Thursday, August 25, 2022

Mostly J.Crew Haul

I ordered a ton of clothes in the last week and I tried them on the other day and I want to share my honest review!

This top is fabulous, a definite keeper. Paired with J. Crew jeans that I like and these suede mules

Added this sweater blazer to it and swapped shoes to these sneakers for a more casual look. I think these sneakers run a size small so I'd go up a half size. 

Okay this top is gorgeous in person but I can't have anything this close to my neck since I had Grady (I know, very weird) so I'm going to have to return it. No turtlenecks or scarves for me again! Paired with these amazing jeans and my tried and true P448 sneakers.

Added this black sweater blazer and swapped shoes for a dressier look. 

Okay this is the puffer coat I told yall about. I love it so much. The quality is unreal! I decided to get it in the green though so I can wear it with navy and black. Paired with an old popover shirt, these dress slacks (I like the straight fit!) and old Tory Burch block heels. 

This coat is so good. 

Okay on to branching out a bit for my wardrobe. I want to look different than I do every day in a pencil skirt and blouse. So I'm working on that! 

This top is so soft and you can wear a regular bra with it. And I love the skirt. I think I'm going to return this color because it doesn't do much for my mid-section and get it in black. The black on black will look kinda nice I hope. I love the outfit possibilities with the skirt though...dress up or dress down. 

Okay dokey talk soon! Do you all like these try ons? I really enjoy doing them. I know they aren't the fancy blogger ways with amazing photography, lighting and makeup but I'm just me! What you see is what you get!

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  1. I just ordered a bunch of stuff from J.Crew too, several of the same pieces!! Thank you for sharing!