Friday, May 7, 2021

Grady is THREE!

It’s really hard to believe but Grady will be 3 on Sunday!!!  He is perfect in every way and we love him so much...duh!

1. He’s 39 pounds, wears size 4 clothes, size 9 shoe and is still wearing diapers mainly because it’s not his turn in class and I’m a second time mom and diapers are way easier ha! He will be potty trained before August when he starts the three’s class. 

2. This boy LOVES tractors beyond belief. His birthday party was all John Deere. He can spot a tractor, dump truck, cement mixer, post office truck or fire truck from a mile away. He’s all boy!

3. He has lots of little sayings. Like saying “what” if he doesn’t know what the name of something is in a book. Or every night when Kevin or I leave his room from telling him goodnight he says, “tell daddy” to me or “tell mama” to Kevin. He knows a lot of country songs, mainly Big Green Tractor by Jason Aldean but many others too. 

4. He could live outside whether it’s on a playground, our driveway scooting, the backyard swinging or on the beach. He was born to be outside. 

5. Yep the picture above is his “D.” D and his “tracta blankie” that my parents gave him when he was born are his most prized possessions. D actually was a litttle stuffed animal that we had for Molly Anne when she was born but she never played with it. When Grady was born he didn’t really have his own stuffed animals so I raided her stash one random day and thought he may like a little puppy. Well that was an understatement because he loves that D of his!

6. He loves Mills. They are as tight as can be. They talk to each other and Mills gets one of his animals every morning to bug him. He doesn’t do anything with it, just brings it downstairs to Grady. 

7. He idolizes Molly Anne something fierce. Those two have a special relationship and I hope it stays that way forever. He lets her do whatever and she lets him do whatever. 

8. He eats pretty much anything except raspberries. He’s not a huge broccoli or peas fan yet but he will always have a few pieces to appease his mama! 

9. He sleeps from 7pm to 7am like clockwork. Naps from 12-2 at school and on the weekends he will nap from 12-3. We moved him to a big boy bed back in January and he has been so good with all of that. He stays in his room and in his bed until I go in there in the morning. Occasionally he will have gotten out to grab a monster truck and bring it back to bed but in general he knows what to do. Mamas and daddys open doors - all doors - inside and outside (most of the time of course). AKA I don’t want him roaming the house at 2am or leaving our house at any time of day. 

10.  He’s still working on the top and bottom right side two years molars. He’s been drooling a lot and randomly cries in the middle of the night then falls back to sleep. Motrin def helps with that when needed.

He has the absolute sweetest heart and is so caring. He’s very much all boy but has a tender spot for all of the ladies in his life! Happy three to our Grady buddy buddy boy! 

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Four Items I've Had My Eye On

Thought it'd be fun to share some good clothes picks today! 

This dress is a classic for this summer. It's comfortable and you can dress it up or down. My friend wore it the other day and I was like yes I need that! On sale through Sunday.

This Target bathing suit with sewn in cups - name of my game! 

Super fun back right?! And the straps are not hard to deal with when you put it on.

I wore this Lulu skort in white alllll of the time last summer. It makes me feel more put together than my usual shorts. I just grabbed the new camo in this and I’m so excited. Yes, I get the Tall because I'm not 18 years old haha. I included a picture of me in it below so you can see where it hits me. I'm 5'7". 

When I saw this dress for Molly Anne, I knew she would be obsessed! Available in size 2T-8.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Two Peas in a Pod

This week always is crazy for me because of Teacher Appreciation Week, Mother's Day for our Moms and Grady's birthday! Luckily Molly Anne's teacher appreciation week was back in March this year so I'm only doing Grady's right now! But... I organized it and for some reason it really takes up a lot of space in my brain reminding everyone each night and doing all of the things. I'll post next week about what we are doing in case you'd like to bookmark for next year! Just not always entirely sure who reads my public blog! ;) I'll also post what we are giving our Moms!

These two are two peas in a pod lately. They're OBSESSED with each other. It's really never not been that way but lately they're extra lovey dovey and it's sooooo sweet. Makes me melt! And yes, Mills is the best dog in the universe. He puts up with all of their ideas and he just takes it!

Example B - holding hands on the golf cart because they wanted to, not because I told them to! I about died when I saw that. 

Grady has been very into riding with us to take Molly Anne to school in the mornings. She loves it just the same. She says in her high pitched mama voice, "tractor, monster truck, I love you so much Grady, you're the best brother I've ever had, and you're just the cutest!" Her voice gets higher pitched as she gets to the end of her sentence. 

Let's just hope it stays this way forever! Don't get me wrong...they do have their moments occasionally and I let them fight it out. But most of the time they love each other so much and for that I'm so thankful!

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Grady’s 3rd Birthday - John Deere Tractor Party

When I started asking Grady what kind of 3rd birthday party he would like, he kept saying "Tractors!" So we made it happen! I'm not the biggest fan of having parties at our house after their first birthday even though I did both of their 1st and 2nd birthday parties at home. It is just so much easier to not have it at your house! 

Plus with corona, I was super conscious about how to do a party for him. I texted our Mom group text from his class and asked if they'd truly be comfortable with having it at My Gym if it was the first party of the day and it was *only* children from their class at school. They all replied yes! 

My Gym truly makes it so easy for the parents to enjoy the party. I know I'm preaching to the choir but children's birthday parties get me stressed for no reason! I can't even explain it but it's real! Anyway, here are the details.... 

Invitations - are these not the cutest invitations?! She offers an option to have them shipped to you instead of you having to print them yourself so you know I did that. They're even cuter in person! 

For the party favors I went with a tractor toy, tractor crayons and a John Deere coloring sheet. I also tied a balloon on each bag when we got to My Gym so each child could take one home. 

This was the first item I ordered for his party - a Tractor shirt! Honestly I ordered this one night at 3am when I couldn't sleep and it was done. 

Roc and Paige were the instructors at My Gym that make it happen. They set it all up for you and everything! So nice!

Cake via Publix! It was good as it always! 

Sweet boy was soooo excited!

I don’t want to post pictures of his 8 friends from his class that came but I think they all had a great time! Molly Anne even got to play and I had prepped her in advance that she may not be able to but they were overly kind to let her enjoy too. She was honestly soooo good about it all and was fine either way. She really made it a special day for Grady!

She kinda had to help him blow out his candles bless his heart! 

Opening presents after his nap!

All of his gifts were so nice! Very sweet friends! I've never seen him so excited about a gift before. He really got it this time! So fun. 

He had a great day! It ended with dinner with our neighbors and another round of cake! Next weekend we will celebrate again with family and friends on his actual birthday - the 9th! 

Monday, May 3, 2021

Grady and Mama at the beach

Grady and I took Molly Anne to school on Friday morning then hit the road to the beach for a very quick trip - just one night. I had to take a bunch of stuff (without Mills taking up room), do things around the house (aka clean and change sheets etc) and kind of get my act together down there. Kevin stayed with Molly Anne and they had good daddy daughter time. Believe me, she got to do lots of special things so she wasn’t upset over not getting to go. 

Playing on the beach on Friday afternoon after nap time. 

Sunset from our back deck!

Saturday morning we walked up to 59 Causeway for breakfast. I had brought my stroller so Grady rode in that for the first time in months. He loves going here for breakfast because he gets to pick which donut he wants and we sit out on the back porch and watch boats go by. His fav! On the way home we stopped and played at the playground for awhile then went home to change and headed to the beach.  

This boy could live at the beach! He filled that dump truck up about 18 million times! We played out there for a good two hours! 

Then we went to get the house packed up and we got on the road during nap time so he would sleep for a couple of hours which he did!

We got home in time to go to dinner at Duckworths...and of course had to check out the construction equipment nearby! 

Next up is Grady’s birthday party that we had yesterday! It was a busy weekend!

Friday, April 30, 2021

Five on Friday

On Monday and Tuesday mornings this week while Grady ate breakfast, I prepped dinner for that night. I felt like I was big time winning when dinner time came around after being at work all day. On Monday I marinated chicken breasts in zesty italian dressing and sliced some zucchini and squash and put parmesan, salt pepper and olive oil on those. I grilled while the kids played outside and Molly Anne asked if we could sit outside for dinner - great idea so we did! 

2. These books have been favorites of Grady's this week. I don't know who gave us The Little Sailboat book (usually I write in every book we receive) but it is SO cute. 

3. Two goofballs on the big swing one night after dinner this week. This is the one we have and our tree guy hung it. It took him two seconds and he tied some fancy knots and done. He happened to be there for some other stuff so it worked out. 

4. Grady and I took Molly Anne and Ella to school yesterday! Molly Anne has PE on Thursdays so dresses like sporty spice!

5. Grady and his new little girlfriend during swim class the other day! Learning how to not jump into a canal or any body of water unsupervised. I'm up A LOT at night worrying about this for this summer at the neighborhood pool and at the beach house. Putting him in swim class a few months ago has helped my crazy about it. Plus, we tell him there are sharks in all of the water at the beach....we can get him over that later when he knows how to swim! ;)

Have a great weekend friends!

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Girl’s Night and Flowers

Last night I went out with the moms from Molly Anne’s 3’s class. We’ve been going out every month for years now. During the height of covid we did zoom calls instead. I always feel so refreshed after a night with these girls. We are all different which I love but similar at the same time. It’s a great group. Here’s a pic of three of us that we took to send to another friend!

Evidently my children were not so good and were fighting over who had which stuffed animal for their bed. It was all over two golden retriever stuffed animals named Char Char and who gets what. Geez!!! I can imagine who was the ring leader was!

Figured I should post pics of the few flowers I planted with Grady before they all die! I have a black thumb. They’re so pretty and I love having them!