Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Mills & MA, Playground and Paint

I couldn't help but post these pictures of Mills in bed with Molly Anne last week after her nap!

I'm not sure who loved it more!

The same day we met Emme at the playground!  

They rode their scooters and had the best time!

If you don't have these paint sticks, you need them!  Molly Anne is obsessed!  The best part is they are easy clean up and don't make a mess.  She sits up at our island while I'm cooking dinner (or pretending to cook these days) and these entertain her for a LONG time!  Win!


  1. Cutest thing ever- cuddling with Mills!
    Also, we have similar paint sticks and they are amazing! The girls both love them and I love how neat they are!

  2. I'm just melting over her and Mills! How presh!

  3. MA and Emmy are so cute and both getting so big! I’ve got to get those paint sticks. Graham is obsessed with art and painting.

  4. Thanks for sharing about those paint sticks. I need to check those out!

  5. We LOVE those paint sticks too!! We were out scooting today in our "warm" 45 degree Boston weather!