Wednesday, August 31, 2022

License Plate Search

Not sure if any of your children would be interested but Molly Anne has had the best time searching for license plates as we drive around each day and marking off each state on the map! I used this free map and printed it off on 11x17 paper. It has been a fun thing to do! We even saw an Alaska tag at the beach and that was super exciting!

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Molly Anne’s Meet the Teacher and First Day

Molly Anne had her meet the teacher open house last Thursday! Before that, we prepped for the new school year with getting her nails and hair done! It’s the little things that make these days special for her. She loved it. 

Sooo excited for her new teacher and classroom!

Her first day of school was yesterday! She woke up tired at 6:15am but ready to go! She said she was excited but just a little bit nervous. I told her she’d be fine and of course she was! She said she had the best first day and loves her teacher!

Monday, August 29, 2022

Luau and Steak 48

It was a good “last weekend of summer” before school started today! 

Our neighbor hosted an end of summer luau. Kids had a blast and stayed up way too late. They got to watch a movie from the pool and then hang in their theatre room for another movie!

Margot had to take Parker home so isn’t in the pic! We missed her late night.

Saturday night we had a babysitter and a night out. We headed to Mizu for drinks then we were able to get a seat at the bar at Steak 48. 

Steak 48 is basically ridiculously good! I have no way else to describe it! Big special occasion place as well. 

Sunday we spent the afternoon at the pool soaking up the last day of summer break! Grady with my friend Brittany!

Today is the first day of school! Crazy!

Friday, August 26, 2022

Five on Friday

I stopped into Swoozies the other day to pick up a hostess gift for a friend that is hosting a party for us this weekend. Grabbed these two items. She loves Jesus and hates germs so those napkins are perfect for her. And we always end up drinking on a patio so there we go. I basically want one of everything in Swoozies. It's SO cute. 

Yall know I'm a high noon gal. I am not into any other seltzer. They just don't compare! Anyway - who has tried the lemon? It may be my favorite! I like mango, pineapple and peach as well. 

Molly Anne went to the dentist this week and since her 6 year molars were in, they did sealants on each one. I forgot how not fun it is to have all that mess in your mouth when they do those but she handled it like a champ. She was super proud of herself after she got it done, as she should have been! But it was cute how she told Mills - "I got my sealants today Mills" like it was some big 7 year old milestone! And like Mills cared! ;)

Kevin stuck two of these in my car this week and I had the other. They’re so good!


Last weekend before school starts!

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Mostly J.Crew Haul

I ordered a ton of clothes in the last week and I tried them on the other day and I want to share my honest review!

This top is fabulous, a definite keeper. Paired with J. Crew jeans that I like and these suede mules

Added this sweater blazer to it and swapped shoes to these sneakers for a more casual look. I think these sneakers run a size small so I'd go up a half size. 

Okay this top is gorgeous in person but I can't have anything this close to my neck since I had Grady (I know, very weird) so I'm going to have to return it. No turtlenecks or scarves for me again! Paired with these amazing jeans and my tried and true P448 sneakers.

Added this black sweater blazer and swapped shoes for a dressier look. 

Okay this is the puffer coat I told yall about. I love it so much. The quality is unreal! I decided to get it in the green though so I can wear it with navy and black. Paired with an old popover shirt, these dress slacks (I like the straight fit!) and old Tory Burch block heels. 

This coat is so good. 

Okay on to branching out a bit for my wardrobe. I want to look different than I do every day in a pencil skirt and blouse. So I'm working on that! 

This top is so soft and you can wear a regular bra with it. And I love the skirt. I think I'm going to return this color because it doesn't do much for my mid-section and get it in black. The black on black will look kinda nice I hope. I love the outfit possibilities with the skirt though...dress up or dress down. 

Okay dokey talk soon! Do you all like these try ons? I really enjoy doing them. I know they aren't the fancy blogger ways with amazing photography, lighting and makeup but I'm just me! What you see is what you get!

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Grady’s First Day of School

Grady had his first day in the 4’s yesterday and he’s so happy! He has the same teacher that Molly Anne had so he’s known Fran since he was 1! Made the transition quite easy for sure! He has a few friends from his last two classes in this new one so that’s nice too. He had a great first day and his highlight was the big 4’s playground! Woohoo! Can’t believe this is likely his last first day of preschool before real school starts! Here’s to a great year for my buddy and that he learns a ton!

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Moms Before School Starts

I keep seeing all of these memes on Instagram from different friends and they crack me up because they're SO true! The chaos before school starts for the year is real. The new activities, new routines, new teachers, new environments, new everything for everyone. Read through these and let's be honest, it's crazy and we're all holding on! 

This one is from my friend Katie. Yep! 

Not sure who's page I saw this one on. But, yep!

And from my friend Owen. Yep!

Monday, August 22, 2022

Week in OIB

We spent the last 10 days in Ocean Isle. Kevin went home for a few days to work but otherwise the kids and I hung at the beach. I didn't have child care for the week so this just made sense and I mostly kept up with my work at the same time. Always a circus. 

Last Monday we went to Myrtle Beach to take the kids to a passport appointment. We don't have any travel plans yet but we wanted to be able to go somewhere the four of us. There aren't any appointments in Charlotte and since both parents have to be in person, it made sense to just get it done while we were out of town. It was easy enough. Then we relived Kevin's young years by taking the kids to the strip where he used to go when he was there age. We had lunch at Landshark (don't put it on your list) and then rode the Skywheel. They loved it!

Grady doesn't look like he loved it but he really did. They're always up for an adventure. 

On Tuesday, Kevin went home to work so I took these two rascals to the end of year Luau that OIB put on at the town park. 

Coloring their crabs carefully. Grady has gotten a lot better at coloring and really taking his time. John Deere crab of course. 

Then we went to the local coastal museum in OIB. They had gone last year but they really loved it this time. 

This volunteer was soooo good with the children at the touch tank! They got to feed the horseshoe crabs and other animals. So fun and a great experience. 

We even got sunset slush one night after dinner and baths! 

On Thursday we got to play with my friend Ashley's girls. They were in town for the week and we got to see them several times over the week. I grew up with Ashley and she is one of my oldest and best friends. It's always good to be with her. 

We went to Sharky's for dinner and I finally got the tuna tower. Sooooo good. And that's the remnants of the PJ Margarita which is always high on my list there!

The four of us walked around the new marina checking out the boats when we heard live music from 59 Causeway. Typically it's a breakfast place but they've randomly been opening their bar for drinks. 

We loved hanging out there and the vibe was wonderful. Until grady did a back flip down their 7 stairs. He was watching the guitar player set back up and kept walking backwards until he back flipped down. He was okay but it just scared him. I watched the whole thing in slow motion and I couldn't get there fast enough. It was crazy but thankfully he was totally fine! He's a walking mess!

Then we stopped by Ashley's house and hung with her fam for a bit! Her dad made us marlin moon martinis which were amazing!

Saturday we hung at the beach with Hilary, Drew, Gee and the girls. It was a beautiful day and the water was so calm. We even had a dolphin show with them driving along the coast. 

King of the beach!

Saturday night we headed to dinner at Jinks again. We love the tiki bar and the live music they have on Saturday nights. We had the same waitress as last Saturday. 

Yesterday morning I ran on the beach which is always one of my favorite things to do. I did a Carrie Underwood peloton run and loved it. 

Zero breeze and I was a mess. So hot and humid out!

Back to the grind this week. Today Grady has meet the teacher and Molly Anne has a dentist appointment. Molly Anne has one more week of summer. Grady starts school in the 4's tomorrow. Crazy days! Next week starts some normalcy thankfully. I'm in desperate need ha!

Talk soon friends!