Friday, April 28, 2023

Six on Friday

1. I've been in a tizzy this week. I took this picture on my way home from the airport on Tuesday night. I'm just so thankful that the sun goes down and that the sun rises for a new day, every day. I've found myself very overwhelmed with work, home, Mills and life this week. I'm always busy but overwhelmed is a different feeling. I can pretty much compartmentalize most things but whew it got me Tuesday night. Still working through all of the things but all good. Must stay positive and look for good always.

2. These are the things that matter most. Watching my kids play on their swings and Mills laying in the backyard between them and I. 

Then this happened of course.

3. I was influenced by Megan last week and so far I really like these teeth whitening strips. These don't make my teeth sensitive and they don't make me gag. Win win. 

4. Have you read Liz Adams' post from Monday? If not, I highly recommend. This is how I feel so thank you Liz for putting it into words. I like following her in case you aren't already. She keeps it real and has really good taste in home decor & cooking and enjoys exercise. 

5. Molly Anne loves trying on new clothes and it reminds me when I used to do the same with my mom. 

I found this dress yesterday at JCrew when I was returning things!

Love this cute jean jacket on her. Size up so it’ll last a couple of years!

The most fun dress, old school Lilly! Comes in blue too. 

6. Yes my parents are the best. Amazon delivered Mills some of his favorite big goodies last night ahhhh!

Happy weekend to YOU! 

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Thursday Finds

ONE - I got this dress in the mail this week and I must say, it’s a winner. I sort of got it because I could match Molly Anne and also because it was so reasonable for a dress I could wear pretty often. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I like it. 

TWO - love this top with jean shorts or jeans. It looks temperature cool for the summer. 

THREE - I have a belt that I use all of the time to walk or run in the neighborhood (or at whatever sports practice I’m watching/walking during). If you don’t, you need one! Yes, I prefer pockets in my fav leggings below but this is a good option if you’re wearing shorts in the summer. 

FOUR - I know these leggings are expensive but honestly I’ve worn my navy and black ones to death and they still look brand new. I know I’m not supposed to dry them but I do and they still are perfect. I have a pair of Zella leggings in a similar color and even with my big ole leggings they look cool. I’d wear with navy, black, white or pink on top! 

FIVE - anyone need to give a good Mother’s Day gift to a friend, mom or mom in law? This wreath is so pretty and a classic for a long time! 

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Spring School Pictures

I guess these days, it’s a thing to have pictures done in the Fall and Spring during a school year. And I’m the mom that can’t not buy them! I like to get the digital and then print them on 

Different companies so Grady’s is a 3 picture minimum for digital and Molly Anne’s you have to get prints with the digital. Gotta love it. Whatever ha! 

Anyway, here they are…

Tuesday, April 25, 2023


Here are some snapshots of the flowers I planted last weekend. I still have a huge pot that I think I’m going to put a hibiscus in with some smaller items around the base of it. That’s TBD but let’s see if I can keep these alive!

This little arrangement below came pre-made from Lowes. 

All of our outdoor furniture is by Serena and Lily. Chairs // Sofa & Chair // Coffee Table

Love geraniums…probably because my Mom always has them! Similar Table // Chairs

My friend Kellie told me I should see if I can get this Mandeville to climb the column instead of only the railing. Should be exciting to see. 

I’m not sure why flowers on my porch make me so happy but they do! I think I like the fact that I pick them out then plant then take care of them!

Monday, April 24, 2023


One day last week before work and school, Grady and I had to return something at Target and he asked to go check out the toy aisle. I said yes even though I needed to move along because these are the little things that matter. He was sooooo excited to check everything out!

A boy who needs to be groomed but waiting on his paw to heal where he had radiation. I love when he crosses his paws like this though. 

Friday night we went to Inizio for pizza and then to Lowe’s and got some flowers. You know Grady had to get on the John Deere!

We came home and played out back while I planted everything. It didn’t take me long at all and flowers are so rewarding and fun to have. By the way, this flavor of Polar is so good and refreshing! Kellie and Michael stopped by and we hung on the porch for awhile and the kids watched a movie. 

Saturday we headed to a new place called Open Tap to celebrate my friend Margot’s birthday! It was super fun. They have an awesome outdoor area, kids room, food truck and the concept is just cool. Just sparkling strawberry lemonade in Molly Anne’s hand…not rose! ;)

Then we met the boys at Grady’s tee ball game! He hit a killer ball when we were walking up so I’m glad we were there to see it. He’s getting good at teeball and it’s been cool to see his progression!

The twins having some chill time. 

Saturday evening we went over to our club last minute. Ended up seeing a favorite friend of Molly Anne’s and got to meet his parents there. That was a good thing. We had some friends stop by after that and the kids were in bed early!

Sunday we had a big day - last lacrosse for Molly Anne’s season and a special Wounded Heroes event. 

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 21, 2023

Three on Friday

ONE - this is such good salsa. Closest we've found to Pioneer Woman's Restaurant Style Salsa. We get it at Wal-Mart. The hot is not very spicy, even I can eat it. But we usually get mild because the kids like it too. 

TWO - the two swimmers. They took the dome off of the pool this week where they practice and they turned the water green for something fun! 

THREE - I had a late work conference dinner on Tuesday night and you know this boy was waiting for me when I got home. He had chemo this day too and I guess he wanted his mama hahahaha! I'd like to think so at least. He feels good. 

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Dresses and Girls Options

Today I’m sharing a few women’s dresses and a few picks for little girls. Molly Anne is in the size 8 range but some 8’s will be too small for her later this summer so I buy her size 10. But then those are too big. Also, finding cute clothes in this size range isn’t like the good ole days!! But I’ve had some luck with JCrew, Target, Lilly and my ole trusty boutique in Raleigh - Shutterbugs!

ONE - I may need this one for a trip this summer. 

TWO - this dress has my name written all over it so I ordered it a few days ago. 

THREE - such a classic dress!

FOUR - onto the girls picks! Love this geometric dress!

FIVE - I bought this dress in a 10 and I’ll shrink it down a bit. 

SIX - buy these soft shorts in true to size. I got her the 10’s but they’re too big. Size 8 it is in these. 

SEVEN - had to include this light blue pineapple romper. It crosses in the back and is so adorable. $12

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Recipe - Oriental Slaw

This recipe is from my friend Lauren's Mom! She gave it to me years ago and it is always so good!

Slaw Ingredients:

 - 1 bag of angel hair coleslaw

 - 2 TB sesame seeds

 - 2 TB sunflower seeds

 - 4 green onions chopped

 - 1 package chicken ramen noodles

Dressing Ingredients:

 - 1/4 cup oil (I use olive oil)

 - 2 TB white vinegar

 - 3 TB sugar

 - packet of chicken seasoning


Mix slaw, seeds and onions. Pour dressing (already mixed) over top. When ready to serve, crumble noodles on top. Enjoy!

Monday, April 17, 2023

Spring Break - Part Two - OIB

Last Tuesday we drove back to Charlotte from Maryland. Wednesday morning we had a funeral then that afternoon after some work we both had to do, we headed to Ocean Isle. It’s always good to wake up there. So we gave the kids baths and hit the road. 

It was a gorgeous night to fish and hang out for a bit when we arrived. 

Thursday morning Grady and I ran some errands. And YES, the high noon tequilas are all delicious! I do not like any seltzers except high noon. The real stuff! 

Sam and Eloise took Kevin and Molly Anne about 5 miles off shore for some Spanish mackerel fishing! They had a blast!

We went with friends on the beach and then they joined us!

Dinner that night was at Hilary and Drew’s with a few families. Drew smoked bbq all day, Hilary made her famous company beans and I made Pioneer Woman Mac N Cheese and an oriental slaw that I need to share. 

Grady and Thomas had a theme of dressing alike every day, unplanned by their mamas! So glad these two will be together next school year. 

The mamas! Hilary, Lauren, me, Morgan! (Kevin loves broncos so I got this shirt to wear beach style) 

The cool dads! Sam, Drew, Kevin, baby Ben and Mark

Friday was another beach day!

We had everyone over for Mexican that night. 11 kids and 13 adults! Chaos but so fun!

Saturday morning when the water is glassy and you’re Mills getting to enjoy the day. 

Grady and I took a nap and went kayaking while Kevin took Molly Anne to the beach with everyone. 

The four of us went to Causeway Gourmet for dinner then to celebrate Drew’s birthday for a few! 

Sunday morning I was up early so I went for a walk. One of my fav things to do is to watch the sun rise. 

A spring break well spent. Grady said his favorite part was going to the Playland Arcade with Poppa in Ocean City! Molly Anne said her favorite was everything in Maryland! Awwwww! 

Now back to the grind. And what a grind it is. Talk soon friends.