Monday, April 12, 2021

More Beach!

Lunch at Pelicans with Nannie and Poppa!

Afterwards Kevin took Grady on a boys boat ride with his buddies on Steve’s boat! He loveeeedddd it!

The girls went to the playground and hung there at the splash pad too. Showers all around then dinner at home. Kevin whipped his Christmas gift from my parents out to use while he fished off our dock!

Cutie girlie in the 
cutest dress

Hanging on the back deck. Clearly I was the only one without a shower haha. Can’t win them all. 

Saturday morning the guys took the older kiddos to breakfast then to a surf shop. My parents, Grady and I took the golf cart to breakfast and Grady had the best donut!

Swinging on his new swing that Poppa hung up! This boys LOVES to swing!

We also did a lot of other touches to make the house more like ours. Dad did so much stuff for us! 

Saturday necessity. 

Then we headed to a Masters party. More to come on that! 

Happy Monday!

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