Friday, June 28, 2024

Five on Friday - Teeth Pulled and More

ONE - found these on the Wal-Mart app last week and snagged them for something different. They're so good and even better with a piece of sliced cheddar. Happy hour snack!

TWO - for some reason I ended up with two of these High Noon cans in my lap the other day and I was like they both say different things. Now I need to take inventory of them when I go to the beach next. So random. Maybe it's an old can versus new. Either way, interesting. 

THREE - Grady is doing baseball camp this week and is soooo tired. It's been the hottest week of the year and he's in the sun for 3 hours every morning. This was at 5pm on Wednesday. Bless his little heart.

FOUR - oh boy, the ortho stuff. This orthodontics situation has thrown me for a loop. I know nothing about it. But when I know nothing about something, I get lots of opinions and ask friends that I trust about that sort of thing.'s been about 7 months coming and lots of doctor opinions, but she had 2 of her k9 baby teeth pulled on Wednesday. She is going to have the other 2 done a different time. It was too much to do all at once they said. She did amazing. It was truly no big deal. I think both of us thought it would be a lot bigger deal than it was. She was able to go to basketball camp the next morning. Whew!

FIVE - swim season ended this week. They had one last meet on Monday then the banquet on Tuesday night. Check check - another summer swim season done! Lots of commitment to make it happen but it's super awesome for the children. Not to mention, they're amazing swimmers if I do say so myself!

SIX - these are nice to have for an after work meal to put with chicken in the air fryer and salad as a side. I toss with butter and some seasonings, whatever sounds good at the time. The microwave steaming is super fast. 

Talk soon!

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Excited about these

This week I'm super excited about these finds. Actually about 95% of the time I'm excited but some weeks I just don't find much! But not this week. 

ONE - under $200 especially pretty dress 

TWO - this platter is stunning. A wonderful gift as well! And they also have this beautiful bowl

THREE - I'm into the linen short situation and I think they'd look good with....

FOUR - ....this top which I picked up a month or two ago!

FIVE - this skirt is stunning. The detail is something else!

SIX - always on the hunt for a loose fitting white work out tank that isn't too cropped. $39

SEVEN - surprise Lilly sale is going on and I cannot believe this dress is on there for half off. I have it in navy and wear it all.of.the.time. Best part is I can wash it and hang to dry at home, no dry cleaning!

Wednesday, June 26, 2024


Balance between work and children is an interesting thing in my little world, especially during the Summer when things are very different with what my kids are doing. 

This is our first Summer that I've had both kiddos. Prior years, Grady had still been in day care. So when trying to figure out what to do with them this year, I had to use my previous experience of driving all over creation in Charlotte every week for a different camp to know that I could not do that this year, times two kids.

I've also not always been the biggest fan of dropping them at a random all day camp. I want them to have some "home" and pool time and stuff like that. So I've always sort of split the difference.

For the last three Summers I've done 4 or 5 half day camps then had our summer babysitter pick up Molly Anne and keep her until late afternoon. And on weeks that she didn't have camps, they'd just do all kinds of fun things around town that they wanted to do.

This year they're only signed up for the one sleepaway camp they just did, one week of half day sports camp (Grady is baseball and MA is basketball) and a week of half day camp at their elementary school. The rest, I'm winging with our babysitter. 

I know the number of Summers with my kids are limited. I know Molly Anne isn't going to want to hang out with me a ton in the future. I know that she craves my time now. I also know that I have a full time job that is super demanding and I'm insanely busy with it right now. 

So, I'm trying to find balance. Also, coming off the heels of swim team season - oh boy, oh boy! What a commitment but it's super amazing for my little swimmers. 

Obviously my children are top priority. 

Oh the joys of a working Mom! 

Monday, June 24, 2024

Wrightsville to see Lindsay

We arrived in Ocean Isle late Friday afternoon. Finally got my backyard flag pole hung. I had bought the wrong size flag for the pole. Had no clue that was a thing but duh! Haha. 

We went to watch Too Much Sylvia, beach music band up at the park. The kids and I biked up there. Kevin walked. Our golf cart is still with the guy fixing it and don't even get me started. He doesn't get back to me when he says he will and I'm ticked. He is never fixing it again!

My friend from college Suz was there!

Saturday morning Grady and I walked Mills to the beach. He hadn't gotten to play on the beach in awhile because of his open wound. So glad he could this time! 

Then we headed to Wrightsville Beach for the day on Saturday to see one of my oldest and bestest friends Lindsay! Her family was in town from Massachusetts. Lindsay grew up a few houses down from me. 

Us with our children!

And our friend Rachel was also there. They were all in town for a wedding!

We scooted back down to Ocean Isle and ended up at Oyster Rock for a later dinner. The waiter gave grady this handmade oyster shell because he downed a bunch of oysters and he had been waiting to give it to a child that loved oysters! A local lady had designed and made the inside of this oyster. So cool!

Sunday morning the kids and I went on a 4 mile bike ride then we headed back to Charlotte. We had Kevin's parents, brother and his girlfriend over for pizza to celebrate Molly Anne's birthday a bit early. Nana got her this amazing Oreo ice cream cake.

A ruby necklace for her birthstone!

Grady is so funny. Molly Anne the artist!

Here's to a new week. 

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Good Ones

I'm kinda excited about the finds this week. 4 basics and 1 fun dress. 

ONE - this $25 tank comes in a ton of colors and has the perfect flow and length. 

TWO - the highly rated, fun dress

THREE - the shorts I wear constantly. Now I buy a size up because someone in my house so kindly does laundry therefore these get dried sometimes by mistake. 

FOUR - I need to get this classic shirt

FIVE - I know these sweater tanks are in but the word sweater and 90 degrees doesn't work for me. This one looks super light and would be great with white jean shorts or white jeans for the evening. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Yesterday At The Mall

Yesterday I had to go over to the mall at lunch because I had zero Merit blush left. I don't think I've ever gone through an entire blush container but I did this time. I didn't wear any on Monday because I just didn't get a new one timely. Anyway. 

While I was there, it had to have been every or every other lady I passed had a Louis Vouitton, Gucci or Chanel bag. Or the other one, Yves St Laurent or whatever.  I was like what in this world are we getting at to have to have a purse like that to carry around the mall?! I mean don't get me wrong, I love nice things but for some reason it was like every person I saw yesterday had one. 

I guess we all spend money differently right?! And that is okay. I'm just not really a "bag" or "shoes" lady. And we all have different reasons for wanting what we want. Some are good intentioned and some are not good intentioned. And some have no intentions. I don't know. I guess I could go buy one of those bags. Maybe I will one day to pass down to Molly Anne. Never say never. It just caught me yesterday like such a status symbol and bothered me for some reason. 

The lady that carries her Tory Burch crossbody with the emblem facing inwards. 

PS - now you know another reason why I love going to the beach. 

Monday, June 17, 2024


Camp tired! It was so great to see the kiddos on Friday! They were so tired but not as tired as I've seen them before so they must have slept at some point.

We got back to OIB on Friday afternoon just in time for a quick dinner and the concert. 

Kevin and I stayed up late on our back porch both nights this weekend. No idea why but we did!

Grady and I went for an almost 4 mile bike ride on Saturday morning. His puppy D came too...see his waist! So cute. 

Us and our friends all headed to the east end for a beach day. It was only the three families. We got poured on. Then later it started to storm so we rolled home. Still a great day!

We all were doing different things for dinner. We ended up at the Shake Shack for dinner. We had never been and it was delicious. Jamaican food. Wings were soooo good!

Didn't do much on Fathers Day then we headed back to Charlotte to have dinner with Kevin's fam for lots of occasions - Father's Day and birthdays! 

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Finds for the Day

ONE - this is one of those shirts that I had to order when I saw it. I actually had to put my email in to "notify when available" and that's how I got it! It is soooo cute. 

TWO - been loving these wide leg jeans

THREE - cute top

FOUR - ordered this top and love it for under $40. Nice for work and weekends. 

FIVE - these earrings are super cute. They dress up an otherwise outfit. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

OIB and MD

Before Kevin and I left OIB, we had sushi for dinner at OIFC on Sunday night. 

Freeman, Grady, Freeman. Not shabby!

View from a drink at Jinks!

Monday morning we drove back to Charlotte with our only child! Since Molly Anne and Grady weren't with us, he rode in the back. Usually he has to be as close to them as possible so he rides in the floor in front of them. I think he was a lot more comfortable. 

Monday afternoon I scooted over to Maryland to spend some time with my parents. It's such an easy flight. Mom and I have walked, I made some meals for them to have when I leave (will share soon), and we got her some new clothes. We also interviewed some caregivers to stay around with her and think we found a good fit! Doesn't she look good all nicely dressed?! 

We even got to go to Fratelli's for dinner. The chicken Alfredo is my very fav! Zero calories!

Talbots try on! Got her hair all done and everything this day. 

I'll be back in Charlotte tomorrow! Quick trip and thankful I can work wherever I am. Chat soon.