Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Meal prep and Meals this week

I have mentioned before but one of the ways I'm able to make it through the week is if I meal plan and chop everything on Sunday during Molly Anne's afternoon nap.  Lately Kevin has been going to pick up the groceries through the express lane on Sunday mornings then I get to work on Sunday afternoon.  It honestly makes the week so much easier and we eat healthier.  

From top to bottom in the below picture, I'll list what I did for the week:

1. Chopped sweet potatoes for sweet potato fries via Tess.
2.  Rinsed and chopped broccoli for Molly Anne and I.
3.  Chopped red onion for salads and mexi night
4.  Skinned and chopped squash and zucchini
5.  Chopped radishes for salads
6.  Rinsed and picked grapes so they're easier to eat
7.  Rinsed and chopped cherry tomatoes for salad
8.  Individual baggies with two boiled eggs each.  I use these for grab and go breakfasts with an avocado. 
9.  I also rinsed all of our peaches and big tomatoes and shucked 4 ears of corn.

I spent 45 minutes total doing all of this and it will save me valuable time all week.  AKA more time I can hang out with Molly Anne after work.  

Okay here's our meal plan for this week ------

I made Natalie's Antipasto Wraps.  They were super easy and I have a few leftover for the week.  Probably will use them for lunch.  Served them with corn for dinner.  

At some point this week we'll have this:
I already have chopped tomatoes and I'll use our sliced fresh mozz and premade pesto from Teeter to quickly make this salad.

Tess' grilled chicken with pesto and Parmesan served with sweet potato fries.  I already grilled the chicken on Sunday because I can't handle grilling in 100+ degree weather after work.  Ha.

My friend Ashley's shrimp tacos:
White Corn Tortillas
Shrimp sauteed
Shredded lettuce
Marie's chipotle ranch

BLT Salad

By this point, I'm super lazy so probably some noodles with a jar of vodka sauce and if I'm extra ambitious, add sausage to the sauce.  With a side salad.  

Y'all - I've basically had to come to the conclusion that fancy dinners will not be happening in our house these days.  I'm barely alive when I get home as it is plus a one year old plus giving mills some exercise, unpacking and repacking for the next day.  I don't get nap time to meal prep.  I have about an hour to do all of the above things.  Plus spend some quality time with Molly Anne.  REAL LIFE FRIENDS!  And I think it's okay.  Ha! 


  1. Yum! Sounds like a solid week! And I'm very pro non-fancy dinners during the week. If I have a side, I consider it a 5 course meal!

  2. The 10 minutes before we leave the house in the morning and the hour after I get home make me want to pull my hair out each and every day. Classic case of trying to do too much and putting pressure on myself to "do it all." AKA work, mom, wife, dog mom, keep house, etc, etc....The weeks that I've prepped food, or done laundry on the weekends, go much smoother. But some weekends I just don't want to spend it doing laundry. I also love when people ask me what my hobbies are....ha! Ha ha ha!

  3. The slow cooker is my savior during the week- and none of these "brown the meat before adding", nope, I want to dump everything in, give it a stir, and hit "START". Low key is important.

  4. Thanks for showing us how you do it! Realistically!

  5. My new favorite crock pot meal is to add a big port tenderloin that has already been marinated. Put a little water in the pot and add a few mini red potatoes. Cook low 6 to 7 hours and add a bag of frozen green beans for the last hour. So good and easy.

  6. Those seem pretty fancy to me! They also sound delicious. 😊 My husband always likes to figure out what he wants to eat at dinner time and it drives me crazy! Meal prep is the way to go!