Thursday, January 20, 2022

Thursday Favorites

This morning I posted about our day in Magic Kingdom and Epcot. I also wanted to share some favorites for the week!

Obsessed with this top but honestly all of their tops are wonderful. 

Comfortable and cozy and almost 50% off. 

Love this dress for Spring. 

Looking forward to when this shirt goes on sale because I want it in every color. Good staple for anyone's closet. 

Day 2 - Magic Kingdom and Epcot

This was our first day of parks! We got the park hopper passes and Genie + and used both each day. Very worth it. We also ended up buying the Individual Lighting Lightening Lane rides as well. It’s honestly all a little confusing and I still much prefer the Fast Pass system they used to have. I felt like we had a much better “plan” for our day when you could book three rides at once. And we weren’t waiting in any hour plus lines with a 3 and 6 year old. Thankfully we didn’t and weren’t dead set on riding any particular rides. We were just happy with what we got on. Here was what we did on Saturday:

Magic Kingdom - 
Under the sea
It’s a small world
Haunted mansion - my kids were not interested in's pretty scary.
Peter Pan - I don't get the hype of this
Aladdin magic carpet
Tomorrow Land Speedway
Space mountain - we bought this for Kevin and Molly Anne…Grady wasn’t tall enough
People mover - Grady and I did this while they did SM

Epcot - 
Frozen - we bought this too
Saw Elsa and Anna - they randomly come out into the courtyard for pictures.
Gran Fiesta Tour starring the Three Caballeros
The Seas with Nemo
Saw Epcot show Harmonious

Right now at Disney you have to wear masks inside and they’re optional outside. 

That time we bumped into the boys on the speedway…oops! But we won!

These gold statues are all throughout the park for the 50th anniversary celebration that is happening now. 

Grady loved the peoplemover!

Riding Aladdin! Yep, Fanny pack is the way to go. I kept only a few things in it - my phone, portable phone charger, hand sanitizer and my license/credit card. Then I keep a bigger bag of stuff in the bottom of our stroller that I didn’t care if something happened to it. That bag has extra hand sanitizer, change of bottoms for Grady that he didn’t need, water bottles, couple snacks. If it looked like it may rain, I added a separate bag of four cheap ponchos. We used these one day. 

Went back to the hotel around 1pm ish so Grady could sleep for an hour or two. Kevin and Molly Anne went to the pool at the hotel. Then we walked over to Epcot. 

Molly Anne told me a few weeks ago that she really wasn’t into princesses any more. Little did she know that she was going to Disney in three weeks ha! But she asked to meet them again and we did. She told me afterwards that she told them her name because she was positive they’d remember her and she said they did. It was very magical. Anna turned to Elsa as we were walking away and said how sweet Molly Anne was. Ahhhh those are the moments why us Moms stress out about all of the Disney details!!!

We had a delicious dinner at La Cantina de San Angel. Our kids downed the queso. Also, I must add… every waiter or waitress we had at Disney was awesome. They were so good.  

They were mesmerized with the ball!

Soarin freaked me out but they loved it!

The aquarium was a big hit and also a great spot to waste some time before the big Epcot show at 9pm every night - Harmonious. 

The show was incredible. We ended up watching it two nights in a row. 

Next day was raining but we headed to Animal Kingdom then back to Epcot. Stay tuned, coming up next.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022


This was Molly Anne’s face after a scavenger hunt around our house last Thursday night when they realized we were going to Disney World….the next morning!!! Pure joy. 

Molly Anne had gone a few years ago with us for a work trip for Kevin. Grady didn’t go because he was so little. She really knew how exciting our trip was going to be and told Grady alllllll about it!

Adorable! In their pajamas watching a youtube video of some of the rides they’d be able to do!!

We drove down leaving Charlotte at 5am and we arrived at the Yacht Club resort by 2! It is 8 hours plus two quick stops. Easy ride. Our room wasn’t ready so we headed to the pool. 

We dropped luggage in our room eventually then took the bus to Magic Kingdom so we could hop on the boat over to Polynesian. We had dinner reservations there at Kona Cafe and since we didn’t have park tickets that day, it made sense to do all of this. I knew they’d want to ride the monorail too! We also scored the perfect view of the Magic Kingdom fireworks that night at 8pm from the beach at Polynesian. They pipe in the music and it’s simply wonderful! 

Yes, I put my phone number in sharpie on Grady’s hand every day. Molly Anne knows it by heart. I told them to find another mommy or someone in a Disney uniform if they got lost. 

Pretty stoked to be on the monorail for the first time!

Soooo magical!!! 

Queen of chess, even at the Polynesian pool waiting on those fireworks. 

Coming soon…yep I’m gonna inundate you with a few days of Disney.  We hit all four parks and I wrote down every ride we did at each! Some tricks I’ve found along the way too. Chat soon!

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Shirts and Dress

I feel like we are in that in between time when you don’t know what you even need new clothes for. I was surfing around this past weekend and found these and thought they’d be good for a variety of things - hanging out, mom’ing, work, going out, everything! They’re are a variety of price points and some are on sale. 

Sweater - 60% off

This shirt really caught my eye!

Dress this up or down!

Blouse would be cute under a cardigan 

This top comes in a few colors, nice layering piece. The detail are so pretty.

This top looks so easy to wear! 

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Recipe: Cowboy Salad

Last night I made this Cowboy Salad. Anyone heard of it? I must say, it was delicious and was almost “eating the rainbow!” We were missing blue… ha!

I used red, yellow, orange and green peppers for the red pepper. They each have different good stuff in them. Grady has been munching on orange and yellow peppers. I saw something recently that red peppers have more vitamin c than oranges! 

You can use rotisserie chicken or omit that. I liked having it for the extra protein and I gave the kids chicken strips from it with apples and avocado on the side for their meal. 

Also, I didn’t have spicy brown mustard so I did half regular mustard and half Dijon. And I omitted the jalapeƱo. This is my favorite lettuce to get from the grocery store. It stays good the longest too! Takes two seconds to chop!

Enjoy enjoy!

Monday, January 10, 2022


I think this time of year everyone feels the need to have their life perfectly organized and eating healthy and exercising for 90 minutes a day and all of the things. Add corona world into that and it’s enough to make you CRAY! And I’ve been CRAY this past week. 

Friday I was really over the edge because I got an email from Grady’s school that they were closing this coming week. I have so many thoughts on it but I’ll spare you. Honestly I’m just a frustrated working mom that’s just trying to do it all. I’ll leave it at that. I know it could be worse, I really do. But I’m still frustrated. This covid world ain’t going away, we gotta learn how to deal with it. But for this week…I have Grady and about 5 conference calls a day, on average. YAY!

So I had to revert back to my previous corona life aka March/April 2020 - focus on things I could control. First step, put good things into my body and then go for a walk outside during my “lunch break.”

Second, retrieve my kids and put them into our bubble. And then set them free into the sunshine and exercising! Even though it was cold out! We found sunshine to make it better. 

And then make the night special by getting to have chick fil a nuggets and watch a movie. And being bummed that Kevin and I weren’t at a party we wanted to be attending. 

Saturday morning we didn’t do anything. Kids played in the playroom for hours and I couldn’t get off the couch. I purposely didn’t exercise this day because I was sore from a couple lower body strength days. Trying to rest my tennis elbow!

Got in my car to go to the most precious baby shower and backed out of the garage and my car was not impressed with my tire pressure being zero on the back right!

Kids stayed in pajamas all day long Saturday! Nice to have a day like that!

Sunday morning I was at the tire place bright and early. Thankfully my neighbor Drew had changed the tire for me Saturday night so I could get there the next morning. He’s good people. Thank you Hil for marrying him!!  

Kevin took Molly Anne to church and we had a bit of a circus of childcare for Grady while I was trying to get a workable car. Fast forward to two trips to Firestone and a trip to get air on my own, I now have four working tires. I was not a happy camper. In other news grady knows how to pump up a tire now! Ha!

I raced home to swap kiddos and took Molly Anne to a birthday party for her friend from class.

Then we took a meal to a friend!

Then home to grab bikes and head to “the woods” by Molly Anne’s school. I had promised Grady all day that we would do that so I had to pull through at 4:15 on a Sunday!! My typical get my life together for the week time! It was good to get out for a bit though. He’s so confident on his bike I’m about to take his training wheels off and see what happens. Honestly I’ll probably try it at the beach first because it’s so flat there. We will see!

Happy Monday! I hope you all have a wonderful week!