Monday, August 8, 2022


Thursday night we got here and went right to Maria’s for an easy dinner. Then go karting was in order!

Girls won!!

Then we went over to the beach to take Mills and watch the sun set. We love that time of night on the beach. It’s truly the best!

If this couldn’t be more accurate. Grady in a tide pool and Molly Anne walking Mills!

We even got to see where they were setting up for sea turtles hatching. They didn’t end up coming although we stayed for awhile waiting!

Friday morning she made a Lego set that our beach friends had given her!

And we had a big beach day!

Then I steamed some crabs and shrimp for an early dinner. The crabs weren’t that good but it was still fun to pick them!

This was the best part, when Molly Anne asked to join! I loved that!

So fun!

We headed to the concert with our neighbors to meet up with our other neighbors!

Crazy children!

Molly Anne and Charley

Grady and Jack

It was a fun time! Saturday the kids and I spent the day at the beach. Whew! Lots of beach time. We didn’t do anything Saturday night then we headed back to Charlotte early yesterday. Molly Anne had a birthday party she really wanted to go to so we came back for that! 

Happy Monday!

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