Monday, August 30, 2021

Chill Weekend

Overall, it was a chill weekend in our neck of the woods and much needed after the first week of school!

On Friday, my coworker and I went to get a pedicure and had lunch at Cafe Monte. It was such a treat and I was majorly living on the edge for an hour and a half of my Friday! 

Grady loves hearing the organ playing at his school! She practices on some weekday mornings and we love listening for a few minutes before heading to class. This is about the only positive of having to go through a Covid screening and walking a mile to his classroom ;)

He wouldn’t wake up on Friday when I got there! Most of the other children were already up and he was tired. 

Friday night we went to the club with two different neighbors and ended up seeing several other friends there too. Best part of having the club - unexpectedly seeing friends!

Saturday we honestly didn’t do much. Got some good chill and nap times in. Headed next door to the pool for a little bit before bedtimes. Kevin went out with some friends for dinner and drinks. 

Sunday we went to breakfast at Le Peep then picked up groceries. 

I cleaned all of the fruits and veggies while Kevin took the kids to a new car wash in town. They love a car wash. It ended up being so busy that I even snuck a run and core workout in. It was too hot to be running outside. I still love a good sweat. 

After nap we went to the neighborhood pool for an end of season party. The kids had a blast and DJ Ally was amazing as usual!

Now back to reality! Have a great day everyone! 

Friday, August 27, 2021

Five on Friday

This is about all I had in me to make for dinner last night. Everyone liked it and it was quick easy. 

Another night this week I made these BLT Bowls and they were good. I used Brianna’s dressing (below) and cooked the bacon the day before on the grill outside. 

Grady after his first day of school. He fell all over the place. First was a face plant hence his shirt. And second was off a piece of playground equipment in the sand and he got a nasty cut on his elbow. He’s a mess but was as happy as he could be. Yesterday when I got him from the playground, he was covered in sweat and sand. I legit hosed him off before he came in our home. 

He is still loving swim class. He’s with Kathryn now since he moved up a level. Bless his heart he doesn’t have much strength to get up and out of the water by himself. We all laugh with him!

Today is my first Friday in many many months that I don’t have a child. Maybe in 18 months. I may actually get to work today! What a concept! 

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Work It Out

Soooooo I ordered these super cute pants about a month ago and they're backordered until early September but now that's only a week or two away and I can't wait to get them. They look comfortable and I may be able to wear them to work if I can dress them up enough! 

Been loving this soft long sleeve flowy tee for wearing inside when I'm a bit chilly at home. I'll live in it this Fall. Loving the new colors.

Still one of my top two favorite workout tanks. I size down in this one. 

I have these 7/8 leggings in the royal blue/purple color and I enjoy wearing them when it's cooler out. I like that they are sized S, M, L instead of numbered sizing. A little more forgiving and they hold your stomach in.  Navy is always a good color of legging to own. 

I LOVE this color and have thought about grabbing a pair of these to bike in. They'd certainly be a lot cooler when you are sweating your tail off while biking with Ally Love!

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of first grade for Molly Anne and the first day of 3's for Grady!

These pictures make it all look pretty and perfect but lots of prep went into them! You know, all of the supplies, the change of clothes for Grady, all of the checklists, all of the medical paperwork, all of the forms you have to sign, all.of.the.things. And yes I include little treats for the teachers too which I know is extra but I think it's a nice gesture. 

Anyway! Here they are! 

Molly Anne was so excited. Grady and I dropped her off in car line and she marched right in there like a pro! Before leaving while they were eating breakfast she was extra sweet with Grady telling him that he gets to go on the 3's playground this year and all of these things. He has the same teachers that she had so that's been fun for them to talk about. 

Our babysitter picked her up from school because I had a meeting (major mom guilt over here!!). 

She looks really thrilled in this one haha!

And here is the young man so excited to have his picture taken too!

He walked right into his new class thrilled to see a few familiar faces and Ms. Amy who he already knows so well. Fun fact - when we went to Molly Anne's open house for the 3's in 2018 (back when life was normal without covid) we had 3 month old Grady with us in his stroller! Wild. Full circle yall!

I'm so happy with both of their sets of teachers this year and that really gives me a lot of peace! I didn't have the same last year if I'm being honest. I'm just happy and I hope that it's a normal year for them, as much as possible!

Monday, August 23, 2021

Last Weekend before School

We cruised down to Ocean Isle right when we left Molly Anne’s open house for one last hurrah before reality sets in! School starts today and it’s going to be rough getting up early again! I’ve kinda been a slacker since Grady’s school doesn’t open now til 8 and Molly Anne wasn’t in school all summer. Back to it!

First stop was dinner at Sharkeys. Other than melting out there, it was a gorgeous view! A margarita for me and a pink lemonade for my little buddy!

We put the kids to bed then I went and saw my friend Ashley and her fam who were still in town! We chatted until 10:30 or so but I could have stayed all night! Good, good friends from back home in Maryland. 

Friday morning while Kevin worked, it was kind of cloudy and they were calling for bad rip currents. It was a perfect day for putt putt! The kids love it so much. They were fine with each other until hole 15 when Grady decided that he needed to go before Molly Anne for the first time the entire round. Ha!  They each got a few hole in ones!

Our friends came over to see our house that afternoon after nap time! That was really cool to have them over! Ashley’s Dad and my dad went to high school together and they’re all still good friends. Look at Mills…he knows golden lovers when he sees them!

We chilled and played around the house. It was so hot and I didn’t feel safe going out on the beach when it was so rough from the hurricane offshore. 

The four of us headed to a super early dinner at Ocean Isle Fish Company! Got to watch a charter come in and clean a bunch of fish. 

Then we stopped by our friends house to hang out! I made these rascals do all sorts of exercise because they were acting nuts! Kevin had already taken Grady home for bed.

Saturday was more of the same. Grady and I laid low while Kevin and Molly Anne went out on Steve and Ariel’s boat. I can’t remember all that we did but really just hung out. Then we went to their house for dinner. Goofball!

They have a beautiful view. 

The king on his birthday eve! He turned 9 yesterday!

We came back pretty early on Sunday because we had to get our act together for school starting. I made sure I had ordered groceries for lunch boxes and dinners this week. Allll of the things. I ran around like a nut when we got home and so did Kevin. 

I did make this Creamy Spinach Bake for dinner and it was so good. Grady didn’t eat much of his but Molly Anne ate hers. 

Every year for Mills’ birthday we make him a goodie cake - milk bones and peanut butter stacked in layers. He LOVES it! And of course we sung to him!!

Have a great week!

Friday, August 20, 2021

Open House

We had the best time at Molly Anne’s Open House at her school! She found out who her teacher was and we got to go meet her! I LOVED getting to go see the classroom because we didn’t get to do that last year! This was such a treat! Molly Anne is super excited for school to start!

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Back to School and Purse

I've been in back to school mode and getting my life back together after a spastic summer. 

Molly Anne and Grady got to go shoe shopping with Nannie when we were in Maryland! She got these which are out of my typical likes but they're growing on me and she loves them so whatever. They're good solid shoes and they will last. Grady only got "running shoes" as we call them for soccer that he's starting soon. They're nothing exciting to show...just some Sauconys and honestly not very cute!

Back to school teacher treats - Starbucks card and some fun pens. Just a little spunk to brighten their first day!

I transferred all of my stuff to my new purse and I love it so much! I feel new and improved!

Anyone else getting ready for dance and tumbling? Grabbed this leotard for tumbling. It's great quality and Molly Anne loves it. 

And this one for Jazz! She likes that it twirls and isn't itchy!