Friday, June 7, 2024

The Before and After

I love a before and after. 

Here is me in all of my 'after shower glory.' I used my hair dryer for about 2 minutes running my hands through my wet hair and getting it about 80% dry, mostly at the roots. And then it looked like this....

And then I sectioned my hair off and after 8 minutes of using my new Dyson Airstrait, my hair looked like this. Wild right?

I could have kinda curled it under as I brought it down through my hair but I wanted to try straight!

A few things -
- dry your hair mostly. This thing is also a hair dryer but it's not super powerful for my thick hair. That's not why I bought this but it def could be a one stop shop for a trip!
- section your hair off if you have thick hair
- key is small chunks of hair at a time 
- run it through each chunk of hair twice. It's very fast. 
- the air has to be blowing down so when you do the back of your hair, you have to flip it over. 
- the air and lack of direct heat is soo good for your hair long term

Brush your hair afterwards and it'll be so soft. I didn't even put any product on it in this pic but I used some oil later. My hair is literally thick like horse hair and I need oil. 

Anyway, I'm pretty picky about hair stuff but this is a winner if you want to treat yourself, use some gift cards or add it to your wish list!

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