Monday, April 2, 2018

Car Seat Turn and Pawleys

Last Thursday I finally turned Molly Anne's car seat around.  It just felt like the right time for a few reasons so I did it.  Her first reaction was whoaaaa look at all those numbers (on the dashboard!).  Typical reply from Molly Anne.  She always needs to know how everything works!

Our new Sequoia has a DVD player in it so I borrowed a couple DVD's from our neighbor.  We all jumped in the car late Thursday afternoon and got to Pawleys to my brother's house pretty late.  I will say, the DVD player was really nice to have instead of dealing with my iPad being attached to the headrest ha.  Even Mills came with us on this trip. Usually he goes to camp when we go to Pawleys but he had his second trip down there and he loved playing with his cousins!

Hanging out Thursday night with his boy cousins after the three girls went to bed.  

Look out wide Mills is in the middle compared to Gill on the left.  Gill and Fin are from the same breeder. 

Friday morning my brother, SIL and Kevin worked so I took the three girls for manicures.  It was Molly Anne's first time!  She sat perfectly still and didn't mess one nail up, I was impressed.  She got pink with sparkles on top!  Of course Anna Kate helped her pick out colors!

After they got their nails done, I took them to the toy store and they each picked something out.  We tried to get ice cream but the shop wasn't open yet.  Things I get to do with my nieces when I get them all to myself! ;)

After nap, we went to see the Easter Bunny at the local Lilly store - The Joggling Board.  She liked him!

Three hounds. 

We fed the girls early so they could get to bed at 7 and then the four of us sat around and talked and drank.  Emily and Kevin had gone to Fresh Market earlier and they had picked up stuff to grill so my brother grilled that kebobs later that night.  We had a late dinner and ate out on their porch.  It was nice and easy.  We ended up staying up way too late again.  Kevin and Clay built a fire that we sat around and acted dumb.  Things family does haha!

Saturday morning Emily let the girls paint all over the place because she's cool like that.  Then she did an Easter Egg hunt for them outside.  

Molly Anne got to ride her cousin's scooter they have outgrown and it even came home with us, along with 800 other things they passed down to us.  SO nice!

She's obsessed.  They also went on golf cart rides and played so hard!  Molly Anne idolizes her cousins!  

Molly Anne has talked so much about going on Uncle Clay's boat so he was nice enough to take us even though it was pretty chilly.  Mills had his first boat ride too.  

We all went to lunch at a new spot in town then got in the car and headed back to Charlotte so we were back in time for Easter brunch with Kevin's family.  That post is coming up tomorrow!  We had such a fun time in Pawleys and never want to leave.  Molly Anne begged for the last hour of our ride home to go back to Pawleys with Anna Kate and Sarah.  She said she didn't want to go home! :)

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  1. Looks like an awesome Easter! Is Mills older then his cousins? His face a little bit more white in it!