Monday, August 15, 2022


Are y’all tired of my beach weekend recaps yet?! 

We decided around 5pm Friday to head to the beach. We were going the next morning anyway but decided to just hit the road. Kids had a shower and dinner before we left so it was easy to bed when we arrived!

I was up early Saturday morning so I drove all of the way to the east end to catch this stunning sunrise! 

Came back and took my buddy to the beach. Molly Anne and Grady were still asleep so I headed ho the grocery store. The three sleepy heads were finally up when I came back! I love this picture of Mills!

Kevin went fishing off the dock and brought mills a fish to check out ha!

Then we had a big beach day with Hilary’s extended fam! Always a great time!

The four of us went to jinks for dinner. These two love birds love some live music! 

Then watched the sunset at Hilary and Drew’s!

Sunday morning Ariel snd I played tennis!

These two cuddled!

Then we had another fab beach day! These two love the beach. 

We were invited for a boat cruise and cookout! I love being on a boat. The cares of life all go away!

Grady wants a boat so badly!!


Then tennis in the street! A day well spent!

A weekend full of memories! Loved it all! 

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  1. It looks like another great weekend!! We had epic beach weather in our neck of the woods too - I'm soaking it ALL up!!