Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Disney Day Two - Chef Mickeys and Gala

On Thursday, we didn't have park tickets.  We only got park tickets for two of the three full days we were there.  Looking back, I'm so glad because hitting the parks three days in a row would have been too much for Molly Anne.  Even two days in a row was a stretch for her age.  

Thursday morning Kevin had an optional meeting that he chose to attend so Molly Anne and I went and rode the boat and monorail around, checking things out!  

Kevin joined us and we went to the lobby of the Polynesian which is always gorgeous and wonderful.  Molly Anne loved getting a lei there and lounging on the couches watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for a little rest break before our reservations at Chef Mickeys in the Contemporary hotel. 

Alright yall want my honest opinion on Chef Mickeys?  I'm glad we did it once but this likely will be the last time.  The food was yuck, the place was dirty, it was complete chaos, and yeah it really wasn't worth it.  Maybe that's because we had already met Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto but this was pretty crazy.  So yeah, for $150 we met the characters and had a not great lunch.  I'd pass and see the characters elsewhere!  Molly Anne loved seeing them each time though and it never got old to her.  So she was happy, therefore we were happy!

We stopped by the gift shop afterwards and she picked out these fancy ears!  She was obsessed, and still is!  This is Kevin learning about Disney pricing hahah!!

She danced all around the store in them and checked herself out in the mirror, so adorable!

We headed back to the yacht club to take naps.  While they did that, I went next door to the Marriott Dolphin hotel where my parents had just flown in and were staying!  I hung out with them for awhile, Dad and I had a gin and tonic of course, and we caught up.  They came back to our hotel with me and I went upstairs and got Molly Anne up.  Kevin and I headed to the gala and my parents took Molly Anne to dinner, ice cream and the arcade.  She stayed the night with them at their hotel because we were getting back so late!

They bussed us to the Orange County Convention center for dinner and the music performance which ended up being Andy Grammer.  Honestly, no one knew who he was but he was a great performer/  Any live music is good in my book so we still had fun!  You may remember when Brad Paisley and Lionel Richie played for us at this same event in years past!  Wild!  This was quite an introduction and show though!  Hard to explain through pictures but it's a fancy event!

Simone and Jacob are our friends from Alabama that we've enjoyed hanging with the past couple of trips!  I wore this dress which I literally had never unfolded from when I bought it, stuck it in my suitcase folded and pulled it out 10 minutes before we left to put on.  My kind of low maintenance dress.

Day three was Magic Kingdom, can't wait to share about that!  Molly Anne's favorite day!


  1. I'm loving your recaps and had to laugh out loud at the picture of Kevin checking the Mouse ears price tag haha!

  2. Disney pricing! Ha. I am sure Tommy would have similar feelings. I am not a fan of Disney, certainly not someone who will take my kids every year, but I am excited to take Libby when she is older.