Monday, April 23, 2018


Friday evening was gorgeous so we were outside from the moment we got home from work and Becky's.  We played out back and with our neighbors on their playset.  Molly Anne invited herself over haha!  We had leftovers from dinner the night before and called it a night.  

Mills is obsessed with laying in her bathroom.  He won't hang out with me at nights anymore.  Once she goes to bed, he does.  

This cannot be comfortable.  But he doesn't care!

Saturday morning was soccer.  See Molly Anne in the middle of the field with a cone on her head?  There's always one...!

She did score lots of goals and we played at the playground afterwards.  

We got to see Maggie because her soccer session was right after Molly Anne's!

After a good nap, she got to have a grape Popsicle and I think she looks 5 here because of that pony tail!

We were outside afternoon and evening again.  We ordered pizza for dinner and got in bed early.  

Sunday morning I ran a bunch of errands and then went to a baby sprinkle for my friend April.  I'll let April share the pictures on her blog first then I will later this week!  ;)

The second I walked in the door, Molly Anne asked to go to the neighborhood playground so we did that for an hour then came back for leftovers for dinner.  

And now, it's Monday!

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