Friday, June 28, 2019

Five on Friday - Summer Clean Up

I have been on a clean up mission in our house this week.  I bleached all of their bath toys in our laundry room sink.  

Cleaned out Grady's closet of all of the clothes that no longer fit him.  I put them in big rubbermaid bins to sell next season.  I always label the bins and it makes it a million times easier to find what I need.  For each child, I have a bin of "Clothes to Save Forever" and a bin of their monogrammed clothes.  

We are done with all of the baby apparatuses and I'm going to take most of this to a local consignment shop.  I really don't have the energy to deal with selling everything on our local mom's group.  

I cleaned up the water table by adding a little bleach to water and scrubbing it down with a rag.  It's like new again.  I do this at the beginning of each season.  So easy!  Molly Anne was so excited it was out yesterday when she came home.  She went right upstairs and changed into her bathing suit by herself haha. 

Grady was way more interested in the tractor than playing.  He was obsessed.  He watched the guys cut every piece of our grass!

He did like playing in the water table but it'll be easier when he can stand up there by himself!

Molly Anne poured water right over his head!  He didn't care and they both giggled.  Summer fun!

Ready for school!  Grady doesn't stay still anymore so if Molly Anne tries to hold him, he gets mad and screams.  

And tries to get away...per the picture below.  Ha!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Haircut and Fruit

Yesterday morning early I took Molly Anne back to see Justin at Modern Salon to get her hair cut!  She loved him last time and he was soooo good with her.  She even got a head massage like everyone else while she had it washed in the big chair!  She has the best hair - thick, naturally highlighted and easy to style!  Not fair ha!

She quickly asked me to put her bow back in right when we walked out!  

I have been getting a bunch of fruit to have in the fridge and this week I got this at Wal-Mart. They've had the best strawberries.  My friend Ashley told me about this pineapple corer and it's the best thing easy and it was fun for Molly Anne and I to do together.  It takes the core out and the outside off at the same time.  Ohhh boy, Grady LOVES some strawberries and peaches.  We've been going through those so fast!

Grady boy on his tractor!  He is sooooo sweet.  Every morning he just waits for one of us to come in there to get him.  He sometimes wakes up at 6:30 but just hangs out talking and playing with his little puppy until we come in at 7am.  Angel baby.  He kicks and goes crazy when he sees us.  So precious.

Just thought I'd check in.  I have some new shirts I've gotten over the last couple of weeks that I want to share soon.  Busy with work this week as we have two closings.  Chat later!

Monday, June 24, 2019

The Weekend of Birthdays

Friday afternoon, Molly Anne had her last swim class of the two week bootcamp she did.  I think it was really beneficial for her but she's not swimming officially yet.  She's a mermaid because, duh. 

Just like Molly Anne, this is Grady's favorite book.  My friend Ashley gave it to Molly Anne and it's definitely our most read baby book in the house.  

Saturday morning Molly Anne and I went to Dunkin.  We hadn't been in a long time so this was a treat.  She isn't doing ballet or anything but she loves to dress up in this that she used last year for a summer session.  And she ate munchkins all of the way home just like Poppa lets her do!  

I ran over to our old house to do some things on Saturday morning while Kevin held the fort down.  I ran home to grab MA and we went to soccer...then back to the house to pay the painters.  I think we are finally done with the house and our new tenants are moving in this week.  

Girlfriend loves to score a goal!

Saturday afternoon, Jacquie came over and hung out with the kiddos while we went out for a bit before meeting Kevin's fam to celebrate his Mom's and brother's birthday at Porters House.  Porters House is SO good.  Kevin and I split the grouper and filet because neither of us could decide between the two.  

It was fun to all be together, without my children!  Ha!  I'm just saying!

Afterwards, we went to Piper Glen for a couple drinks and some of our friends met us there. 

Then we ended up at Bradshaws for about 45 minutes and I had zero desire to be there or to be there at 11pm.  Too old for all of that (actually probably too young to be at Bradshaws) ...and yes my kids would be up at 7am no matter what time we stayed out haha!  But it was super random that my friend Sarah came up behind me and tapped my shoulder!  Fun surprise!  Neither of us ever go there so it was hilarious that we were both there. 

Sleepy Grady boy.

Sunday morning we made a good breakfast and hung out.  After Grady's nap I took them both to the neighborhood pool. 

Molly Anne loves the neighborhood pool because she doesn't have to wear her puddle jumpers and she can act like a mermaid, dive for rings, work on her flips and do handstands.  And I can handle both of them there by myself so it's a win win.  Talk to me next year when Grady is walking and it may be a different story.  Although then he'll be able to wear puddle jumpers and Molly Anne better be really swimming by then after all of these swim lessons!  

After naps, we went to Gigi's 5th birthday party at Bounce U, Molly Anne's favorite birthday party location.  Spoiler, she didn't make it to the next ball....but she was fine. 

Cannot believe Gigi will be 5 on July 5th!  She was just born!

We stopped by Mac's and picked up dinner on the way home. 

Got my act together for the week last night and now it's Monday.  I have a bunch of work stuff to hammer out this week and a couple other fun things on the agenda.  

Chat soon!

Friday, June 21, 2019

Pure Joy

We got the professional pictures back from Disney that Kevin's company took and this is my favorite of any picture from Disney.  Pure joy.  This was the first time she saw Minnie and Mickey and I'm so thankful that our buddy Lenny captured it. 

Thursday, June 20, 2019

House Turnover and Other

Our tenants moved out of our old house on Saturday after being there for 18 months.  We had to do an overhaul inside and out.  Plumbing, HVAC, Painting, Landscaping, Cleaning, Irrigation issues, Carpet Cleaning.  Yep, all of that and in fast motion because we have new folks moving in this weekend.  One week turnaround ain't bad and we have got the place looking spiffy...or it will by Saturday when everything is done. 

Yesterday my buddy and I were going to PT.  He said "tractor" on the way!  His little words are really starting to blossom!  It'll be hard to not compare him to Molly Anne on this because Molly Anne was late on some things but talking was not one of them!

And he fell asleep...this boy always falls asleep when I put on the Lionel Richie Tuskegee album.  I will miss these days of him conked out!

My friend Ashley made this earlier this week and it looked so good so I threw it together for a couple of lunches this week!

They are good at independent play.  Molly Anne could literally spend hours in her playroom.  She loves being home with her toys.  And now Grady is kind of playing with her and if Grady didn't need to be supervised, these two would play all day long.  She is really so sweet with him..most of the time! ;)

Water play at school has been something Molly Anne has really looked forward to each week.  The teachers posted some pictures and I grabbed this one.  Girlfriend loves a waterslide and has zero fear.  They also get popsicles after water play and this was our week to bring them.  She picked out jolly rancher rainbow ones!  Since it has been so hot outside, they haven't been allowed on the playground in the afternoons so the school made some rooms with different themed toys and dress up things.  School has really been such a special place for her and literally the teachers and administration there think of EVERYTHING.  I almost want to go there haha, they have the best time and learn so much.  

Hope everyone is having a good week.  Been pretty busy here with the house flipover and work but I did squeeze in a peloton ride yesterday and that made me feel a bit nicer ha!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Donuts for Dad

Last Thursday in Molly Anne’s class, they had Donuts for Dad at drop off!  Molly Anne was extra excited to have her Daddy there with her!  The two of them leaving to go was so sweet!  She loves her Daddy something fierce and their relationship has really grown even more since Grady was born!

She had made all of these crafts in the week before. 

These are always my favorite! 

Toy store = Target ;)

Monday, June 17, 2019

Father's Day Weekend

We had a nice weekend and I hope Kevin enjoyed his Father's Day!

We didn't have any plans but while we were hanging in the driveway after work and letting the girls run wild while Grady watched them, we decided to ask Sophie across the street if she wanted to come babysit after we put Grady to bed.  And she did!  First we took the children to the club for an early dinner. 

Kevin and I went to the old Brazwell's in Ballantyne which is called The Gibson now.  We sat on the rooftop and had a couple of drinks.

Then we headed back to the club because they have live music on Fridays and we saw a bunch of people we knew there.  We ended up staying until midnight yikes!  We had a blast though. 

First day of Summer soccer shots for these stars!  And I don't have any pictures from the rest of the day but I took the kids to the pool after naps while Kevin chilled.  We called it an early night. 

Kevin took Molly Anne to his parent's church for Father's Day.  Grady and I walked the neighborhood and clocked in about 3 miles which felt good.

We ended up going to the club with his family for brunch.  Kevin wore his new shirt he got for Father's Day!  

Grady pulled up to his feet for the first time and my phone happened to be right there to capture it!

These pictures are a little out of order. 

Golf cart ride with papaG after brunch. 

Kevin took Molly Anne to the pool during nap because she was begging to go and she loves it so much.  We met them there after Grady woke up.  

Grady loves the pool too.  He is silent when we're there, just taking it all in.  

Monday, Monday, back to the grind.  Have a good week!