Thursday, May 25, 2023

Thursday Looks

ONE - I really love these jeans

TWO - wouldn’t these earrings be amazing for this summer?

THREE - a throw on dress that would work for many occasions or just a day at the office. 

FOUR - I finally ordered these $55 sandals to try. I’ve loved these for awhile. 

FIVE - how about this gorgeous purse!

SIX - these kicks are slick! 

Wednesday, May 24, 2023


I was thinking the other day when I walked out of Grady’s school on my way to work that my capacity has grown over the years. 

It grew when I went from single to married. 

It grew when I left a condo to buy a house with Kevin - we had a big lot and a home to take care of. 

It grew when I had Molly Anne. 

It grew when we built a house. 

It grew when I had Grady. 

It grew at work when I’ve been given more and more responsibility. 

It grew when we gained other properties to care for and deal with. 

And when Kevin needed more help with business stuff. 

And when Mills got sick in January. 

And when swim team time comes around. 

And when my parents need help and I have young kids. 

And when Molly Anne needs me to talk to her on a walk when I have 5,000 other things to do. 

And a lot of other piddly and big events and times. 

As you get older, you gain more capacity. Sometimes it’s when you don’t want to and sometimes it’s when you do. 

When I’m at capacity, I feel like I have zero time to think. Like think about how I can do things better at home, work and in between. I lose that brain power and I need time to do that. Still working on managing that. But we must always rise to the occasion! 

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Five on Friday

ONE - this popcorn is so good and y’all know I’m picky about popcorn. Target! 

TWO - this boy swam across the whole pool on Tuesday! I’m SO proud of him!

THREE - Kevin and I surprised Molly Anne for lunch on Tuesday!

FOUR - this little boy has had a couple of quiet weeks not having to go to the doctor. What a treat it’s been! He’s doing great!

FIVE - cruised up to Pittsburgh this week for a day to see a building we had built up there. Looking good and ready for this one to be done. 

Dinner Ideas

Here’s our very simple menu for the week, in no particular order:

Slider burgers on Hawaiian rolls and sweet potato fries

Chick Fil A (special treat that Kevin is doing with the kids while I’m out of town)

Air fryer chicken, green beans and rice (uncle bens 90 second!)

Million Dollar Spaghetti bake with side salad and apple sauce - this is to share with friends on Friday night 

Monday, May 22, 2023

Weekend Wrap

On Friday, Grady had his well visit and all checked out well. He had some mild scholeosis last year and it appears that’s corrected itself thankfully. The pneumonia vaccine he got last Summer by way of an immunology study continues to help him. He’s doing great and is ready for Kindergarten in August! 

Friday night after swim team we kinda just hung at home and I made a carnitas rice bowl. 

Saturday I was up early and got a run in (I’m trying to run every Saturday and not more often than that because of my knees). Grady had a teeball game then we headed to the neighborhood pool. Baby ducks had hatched that morning and were trying to make their way out of there. Evidently some neighbors helped them get to a pond in the hood. 

Saturday night I went to my friend Natasha’s house for a going away party for our friends Whitney and Matt. They’re moving to the Greensboro area. Hate they’re leaving us but glad that they’re happy. 

Brittany and I. Dress here and earrings here

Hilary, Whitney, me, Natasha. My earrings are the star of my outfit! $48

The neighborhood girlies

Sunday morning this young man was not wearing these “tight shorts” to church he said! So he changed into pants haha. 

Brunch afterwards at the club. It was a pretty day. 

And we ended up at the neighborhood pool again! 

Had a movie night and hit the bed early! I really don’t like the looks of that Nintendo cord! We need to move that. 

Happy Monday!

Friday, May 19, 2023

Busy Week

Wild week in our world. On Monday summer swim started in our neighborhood. That involves me leaving my office early, grabbing grady from school, him changing at home then flying over to the pool. Julie takes care of Molly Anne but it’s a zoo. I also had a big project to get out on Wednesday so there’s that. 

I got to go on Molly Anne’s 2nd grade field trip to the two by two zoo in Monroe. It was a big farm full of a ton of animals. First time for Molly Anne on a school bus!

These two hanging out together while the littles swam. 

Grady loves Mills on his bed. 

His teeball pictures. Can’t wait to see what the photographer took!

Gorgeous hydrangeas on the side of our home. 

Grady and I got to watch Molly Anne swim at MSA one day this week and she has improved! Well, all school year twice a week will do that!

Little kiddos in the pool!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Different Items

I wanted to get a little different but stay the same this week. Somewhere in the middle of that. Here are some finds:

ONE - love the colors on this new dress

TWO - my ole trusty suit. I wore this at the beach this past weekend and it’s so comfortable. Size up. 

THREE - grabbed this beach pack on sale this week. Not sure if it still is. This truly is the best beach pack - lotion on the kids before we leave the house then I touch them up with spray throughout the beach day. 

FOUR - pink and orange - yes. 

FIVE - I saw this girl at dinner last weekend and I loved her hair clip. It made me inspired to search for some that are cute to zazz up my hair this summer when I wear it up. Loved these