Tuesday, April 17, 2018

First Time to the Dentist

Here's one for Molly Anne's Baby Book...

Last Thursday I took Molly Anne to the dentist for the first time!  She was thrilled.  In fact I told her about it a couple of days in advance (she operates best when she knows things are coming) and explained everything to her.  She wanted to go right then haha!  The next day she cried to go to the dentist instead of Ms. Becky's!  I recorded this to show her when she's 20!  

I'm glad I semi-prepared her for the occasion because she knew to say ahhhhh and open wide!  What I didn't prepare her for was having to lay down on the chair.  She was not into the white piece of paper they have on the head rest.  She didn't like it at all for some reason so once that was removed, she laid down!  There was another chair in the same room and that one had the paper too and she didn't like that one even being there!!!

She chose between orange and strawberry toothpaste and picked orange.  For the bubbles (flouride) she chose strawberry over bubble gum!  Funny!  

Danielle cleaned her teeth so quickly and was soooo good with her!  

When the dentist came in, she refused to lay back down on the chair so she sat on me while I leaned back.  She didn't like that the chair moved!  She's a particular little girl! ;)  She got the perfect report that all of her teeth look wonderful and no cavities.  We are going to start flossing some of her front bottom ones since those are touching.  Her bottom 2 year molars are halfway in.  Her upper right molar has a tiny bit of white showing and there's still no sign of her upper left.  So we have a little ways to go on getting those. 

After I picked her up from Ms. Becky's I took her to get some yogurt because she had been such a good girl at the dentist and listened to Ms. Becky and I that day too.  She picked PINK yogurt and also chocolate!  It was a "BIG treat" as she likes to say!  

So now she goes back every six months like we do!!!  Growing right up!


  1. Good job MA!! Jack went last week and graham tagged along. I was hoping he would let the dentist look in his mouth but he was tight lipped the whole time. Maybe next time!

  2. Yay for a good report from the dentist and that she enjoyed it!

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