Friday, September 23, 2022

Five on Friday

Carline life on a Friday with the King that demanded to go for a ride with Kevin and I to pick Molly Anne up!

Molly Anne wanted me to take these pictures of her. Pretty girl!

Kevin took this of the kids as they waved to me when I left to go play a tennis match one night. Precious little children of mine. 

Speaking of tennis, how cute is my new white skirt? I wear white more often than any other color and when I saw this, I had to have it. It’s super comfortable too. Also comes in black. 

I ordered my kid's Halloween costumes this week so I feel like I'm winning at life. Molly Anne wants to be Evie from Descendants 3 and Grady wants to be an astronaut. Whatever works yall (within reason, we had to reign in Molly Anne's first costume of choice and say no way jose!)!

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Happy Fall Y'all

Happy first day of Fall! Thought it'd be fun to post some Fall favorites from Etsy, Target and Amazon!

1. This garland is always a fav to put on my mantle every year. It's soooo pretty in person. Thanks to my friend Sarah for sharing this secret years ago!

2. Apple cider hand soap is essential to your Target cart! Williams Sonoma always has amazing scents too but a higher price point. 

3. Target strikes again - I love this white pumpkin and this orange pumpkin together!

4. Make sure you have a pretty navy cup for your red wine to sip by the fire!

5. My parents sent my kids some similar pumpkin bath mats and they LOVE them. Had no idea they were living such a sheltered life without a fun bath mat!

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

The Brush

Y'all are going to think this is the stupidest post of all times but let me tell you about my little experience over at Southpark Mall in Charlotte the other day. I headed to do two things - return this brush at Sephora and have my new P448 stretched in the toe box at Nordstrom. 

I had the worst experience at Sephora. The guy was a you know what and basically since I hadn't bought the brush within 60 days, there was nothing they could do. And let me tell you, he definitely wasn't going to try to help me out. He was very unkind. Fortunately I've never had this experience at this Sephora and it hopefully is just isolated to this one person that was maybe having a bad day. But it made me crazy. And also, don't buy brushes at Sephora evidently. You can get some at Target by the brand Elf that don't even do this and are 1/4 of the price.

Then I scooted to Nordstrom and you know how that went. Amazingly... because that's just how Nordstrom rolls. The guy didn't even question when I had gotten the shoes or confirming that I had bought them there (which I had and I got them a few weeks ago). He just said, "absolutely I'll be right back." And then they were done and perfect. 

Just night and day customer service. And there we have it. That's my story for the day. 

Monday, September 19, 2022

Weekend - Cheer, Party and Mill Pond

It was a BUSY weekend in our world. Did you all have a nice couple of days hanging?

Friday night was the high school football game where Molly Anne got to cheer! They had a clinic for them the Tuesday prior and then they all got to cheer for the first quarter. It is always the cutest thing ever. Ava always takes such good care of Molly Anne!

Her biggest fans!

Kevin snapped this picture. Oh how I love this little boy of mine. Something special about those little boys I'm telling yall!

On Saturday I took Molly Anne to Emme's 7th birthday party which is always a great time at my friend Margot's home! She always goes allllll out and it's all perfect!

Later in the day, Kevin and I headed to pick up Brad and Shauna. We cruised down to Camden, South Carolina for drinks and a special dinner to celebrate Brad's birthday! First we had drinks in downtown Camden at Sam Kendalls which was a great spot. Then we drove out a bit more to this place called Mill Pond Steakhouse. It's one of those amazing hole in the wall places with an unreal view of the pond and the BEST food and drinks. 

I wore this dress for the 800th time. It's good for every occasion. Fits true to size, I'm in a large.

Always good times with them! It was a hoot driving my drinky friends back to Charlotte which was 1.5 hours. Haha! My club soda with a lime brought me back to the pregnant's all I drank back then. 

On Sunday we kind of had a lazy morning but then went out for a bike/scooter/run around the hood. They love being out and about. 

When Grady took his nap, Molly Anne and I went to town on organizing the playroom and her bedroom. The American Girl stuff was taking over her world. And the craft area was WILD. I don't know how she lives like that. Anyway, it's alllll right now! For some reason, putting all of her markers in one bin made a huge difference. 

Then I took her to field hockey for her second practice! She loves it. I'm so glad. We have really great talks on our way to and from as well. Good one on one time!

We wrapped up the weekend with Kevin grilling some burgers and playing out back. Now, back to the grind. Gotta work hard to play hard!

Friday, September 16, 2022

Five on Friday - Recipe, Talking while Exercising, Sweet Grady

Since I hadn't made my kids dinner in two weeks (you know what I a real dinner), I figured I should make it happen one day this week. I showed them both the instagram reel for Half Baked Harvest Broccoli Cheddar Chicken and Noodle Casserole and they were in. It was good! It knocked out protein and veggies in one then I gave them each fruit on the side. Done and done with lots of leftovers.

Every now and then, Molly Anne and I have been going for a walk or bike ride after Grady goes to bed and boy does she talk talk talk to me when we do this together. She has never had a problem (ha) telling me what went on during her day but she doesn't stop talking when we do this together. It is good for both of us! Highly recommend. Grady and I go on solo walks/scooter rides too. It's good for all involved!

The boys! 

The girls. She loves Mills beyond belief. Maybe as much as I do! The feeling is mutual from him too. 

Grady sometimes likes to help me decide what to wear in the mornings when I'm getting dressed for work. He picked this out yesterday and it's not something I'd typically wear to my office but when he told me I'd look beautiful in it, you know I put it right on! Sweet boy!

My parents sent Molly Anne this little book light because I had told my Dad that she kept getting into trouble for reading way past her bedtime. So he decided to make it a little sneakier/easier for her! This is how I found her Wednesday night. ;)

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. We had a spell of cooler weather this week and it was glorious! Makes me feel so refreshed and I like wearing some different clothes and not sweating from sun up to sun down. It also made for some nice tennis a couple of days this week. Chat soon friends!

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Four Finds

Only four finds this week. Sometimes you just don’t find alllll of the things! 

I wore this dress constantly last year and always got so many compliments on it!

I love these corduroy pants and think I’ll get a lot of wear out of them. I may grab them in ivory too. 

The newest pattern of nap dress is soooo cute! And the material is crepe which is interesting!

These pants are a fav in my closet. I have them in black. They’re dressy enough to wear to work and are definitely my most comfortable work part!

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Breakfast Ideas for Before School

It's back to school time and I'm always trying to remember the easy and healthy breakfast ideas that I make for the kids as they run off to school! Here are some ideas that maybe you can add to your list! These can swap around and you can combine accordingly.

1. Boiled egg, piece of scrapple or sausage and some fruit

2. Energy bites and fruit

3. English muffin with peanut butter and honey

4. Veggie Great muffins and Greek yogurt 

5. Parfaits with yogurt, fruit and granola

6. Sausage patties with a scrambled egg and fruit

7. Cereal although this doesn’t occur at our house often

8. Sausage egg cheese on English muffin

9. Scrambled eggs and a yogurt tube