Friday, April 6, 2018

Five Years!

Today marks five years of marriage to my Kevin!  Cannot believe it's been five years but other days it seems like all I can remember!  We met in 2007 and started dating this same week in 2009 so it's really been about 9 years of being together!  We never did any of that back and forth stuff while dating but we did date for 2 years then were engaged for 2 years before we got married!

As for how we will celebrate?  We will likely get Basil Thai takeout which is where our first date was on April 3, 2009!  We go there every year for our anniversary but some years we do take out!  

The traditional gift for a five year anniversary is wood.  I'd say we have the wood gift under control since we gave each other this new house that is built out of wood and we saw almost every piece of wood go up!  This can probably be our gift to each other for the next umm 30 years haha!  But it surely counts this year!

We've had a lot go on in our five years of marriage.  We've built a house (likely our biggest challenge!), flipped and managed rental properties, bought a second business for Kevin, I still work and travel for the same company, we had our Molly Anne (our proudest achievement), we've traveled to many countries together, Kevin has done well with his businesses, we bought an office condo for Kevin, we've dealt with health issues and deaths.  We've done a lot in our time together.  We've had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  But we still choose each other!  

Here's to many more!  xoxox