Friday, August 12, 2022

Seven on Friday

I’ve been in Wichita, Kansas this week and it was a disaster trying to get home. American canceled my flight in the middle of the night and I found out at 2:30am when I randomly woke up. They rebooked Margaret and I for the following day and we wouldn’t get home until the day after that. Uh yeah not going to work. So I booked some Delta flights and figured if we could get to Atlanta, worst case we could drive home. That all worked out and we flew in around 2 on Thursday. Not a moment too soon before a foot appointment and a tennis match last night. Anyway! Here we are at dinner. Our General Contractor and his wife took us to George’s, a French restaurant!

Molly Anne got fairy hair at the pool birthday party she went to on Sunday. She was STOKED as she’s always wanted it!

We were walking out of Grady’s school the other day and he grabbed my hand. I asked him if he was always going to hold my hand and he said yes. Heart melted. 

Spot the Hoover. See Mills peaking through the second and third spindle from the top?!

It’s always a good day when Furnitureland South is at your house delivering furniture. We got our bedroom side tables and dresser this week. They’re sooooooo pretty. Can’t wait to share!

Molly Anne had her last week with Bella this week. Bella heads back to school. We will miss her so much!

Grady passed his swim level this week! We are so proud of him. He can swim about 15’ without help!

Kate and I won against Blakeney last night! Our first big win together! We came back in the second set after we were down 1-4 to win 6-4. 

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  1. So glad to hear you were able to get home - playing the "rebooking" game across multiple airlines is NOT fun! Yay for Grady and swim and Molly Anne for fairy hair!!