Friday, April 30, 2021

Five on Friday

On Monday and Tuesday mornings this week while Grady ate breakfast, I prepped dinner for that night. I felt like I was big time winning when dinner time came around after being at work all day. On Monday I marinated chicken breasts in zesty italian dressing and sliced some zucchini and squash and put parmesan, salt pepper and olive oil on those. I grilled while the kids played outside and Molly Anne asked if we could sit outside for dinner - great idea so we did! 

2. These books have been favorites of Grady's this week. I don't know who gave us The Little Sailboat book (usually I write in every book we receive) but it is SO cute. 

3. Two goofballs on the big swing one night after dinner this week. This is the one we have and our tree guy hung it. It took him two seconds and he tied some fancy knots and done. He happened to be there for some other stuff so it worked out. 

4. Grady and I took Molly Anne and Ella to school yesterday! Molly Anne has PE on Thursdays so dresses like sporty spice!

5. Grady and his new little girlfriend during swim class the other day! Learning how to not jump into a canal or any body of water unsupervised. I'm up A LOT at night worrying about this for this summer at the neighborhood pool and at the beach house. Putting him in swim class a few months ago has helped my crazy about it. Plus, we tell him there are sharks in all of the water at the beach....we can get him over that later when he knows how to swim! ;)

Have a great weekend friends!

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Girl’s Night and Flowers

Last night I went out with the moms from Molly Anne’s 3’s class. We’ve been going out every month for years now. During the height of covid we did zoom calls instead. I always feel so refreshed after a night with these girls. We are all different which I love but similar at the same time. It’s a great group. Here’s a pic of three of us that we took to send to another friend!

Evidently my children were not so good and were fighting over who had which stuffed animal for their bed. It was all over two golden retriever stuffed animals named Char Char and who gets what. Geez!!! I can imagine who was the ring leader was!

Figured I should post pics of the few flowers I planted with Grady before they all die! I have a black thumb. They’re so pretty and I love having them! 

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Target Snacks

My friend Margot told me about these Made Good snacks and gave Molly Anne one when we were at their house one day. She loved them so I grabbed some from Target drive up. They’re perfect to stick in her backpack for snack at school and semi healthier than other junk. I also got these think Kids bars there too. Just some different snacks for Molly Anne that don’t have to be refrigerated. 

And I’ve seen several friends talk about these so I finally picked up a bag from Target. They’re legit!! 

Monday, April 26, 2021

Weekend with Neighbors

On Friday after school I took the kids to Dish It Out to do a couple of little pottery projects. They had the best time and the lady that was helping us was amazinggg! I am going to take them back this summer because Molly Anne loved it. I don’t think Grady’s attention span is ready for it very often yet but he had fun while we were there ha!

We were playing on the driveway and some neighbor friends stopped by and that turned into Dominos pizza and a late bedtime... fun was had by all! Five kids and chaos! 

Saturday morning we had a neighborhood yard sale that we did before the rain came in. We made a little under $100 but we got a bunch of stuff out of our house that we didn’t need. 

Greer hung with Molly Anne and those two played for hours together. I didn’t hear from them until I called them for lunch! We ended up hanging with our next door neighbors the rest of the day until our dinner plans that night. It was way too fun. I have no idea how we survived going to dinner but we did. 

I love this pic of Kevin and my friend Jen who I walk with. We went to The Palm for a delish dinner but our reservations weren’t until 8:30 so it was a late night! 

We had a great time and it was good to have a real meal. After eating huge steak dinners twice this past week, I need to get down with some greenery!! It’s always so good to get out with great friends though!

On Sunday I did some speed cleaning and cleaning up in the house and then we got to go to Greer’s 5th Birthday party! Hilary got a huge bounce house/slide and it was a blast for those kids! I still can’t believe Greer is 5! We were just at her 1st birthday party!!!

Little daredevil on this thing! She flew down it every time!

Grady likely weighs more than sweet Greer. Two years difference in these two almost to the day. 

Grady joined the fun after his three hour nap! 

Of course he loved it too!

Sweet little children saying goodnight to each other! xo

Happy Monday to you!  Here’s to a wonderful week!

Friday, April 23, 2021

Five on Friday

My friend Nina recently told me about cara oranges. I don’t know where I’ve been but I grabbed a bag last week at Teeter and they are SO good. Highly recommend!  My kids have been downing the honey crisp apples (I always have washed fruit in the fridge easily accessible or try to at least!). 

I wanted to grab a gift for a dear friend this week and I had my eye on another store but then bopped into the Lululemon pop up store and found this hat that she needed! ;)  The camo seemed perfect for her...she can rock that sort of thing and I know she wears hats! For friends gifts that our my age, I always try to get them something they want or would be fun to have, but wouldn’t buy themselves. Well as I type that out I guess that’s the point of a gift but you know what I mean. There are no surprises for Moms anymore so that’s what I was sorta aiming to do. 

I ordered Molly Anne some Boden clothes this week. She’s just in this odd 6-7 size and the girls clothes really change at that point. Boden wears well over time and some of it I like. She picked out this skort and I think it’s going to be so cute on her. She will still wear whatever I lay out for her thank goodness. I let her pick out her school outfits sometimes but it’s mostly me putting them on her floor so she can easily get dressed at 6:30am by herself. What to wear has never been a big argument in our house but don’t worry we have many others!!

These are my children two years ago. They’ve both changed a lot but y’all please look at Grady!!! He’s a different child now!! It’s unreal. 

Every single morning when I wake up exhausted I’m like, “I must go to bed earlier tonight! No later then 9pm.” Then it becomes 9:30 then 10 and I’m toast. It’s a never ending cycle. That and I have got to quit drinking so much water after 7pm. It’s making me get up once or twice a night and it’s killing me! Will keep trying but you’d think I know by now!!! I even tell Molly Anne the same things ha!!

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Busy Week

Hello friends. I’m always busy but this week I feel spastic. My work is wild and we are now possibly looking for two people to help. Balancing work, kids, husband, life. Like whoa. Not doing well with it all. 

Here are some things...

My parents sent the kids these huge beach towels and they love them! Such a fun treat. They're already packed for our next trip to the beach. 

She's back onto her sleep mask as of this week. So cute! She doesn't need it to sleep but she just thinks it's fun. 

Match Match!  Grady loves to match his daddy and I had no idea they had shirts that were so similar but this was cute yesterday. Grady had his on first and Kevin put his on because he knows how much Grady loves it!

We had a special adventure planned for Wednesday after school and when we showed up, the place was closed. They were SO bummed but it was made better by me finally saying yes to getting ice cream. I alwaysssss say no to this!

Last night I went with some co-workers to take a client out for dinner at Steak 48. It's a new restaurant in the Southpark area and WHOA was it good. It felt like a Vegas meal because we ordered two very nice bottles of wine, a seafood tower, three appetizers, steaks, four sides and three desserts...for four people. HA!  It was a four hour dinner and a super fun time. I missed all of bath and bedtime routine and I can't tell you the last time that happened! It was a treat to not be involved for one night!!

Hope eveyrone is having a good week! I'm hoping the rain coming on Saturday makes all of our pollen disappear!

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Target Shirt

I feel like I’ve been running crazy entertaining my kids and working that I haven’t just sat down lately, so tonight (writing this Monday night), I’m just sitting here watching American Idol. I watched a lot at the beginning of this season but haven’t in awhile. Anyone else watch? 

While I’m sitting here I figured I’d go on Target’s website and look for the same white eyelet shirt that Molly Anne wore last year and thankfully they have it back in the 2021 version. I think I will grab white and blue this year. Just thought I’d share in case you’re looking for a good basic. 15% off cat and jack this week!

Monday, April 19, 2021

Weekend Outside

We were outside allllll weekend!

Starting Friday after school/work. I took the lock off of Grady’s tractor that lets it go faster and that boy couldn’t stop grinning and smiling! It was adorable! It’s so fast now!

We ended up ordering some 521 BBQ from Uber Eats because we got lazy!

We played with lots of neighbors!

Then I put the kids to bed and Kevin stayed with them while I went back to Jen’s house to hang in the driveway for another hour. 

On Saturday Molly Anne played tennis in the morning then we played outside all afternoon. Some other neighborhood kiddos rode their bikes over when they saw our kids out back with the girls from next door! I love that about the hood!

Then we got cleaned up and met Kevin’s parents at the club for dinner on the patio. It was a gorgeous night. There was actually a wedding going on and Molly Anne was enamored with watching them take bridal party pictures. It was so cute. After dinner the kids went to bed and we hung with our neighbors by the fire for awhile. Good times!

Sunday morning I took the kids to get Dunkin then Grady and I went to Lowes to pick out some flowers for the back porch. He LOVED this whole process! 

Hilary and I must have been on the same page because we were both out there planting so all of the kids played outside too. They ended up playing outside for 6 hours!!  They ate lunch outside that Kevin made them, we scrubbed our porches, and got things tidied up!

They all played so hard. The four of us just kinda hung later in the afternoon then the guys went to get dinner for us. 

We ended the weekend by taking the girls up to the clubhouse to get fitted for swim team bathing suits. 

It was a fun weekend outdoors and we are ready for a good rain so this pollen goes away!!