped dinners.  I wrote their menu out for each day - basically dinners only - with instructions for each meal being on one sheet to look at. I chopped all the veggies ahead of time so literally all they had to do was throw it all together and put it in the oven. I tried to stay relatively healthy with meals as well. Only one night I did a frozen lasagna from pasta and provisions which they didn't eat. They went and got all of us BBQ because it was the night we got home. Ha!

It was really nice having her at our house. My parents of course went nuts doing laundry, planting flowers for us (yes!), hanging a swing and keeping everything perfect at the house.  I'm talking details like the trash was even emptied in the kitchen right before we got home. Yes, they're crazy. 

Oh one thing that they did was still take her to Ms. Becky's for her normal day.  I think this really helped them recover but also kept Molly Anne on her routine.  

This was a post of how I do it when Molly Anne stays at our house while we are gone.  Next post I'll do what we pack when she goes to Kevin's parents or elsewhere.  


Mindy said...

This is super amazing. I'm getting ready to do my "sub plans" for my in-laws when they watch Ella in a few weeks...I will be totally copying all of this! Thanks friend!!

Tess said...

Timely post because I'm leaving Leo for the first time this week. There are A LOT of details that go into leaving!

mFw said...

You're so organized!! I'm impressed! Loved the girl night out Lilly pics from yesterday too!

Maureen Callahan said...

I love love love the organization! Great ideas!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Love all your oganization...I'm sure this made things as easy as possible! You were also so sweet to leave prepped meals!

KTBFerg said...

You're so organized! I love it! We go to the same vet!