Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Molly Anne Updates

Without the monthly updates, I don't even remember to post little details about our Molly Anne!  I still want to remember these stages!  She will be 14 months on Sunday!

1.  She still eats anything but it has changed over the last month to not being able to feed her anything.  She refuses to eat off a spoon that I feed her with so basically applesauce and yogurt are out unless they're in a pouch.  It does change a few things on meals and most food has to be "pick up food" so our Miss Independent can feed herself.  I guess we need to start using utensils soon?!  I don't cut everything into tiny pieces any more.  If it's soft, I let her bite off of it.  Unless it's something like string cheese which I'm paranoid will get stuck in her throat.  I still cut grapes and things like that too.  Sandwiches - I'll just give them to her in quarters.  

2.  She's still taking two naps a day.  I pretty much let Becky rule the roost on that mainly because she's done this childcare thing for 30 years and I've done it for 1 and she has her for 5 days a week and I have her for 2.  Molly Anne's doc also said hold on to two naps as long as possible as long as they don't interfere with her nighttime sleep and they haven't soooo.  They both are aiming for 18 months, we'll see.  After this past weekend (and not taking an afternoon nap either day) I'm not sure what to do. That was also due to weird circumstances so who knows.  I'm sure she'll be back to her normal self at Becky's house!  Night sleep - she's in the bed by 7p latest and up at 6:30a.  

3.  She isn't walking yet but on Sunday she stood for the first time by herself, unprompted.  She was sitting at Mills' bed and she just stood up.  Kevin and I were shocked.  Then she fell haha.  She will walk holding onto our fingers but that's about it.  I was sorta getting a complex about it because I see much younger children walking but I cannot compare!!  My child will walk when she's ready.  And she doesn't need any more speed than she already has.  Man, she gets where she needs to go and FAST.  

4.  Childproofing - this is a weird thing that I know some feel differently about.  I honestly do not want those locks all over every drawer and cabinet in our house and we keep her pretty corralled as it is.  It's not like I just let her do whatever she wants all over our house for an hour ya know.  I do understand medicines and chemicals are a big deal.  So are the wine bottles that she has almost pulled off the wine rack once.  They may need to be placed elsewhere for a year or two.  We ended up buying a baby gate and I put it on our guest bedroom door that we use as a playroom.  It's a pretty much a safe place to put her for now. She can't get into the bathroom (yet!) because we close that door and the other door has the baby gate.  She wasn't interested in the door being shut because she felt closed off, plus I wanted to hear her if I was cooking dinner.  So that's working for now but I know it'll change in the future with each new phase.  Please don't tell me I'm a terrible mother for not wanting locks on every drawer, mmmkay thanks.  

5.  Speaking of being a terrible mother, we quit swim lessons.  Honestly, I needed a break.  It was A LOT and took up a whole Thursday morning every week.  PS I do work full time.  I was literally running out of there to jump on conference calls.  And rushing to get her to Becky's so I could do something for work.  It was just hard.  Yes I feel major guilt about it but it's okay, I'm slowly getting over it.  We'll probably start back in December or January because she really does love the pool.  In the meantime, I signed her up for Music Class starting in a couple of weeks and I'm very excited about that.  I know she will love it.  It's much closer to our home and Becky's so it'll be convenient.  

6.  Stats - she weighs 22 pounds with clothes on and is 30.5" long.  Size 4 diaper.  Size 12m clothes.  Some 18m bubbles.  Her hair has gotten so blonde.  And we're still trying to figure out who the father is haha.  Joking.  Kevin likes to tell people that because she looks nothing like him!!  Well, she is super tan so maybe she gets that from him?  Or my Dad or brother?

7.  I kinda gave an update on words last week but she is huge into waving bye and saying Bye and Hi with a wave.  She is starting to blow kisses but she kinda doesn't get the blowing part, she just sticks her hand up to her mouth so far.  She's also into shaking her head yes and no.  Molly Anne, do you want more milk?  She'll shake no haha.  It's pretty funny.  We didn't do the sign language thing but girlfriend can shake that head!  We can't WAIT for her to talk.  She has a lot to say, I just know it.  

8.  Not really a Molly Anne update but 18,000 people have asked when we will have our second (and last!) child.  Well, I don't know but I'll let yall know when that happens!  Mom even said something to Dad last weekend that Molly Anne needed a little brother.  I'm sorry but no more golden retrievers at our house for a few years Mama! ;)

9.  Toys - she's very into Little People, trucks that move like this one, little figurines things like these that my SIL gave her, riding in her car, playing peekaboo with her bath towel (LOVES it), watching Elmo with Kevin, being upside down (she has always loved this) and anything water related

That's all I can think of right now!  I'll be glad to look back on this one day.  I love all of the monthly updates so I hope to keep these up every two or three months!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Boat Day for Brad

Everyone here is heading back to school today and I could certainly tell traffic-wise.  It's so much worse during the school year.  On to the weekend...

On Friday we came home and Molly Anne and I went to my neighbor's house to swim!  She LOVES it.  We are trying to fit in as much swimming as possible.... the neighborhood pool closes next Monday.  

Oh and she was doing this while I was changing into my bathing suit. 

Saturday morning Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Mills seriously watches with her, it's crazy.  OH, amazing news about Mills that I got at 5pm on Friday - the growth on his gum was benign!!!!  Thank you all for your sweet thoughts about our bubba!!!  I was SO relieved.  

Saturday we had a big day!  We headed up to Lake Norman for a birthday celebration for one of Kevin's oldest and dearest friends!  Shauna invited us to jump on a boat with them to celebrate.  Molly Anne had her own little celebration at home because she got to play with Kathryn all day long (poor Kathryn because MA didn't nap but Molly Anne was thrilled)!  

Anyway we had the best time.  

Then it started to pour down rain!

We headed to lunch at Port City Club then waited out the storm there for a bit.  We ended up just heading back north and hoping for the best.  Thankfully we got back safe and sound ha!

The birthday boy in the middle!

Good times!  Thank you Shauna for having us!

Sunday was a lazy day at home.  We regrouped and got some things done.  I had left Molly Anne for about 1 minute and she immediately went and got her toothbrush and toothpaste.  I think she's going to be a dentist haha.  She's obsessed.

They love each other.  We played outside with the water table for awhile yesterday afternoon.  Molly Anne was asleep for the night before 7.  Great weekend but too short as always.  Back to the grind today!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Five on Friday - MA Talking, Eye Remover

Hello friends.  Hope you've had a nice week.  We had a little crazy week between Mills and Molly Anne but I'm hoping they're both on the mend.  We find out today about Mills' biopsy and I just hope it's good news.  

1.  Molly Anne has been saying Mama for a couple months now (which PS I'm obsessed with) and she used to say Dada but that hasn't happened as often lately.  She'll mouth Pop-pa and pop her little lips which is super cute because she does it every day when we FaceTime with my Dad.  She hasn't gotten Nan-nie yet but she does say Nanananana and then she'll say E-E-E so we're working on putting those together.  Kevin taught her E-E-E last weekend because they were singing Wheels on the Bus and he made it part of the song.  Ha!  When we took her to Becky's on Monday, she said E E E when Becky was about to feed them so Becky thought she was saying Eat Eat Eat!

ANYWAY, I am going to ask my friend Kimmy who is a speech therapist how many words by what age they should have.  I'm not going to be nuts about getting her to talk but I can't wait to hear what she has to say.  And I know she has a lot to say!  We're in for a good time in the future haha.  One thing Mom told me to do when she was born was to talk to her...so I talk to her A LOT.  Hahaha!

A quick story - the other morning Molly Anne was sitting in bed with Kevin drinking her milk while I was getting ready.  I said, "Hi Molly Anne."  She said, "Hi!"  I said, "How are you?" She said, "Goo" which I took as "Good."  Who knows if she even knew any of what she was saying but it felt like I was carrying on a conversation with her.  I said - Kevin, did she really just say that stuff?  We both laughed because who knows but it sounded good!  And her very favorite thing to do right now is to wave and say Hi or Bye.  She's very into doing that so I think she knows what all that means.  Heck, I think she knows most everything we say...she certainly understands "No" now whether or not she abides by it, that's a different story!  Still working on blowing kisses, she puts her hand up to her mouth but she doesn't blow the kiss!  

2.  I'm sorry but I think it's so cute when she sits like this.  Hahaha!

3.  A crab monogrammed with her initials?!  My friend Jodie gave this to her and I just think it's the CUTEST thing ever, especially for a crab loving girl like Molly Anne!  ;)

Stop looking like a teenager!!!!

4.  Check out Molly Anne in the cradle that Dad made her.  This was yesterday and I put a comparison picture below.  Also, see that orange thing in her hand?  Child refused to give that to Becky yesterday before we left (it's from Becky's water table).  I took it out of her hand by peeling by her fingers off of it and Molly Anne CRIED yall.  Like real crying with tears.  Becky was kind enough to let her take it home and it didn't leave her little hands.  Let it begin.

5.  Do any of yall have a good eye make up remover?  Let me tell you what I'm tired of doing - showering before bed every night and I wash my face but by the morning, I have smeared mascara under my eyes still.  And I have to dip a Q-tip in the Clinique remover and use that to get it off.  It works but it's annoying to have to do that.  Plus the remover does not travel well and leaks constantly.  I've tried the Neutrogena and Ponds wipes but I still have smears the next morning.  Any ideas that you all love?

PS - Mills is now mad at the world because I put the cone on him this morning.  He licked his paw where his IV was raw because he's bored.  So I hate it but I had to put it on him.  Ugh.  

We have a fun weekend planned and hope you do too!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Molly Anne's Favorite Books

Today is all about Molly Anne's favorite books!  I've always read to her but I feel like I'm the last couple of months, she's really gotten into it.  Her favorite books are the touch and feel ones or the flaps that she can pull back and it's kinda like a peekaboo thing.  I'm not going to link to each book (because I'm writing this from my phone) but you can get any of these on Amazon or at a local bookstore. 

Mom gave her this at the beach. This is probably her favorite right now.  

I got her these two at Barnes and Noble yesterday.  

Read read read!  Something that is funny for me to say since the only thing I read are blogs.  I'm more into math than reading. Sorry Mom.  She just told me yesterday, "you love to read."  Yep, 33 years old and still get told what I like! ;)

Mills' Surgery

Yesterday was one of those insane how-am-I-making-all-of-this-work kinda days.  I dropped Mills off at the vet at 7am.  He was having surgery for three things - the main reason was to biopsy a growth on his gum and while they did this they removed two cysts that were no big deal and also brushed his teeth.  We find out in three days about the growth.  If it's malignant it will not be a good thing. 

Anyway, I also ended up having to take Molly Anne to her doctor yesterday kinda spur of the moment because she had a little rash that wasn't going away (ended up being a heat rash, no big deal).  New mom alert!

So at 10:15am, I was still waiting to hear that Mills was awake and had done well.  But I also left my office, drove 25 minutes to get Molly Anne, then drove another 15 to her doctor, saw the doc, slipped by the house to get the cream she needed, took her back to Ms. Becky's then drove back to my office.  Of course while we were in with Molly Anne's doctor, Mills' doctor called and I couldn't answer - doesn't it always happen this way?!  They left me a voicemail saying all went perfectly and he was a "drunk man" still but I could pick him up at 3:30pm.  

Anyway, he was a little worse off than I thought he would be but I babied the heck out of him last night and I think he's doing better.  Kevin ended up picking Molly Anne up at the end of the day so I could stay with Mills.  He got stitches where the two cysts were - one on his ankle and one on his left side.  His gum is pretty tender but he amazingly could eat goodies last night.  The vet said I may have to soften his food for 10-14 days - umm I don't think so.  He ate goodies, he's fine.  

This was this morning...he was a tired boy.  Hopefully today he gets lots of rest.  

Keep your fingers and toes crossed for good news on his biopsy!  I'm sooo worried but I am thinking happy thoughts!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Meal prep and Meals this week

I have mentioned before but one of the ways I'm able to make it through the week is if I meal plan and chop everything on Sunday during Molly Anne's afternoon nap.  Lately Kevin has been going to pick up the groceries through the express lane on Sunday mornings then I get to work on Sunday afternoon.  It honestly makes the week so much easier and we eat healthier.  

From top to bottom in the below picture, I'll list what I did for the week:

1. Chopped sweet potatoes for sweet potato fries via Tess.
2.  Rinsed and chopped broccoli for Molly Anne and I.
3.  Chopped red onion for salads and mexi night
4.  Skinned and chopped squash and zucchini
5.  Chopped radishes for salads
6.  Rinsed and picked grapes so they're easier to eat
7.  Rinsed and chopped cherry tomatoes for salad
8.  Individual baggies with two boiled eggs each.  I use these for grab and go breakfasts with an avocado. 
9.  I also rinsed all of our peaches and big tomatoes and shucked 4 ears of corn.

I spent 45 minutes total doing all of this and it will save me valuable time all week.  AKA more time I can hang out with Molly Anne after work.  

Okay here's our meal plan for this week ------

I made Natalie's Antipasto Wraps.  They were super easy and I have a few leftover for the week.  Probably will use them for lunch.  Served them with corn for dinner.  

At some point this week we'll have this:
I already have chopped tomatoes and I'll use our sliced fresh mozz and premade pesto from Teeter to quickly make this salad.

Tess' grilled chicken with pesto and Parmesan served with sweet potato fries.  I already grilled the chicken on Sunday because I can't handle grilling in 100+ degree weather after work.  Ha.

My friend Ashley's shrimp tacos:
White Corn Tortillas
Shrimp sauteed
Shredded lettuce
Marie's chipotle ranch

BLT Salad

By this point, I'm super lazy so probably some noodles with a jar of vodka sauce and if I'm extra ambitious, add sausage to the sauce.  With a side salad.  

Y'all - I've basically had to come to the conclusion that fancy dinners will not be happening in our house these days.  I'm barely alive when I get home as it is plus a one year old plus giving mills some exercise, unpacking and repacking for the next day.  I don't get nap time to meal prep.  I have about an hour to do all of the above things.  Plus spend some quality time with Molly Anne.  REAL LIFE FRIENDS!  And I think it's okay.  Ha! 

Monday, August 22, 2016


Who is sitting at their computer this morning, ready for the Lilly sale?!  Or maybe you're heading to the store?  I'm trying to do both but it'll depend on work!  Hope you get lots of good deals!

Playing at home after I picked her up.

She is obsessed with Little People these days.  Our backdoor neighbor gave us a million of them and I'm extra thankful because I saw a pack of 6 of them at Target for $20.  Crazy.  She loves pushing this school bus around!

After Molly Anne went to bed, Kevin and I had a little date night out back.  Of course Mills was included as well! ;)  Kevin made a fire and we ordered pizza for dinner.  Around 9pm, I was laying on the couch outside watching YouTube videos of Luke Bryan dancing to Country Girl Shake It For Me and I decided it was time to call it a night haha!  Kevin had put out the fire at that point anyway so it was time for bed!  

Maggie's first birthday party at Charlotte Swim and Racquet!  Molly Anne had so much fun and Fran threw such an adorable party.  It was watermelon themed so she had watermelon, pouches for the kids, goldfish, chick fil a nuggets and these famous cookies from TN that are special to their family!  

Molly Anne loved swimming around the baby pool by herself in her little tube!

After the party, Molly Anne napped then she got up and we went to our neighborhood pool.  They just installed a splash pad so Molly Anne sat in that and squealed for about 10 minutes because she was so thrilled.  Ha!

We celebrated Kevin's Dad's birthday which is this Wednesday!

Cousins!  Kendall turns 5 in November!

After her nap, we went to our pool with Sarah and her fam!  Molly Anne basically could live at a pool.  She is obsessed.  Sadly ours closes after Labor Day so I have no clue what we'll do then!  

And last but not least, Mills turns 4 today!  We love this puppy so much!  We will celebrate tonight with a peanut butter goodie cake per tradition!  

Mama, why do you make me wear that thing every year?!  

Hope you all have a great week!