Monday, June 24, 2019

The Weekend of Birthdays

Friday afternoon, Molly Anne had her last swim class of the two week bootcamp she did.  I think it was really beneficial for her but she's not swimming officially yet.  She's a mermaid because, duh. 

Just like Molly Anne, this is Grady's favorite book.  My friend Ashley gave it to Molly Anne and it's definitely our most read baby book in the house.  

Saturday morning Molly Anne and I went to Dunkin.  We hadn't been in a long time so this was a treat.  She isn't doing ballet or anything but she loves to dress up in this that she used last year for a summer session.  And she ate munchkins all of the way home just like Poppa lets her do!  

I ran over to our old house to do some things on Saturday morning while Kevin held the fort down.  I ran home to grab MA and we went to soccer...then back to the house to pay the painters.  I think we are finally done with the house and our new tenants are moving in this week.  

Girlfriend loves to score a goal!

Saturday afternoon, Jacquie came over and hung out with the kiddos while we went out for a bit before meeting Kevin's fam to celebrate his Mom's and brother's birthday at Porters House.  Porters House is SO good.  Kevin and I split the grouper and filet because neither of us could decide between the two.  

It was fun to all be together, without my children!  Ha!  I'm just saying!

Afterwards, we went to Piper Glen for a couple drinks and some of our friends met us there. 

Then we ended up at Bradshaws for about 45 minutes and I had zero desire to be there or to be there at 11pm.  Too old for all of that (actually probably too young to be at Bradshaws) ...and yes my kids would be up at 7am no matter what time we stayed out haha!  But it was super random that my friend Sarah came up behind me and tapped my shoulder!  Fun surprise!  Neither of us ever go there so it was hilarious that we were both there. 

Sleepy Grady boy.

Sunday morning we made a good breakfast and hung out.  After Grady's nap I took them both to the neighborhood pool. 

Molly Anne loves the neighborhood pool because she doesn't have to wear her puddle jumpers and she can act like a mermaid, dive for rings, work on her flips and do handstands.  And I can handle both of them there by myself so it's a win win.  Talk to me next year when Grady is walking and it may be a different story.  Although then he'll be able to wear puddle jumpers and Molly Anne better be really swimming by then after all of these swim lessons!  

After naps, we went to Gigi's 5th birthday party at Bounce U, Molly Anne's favorite birthday party location.  Spoiler, she didn't make it to the next ball....but she was fine. 

Cannot believe Gigi will be 5 on July 5th!  She was just born!

We stopped by Mac's and picked up dinner on the way home. 

Got my act together for the week last night and now it's Monday.  I have a bunch of work stuff to hammer out this week and a couple other fun things on the agenda.  

Chat soon!

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  1. The gymnastics party looks like so much fun! How are these girls growing so fast?!