Wednesday, April 18, 2018

New Outfit for Molly Anne

You know when you're supposed to be at the mall getting a new battery for your iPhone but you haven't been into the Lilly store in awhile?  And then you go in there and find two things that you HAVE to buy?  That is what happened to me on Monday.  She NEEDED this adorable dress and these flip flops!!!!  Ahhhhhhh I'm obsessed!  When the sales girl opened the box to the flops, I was like sold!  They are just too cute.  Okay I'll stop now.  I love getting Molly Anne clothes!  Best dressed in this house, for sure!


  1. LOVE this print & dress too!! It will look just perfect on her. Girl's clothes are so fun to shop for ;)

  2. I love this dress and the flip flops, I can see why you had to buy them. So cute!