Friday, June 30, 2023

Swim Team

Swim team season is officially over as of last night. It was such a great season and Grady grew so much as a swimmer this year. At the beginning, he couldn't make it across the pool. Now he can do like 8 or 9 lengths across in one evening. It's unreal. I'm so proud of him. I remember when Molly Anne did the same thing. I LOVE that my children are both good swimmers. For obvious reasons, we sort of need them to be, because of the beach etc!

Here are some highlights!

Molly Anne's cheering squad for doing her first IM!

Receiving their awards at their banquet this week!

Geared up for her first IM - and against 10 year olds! She did awesome and I'm so proud of her.

Their professional picture! ;)

Grady got to night swim a couple of times which was super fun for him!

There he is over there on the block. 

We found who Grady's idolizes the most and he was sooooo sweet to Grady all season. They cheered each other on. Soon we will get to cheer for him at a big school! 

Two peas in a pod. 

Congratulating one another (and being silly!). Such good sportsmanship is created on a swim team. It's so important. 

The moms of swim team. Ha! Lots of dedication on our part to get the kids to every practice and every meet. Practice three times a week and meets twice a week. But so fun!

Molly Anne and her friend Briella swimming against each other!

Best part - having fun and cheering for everyone. 

Grady and Erin!

Coach Ashlyn

Everyone jumps in the pool at the end of the last meet. So fun!

Until next year!

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Good Shopping

ONE - a $40 swing dress in a perfect shade of blue to start off today!

TWO - Athleta doesn't make my favorite workout tank anymore so I'm going to try this one. It's loose but the good material that you can sweat in. 

THREE - how about these waterproof sneakers? I think they're super cute for running around and not everyone has them. 

FOUR - this is a new to me brand but I love this sundress

FIVE - I'm always looking for tops to throw on with jean shorts so I look semi put together. I don't feel like many retailers have easy tops for the summer. It seems like it's all dresses, which I don't mind but it'd be nice to have some easy shirts.

SIX - I'm not a long sleeve coverup kind of person. They're simply too hot. But this one is cute to put on top of a bathing suit if you're heading to lunch or something like that first. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Delish Ranch

It's been nice to have this ranch in our fridge for salads and veggie dip! Super easy to make and you may have all of the ingredients other than the buttermilk! I double it. Even Kevin approves and we are picky ranch people! ;)

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Grady's Moving Up Ceremony

A couple of weeks ago, Grady had a moving up ceremony in his classroom. On to Kindergarten. They sung the song God's Still Working on Me and it was adorable! Ice cream sundaes to celebrate. 

Ms. Fran and Ms. Peggy have been super amazing. 

Molly Anne got to come too. She is obviously his biggest fan (other than me of course ;))!

He is ready!

Finishing out the summer at his school then the real deal begins! 

Monday, June 26, 2023

Weekend in OIB

Smelling the salt air on a Friday!

We headed down to the beach after swim practice on Friday morning. Got in town just in time for dinner and the concert. Band of Oz was playing. 

Grady's never seen a dance floor he didn't want to be on! Found him up here a couple of times by himself. 

Jim and I. We always see him down at the beach and we've gotten to be friends. His wife passed last year after a tough battle. He's just a nice guy. Mr. Charlie took our picture. 

Everyone came to our house after the concert and hung out. 

Used Kevin's new Solo Stove the mesa on the deck. Mom and dad gave that to him for fathers days. 

Saturday morning I worked for a couple of hours. I scrubbed the back porch ceiling and walls with the boat brush. It was gross! That was so nice to get done, I kept going and washed the walls downstairs under the house and the outdoor shower. 

We beached it all day on Saturday with the crew then headed back for showers. We had reservations at Oyster Rock. And wouldn't you know it, Molly Anne pulled out her 5th tooth there! She lost her first one there too. Crazy! Happy and excited tears!

A lady came up to her and brought her $5 because she could see how happy and excited Molly Anne was! Isn't that the nicest thing ever?!!!

Down another one and the tooth fairy pulled through with a crazy folded $2 bill. 

Stuffed flounder and au gratin potatoes. Zero calories haha!

After dinner we sat outside and listened to a guy playing the guitar. Super nice vibe out there. I love this picture of Molly Anne. My pretty girlie. 

My dress is from last year but it's this brand

We went over to our friend's house on the way home and hung there until too late. 

Sunday morning I got up early to walk and hang around. We didn't have to rush back which was nice!

Talk soon!