Monday, April 30, 2018

Greer’s Birthday and Nicole’s Wedding

We had a busy weekend but so much fun!

Friday after work we waited for Kevin to get home and someone had to sit just like Mama!  

We went next door to celebrate Greer's 2nd birthday!  It was adorable!

Molly Anne with the birthday girl!  Cannot believe she is two!

With Emme!

We loved celebrating sweet Greer!

These girls jumped their hearts out!  


Saturday afternoon Kathryn came over and kept Molly Anne so we could go to a wedding!  We were actually invited to two weddings on Saturday - one in town and one in Charleston.  We couldn't travel to Charleston because of baby 2.0 but I'm still glad we got to go to the one in town.  It was for one of my old co-workers that I've known for a long time!  

The Separk Mansion in Gastonia was gorgeous and it was the perfect day for a wedding!  Sunny and 70 degrees!  

They did a balloon release as they were announced into the reception which was super cool.  

Her dress was truly amazing and gorgeous!  The venue was awesome.  

Nicole and Julian were so happy!

The band - Power 2 Party was sooo good.  I think there were 5 lead singers and 12 of them total!

The girls from work!

Spelling out our company initials haha!  

Kev and I.  I wore a plain black Old Navy ponte knit sleeveless shift dress that they don't have anymore, these shoes (I've literally had these for years and they still carry them - classics) and these super reasonable earrings (in Mint)!  My wrap is from a boutique that I got a long time ago.  

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Friday, April 27, 2018


What a week!  Kevin has been gone this week but he's back now and life is getting a bit back to normal.  He went to Mexico with some friends for a trip that he won through work!  I'm glad he got away and I'm glad he's back! ;)

I've been trying to get stuff done around the house and in our little world so I won't have to do it after 2.0 arrives.  Molly Anne got Mills already ready for his vet appointment this week by checking his heart and reflexes.  

Took him to the vet yesterday and he was racked out last night.  It was a big event for the ole boy! 

This little pumpkin was a good girl this week and mostly listened to what I asked her to do.  She has been the biggest helper going and getting me things upstairs so I don't have to get up every time.  We also worked on getting in and out of her car seat by herself so all I have to do is buckle her, not lift her.  I think this will be helpful for afterwards 2.0 is born when I'm not supposed to be lifting her.  

She was out scooting on her scooter last night and fell and skinned her little knee (it's really red in the below picture).  She only cried for a second and no real tears.  She's toughening up ha!  But Unicorn, Mills and Mama had to kiss it and it was alllll better!

We have a big weekend ahead and I'll recap next week!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

April’s Sprinkle

On Sunday we got to celebrate April's baby BOY that will be arriving soon!  It was such a special celebration that Sarah hosted! 

Mama was glowing and looking wonderful!  

Come on Baby Boy, we can't wait to meet you!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Thank You and A Few Things

First, THANK YOU all for your sweet comments and emails about our news!  Yall are the best and please know how much we appreciate it!  I wasn't able to reply to a lot of you because your emails aren't linked with your comments but thank you SO much!  I know our world is about to change considerably and we are looking forward to it!  

Also, one more note - I found out I was pregnant the week-ish before my Uncle died and I got to tell him that we were expecting 2.0.  I think he knew exactly what I was saying because he made a funny face about it which is typical in Uncle Mac fashion!  So thankful I got to tell him!


A few random things....

Yesterday I took a quick meal to my friend Fran who just had a baby!  Taco salads are easy to take to a new Mom in case you need a fresh idea.  I just cook the taco meat ahead of time and they can pop it in the microwave to heat.  Include chips, lettuce, cheese, black beans, sour cream, guac and salsa.  And also cookies because duh, it's a treat!  

The dress I was wearing in the pictures yesterday is my favorite Lilly dress at the moment.  I loved it last summer when I wasn't pregnant and I love it now.  It's just really versatile and can be dressed up and down.  Anyway, I ordered this one yesterday as a little splurge and because I think I'll wear it a ton this summer and Fall.  If you haven't tried the Sophie dress yet, you're missing out! 

Anyone's children still love the tea set that lights up and talks?  Molly Anne got it when she was like one but still loves it!  Ha!  I sent this picture to my friend Lisa last night who gave it to her!  

This morning Molly Anne was a little angel and got right out of bed and into her clothes for Becky's.  It was shocking!  Usually she wants to lay around in her pajamas for awhile before getting dressed (who wouldn't right?!) so I was happy with her listening to me.  Therefore, I let her watch a little My Little Pony's while I got dressed.  And so I could do my makeup without having to clean makeup off of her face too...she's so obsessed with "doing makeup!"  And she is not into the fake makeup anymore...she only wants my good stuff!   

But I look back and saw this...I meannnnnn!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Guess What!

We are becoming a family of four in two or three short weeks!  Yessssss, I've been hiding this HUGE secret for awhile and there are lots of reasons!  Not that I feel like I have to explain, but I was soooo much more nervous this time around about making sure the baby was okay.  Okay here's the scoop.....

Molly Anne had croup in late July and I ended up getting it in early August.  I was sick for like 5 weeks when I finally decided I HAD to get some real medicine.  So my internist loaded me up on all kinds of meds and they made me feel so much better.  But then in mid-late September I found out I was pregnant.  But yikes I had taken all kinds of medicine that are pregnancy no-no's!  

We told my parents the day we found out and we were excited but I was SO worried because of the medicine thing.  I ended up talking to one of their good friends that night who is an OB and he reassured me that everything was FINE with the medicines I had taken.  The next day we had Kevin's parents over for dinner after the Panther's game and we told them!  

Molly Anne told both my parents and his parents that she was going to be a big sistA!  It was cute! 

So 8 weeks came and went and all was well, 12 weeks, all was well.  I still wanted to get to the 18 week ultrasound before we really told people because I was just so nervous this time.  I don't know why, I just was.  

Also, we were finishing building our house during October, November and then moving three days before Christmas.  We moved the day I turned 18 weeks.  I was a lot more sick this time around and the nausea lasted until 16 weeks (last time it was 14 weeks).  Those few months are months I hope to never see again in my life - miserableeeee times a million with the house, not being able to drink my sorrows about the house away haha, sickness, moving, chaos and traveling for work, living on Zofran (and Fiorcet for headaches), chasing a two year old and just taking it day by day.   

Our life was chaos and it wasn't slowing down anytime soon.  

Once we got settled into the house, I started feeling better but just still so zonked out.  We had guys at our house doing punchlist stuff (and still do) all of the time.  I was still traveling for work like a crazy person.  Just life.  And at that point, it honestly felt silly to mention anything on social media that I was pregnant.  I just couldn't figure out a way to do it and both Kevin and I were like what's the point?!  We don't owe it to anyone.  Our friends and family knew and that was important to us.

I don't know why, but today felt like the right day to share on here!  So now y'all know!  


Here are answers to some questions that you may be wondering:

I'm due May 25th (Friday of Memorial Day weekend).  Molly Anne was due July 3rd (Friday of July 4th weekend).  Patriotic!  I'm having this baby a couple of weeks early for a medical reason but all is well with baby and me.  I'll be 36 weeks this coming Friday.

We don't know the gender!  We didn't find out with Molly Anne and it was the best surprise ever!  Can't wait for that again! 

Molly Anne totally gets it we think.  She says one day she's going to have a baby brother and the next day it's a baby sister!  She is so into being a Mama right now so I think she's going to be the sweetest big sister!

We think we have a boy name and a girl name!  Will share when the baby is here!  We've shared with some of our friends and family but we still aren't 100% so who knows!   

I'm bigger this pregnancy and have gained 10ish pounds!  Still not wearing maternity clothes...I really don't love the maternity clothes look - I know, I'm picky.  I just want to feel like myself!

Major heartburn this time around, worst than with Molly Anne.  Had to start taking Zantac last week and it's really helped.  

Oh, I don't have gestational diabetes this time!  I passed by the one hour test by one point.  This was a HUGE relief.

I didn't really need to blog weekly updates this time around because this is the last time I will be pregnant, I hope.  I know some of yall love being pregnant, but I don't.  But, I do love the result! ;)  I still wanted to write this little update so I remember this pregnancy.

We had to pick paint colors in the new house the week after I found out I was pregnant so that worked out.  We chose Agreeable Gray in the nursery just like Molly Anne's was.  The room looks identical to Molly Anne's old room!  

I really need to get some more baby gear out of the attic but we have the crib, car seat, bottles, diapers, changing table, an extra camera and some neutral clothes ready.  I think everything else can wait ha!

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments and I'll answer this week!  As always, thank you for your support and for reading about our crazy world!  

Monday, April 23, 2018


Friday evening was gorgeous so we were outside from the moment we got home from work and Becky's.  We played out back and with our neighbors on their playset.  Molly Anne invited herself over haha!  We had leftovers from dinner the night before and called it a night.  

Mills is obsessed with laying in her bathroom.  He won't hang out with me at nights anymore.  Once she goes to bed, he does.  

This cannot be comfortable.  But he doesn't care!

Saturday morning was soccer.  See Molly Anne in the middle of the field with a cone on her head?  There's always one...!

She did score lots of goals and we played at the playground afterwards.  

We got to see Maggie because her soccer session was right after Molly Anne's!

After a good nap, she got to have a grape Popsicle and I think she looks 5 here because of that pony tail!

We were outside afternoon and evening again.  We ordered pizza for dinner and got in bed early.  

Sunday morning I ran a bunch of errands and then went to a baby sprinkle for my friend April.  I'll let April share the pictures on her blog first then I will later this week!  ;)

The second I walked in the door, Molly Anne asked to go to the neighborhood playground so we did that for an hour then came back for leftovers for dinner.  

And now, it's Monday!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Two on Friday

I really don't have much for yall today.  Here's my girl one day this week.  She loved her "happy crab" and pom poms ha!

We are all glad the porch is back in business and the slate is complete and has a slope on it!  Last night we moved the furniture back to the right places so this picture is before we did that.  

Yesterday morning I had gone inside to do a couple things and these two wanted to stay on "my porch" as Molly Anne calls it.  I left the sliding door open and when I came back I heard her saying, "hey birds" and sitting on Mills like this.  These two are something else yall!  Pretty tight!  

It's been a good week and we are looking forward to the weekend! 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Strawberry Picking

First, happy birthday to my brother!  He won't see this I bet but he's the big 40 today so happy birthday bro!

On Tuesday morning my Molly Annie and I randomly went to Wise Acres to pick strawberries!  We had the best time going up and down the aisles of beautiful strawberries.  We got there right when they opened at 9am so there was basically no one there!  We talked to the owner and the owner's mom for awhile and they couldn't have been kinder!  Molly Anne had a blast and even got to feed the goats! 

After picking strawberries and feeding the goats, she played in their nice play area they have for children!  It was a fun little morning together and I hope we make this an annual tradition!