Monday, June 17, 2019

Father's Day Weekend

We had a nice weekend and I hope Kevin enjoyed his Father's Day!

We didn't have any plans but while we were hanging in the driveway after work and letting the girls run wild while Grady watched them, we decided to ask Sophie across the street if she wanted to come babysit after we put Grady to bed.  And she did!  First we took the children to the club for an early dinner. 

Kevin and I went to the old Brazwell's in Ballantyne which is called The Gibson now.  We sat on the rooftop and had a couple of drinks.

Then we headed back to the club because they have live music on Fridays and we saw a bunch of people we knew there.  We ended up staying until midnight yikes!  We had a blast though. 

First day of Summer soccer shots for these stars!  And I don't have any pictures from the rest of the day but I took the kids to the pool after naps while Kevin chilled.  We called it an early night. 

Kevin took Molly Anne to his parent's church for Father's Day.  Grady and I walked the neighborhood and clocked in about 3 miles which felt good.

We ended up going to the club with his family for brunch.  Kevin wore his new shirt he got for Father's Day!  

Grady pulled up to his feet for the first time and my phone happened to be right there to capture it!

These pictures are a little out of order. 

Golf cart ride with papaG after brunch. 

Kevin took Molly Anne to the pool during nap because she was begging to go and she loves it so much.  We met them there after Grady woke up.  

Grady loves the pool too.  He is silent when we're there, just taking it all in.  

Monday, Monday, back to the grind.  Have a good week!

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