Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Being Nice

Molly Anne and I have lots of conversations in the car on our way to dance, school etc. Our latest was about always being nice even when someone is mean to you. It was because a friend pushed her to get in line in front of her after PE class and Molly Anne said something not nice back. And she told me all of this the second I picked her up from school that day. She felt badly about it...and she tells me everything. 

Anyway it got me thinking - when someone says or does something mean to you, it’s hard to respond nicely! And I’m sitting here trying to explain it to a five year old but in reality it’s something we work on learning our whole life. Right?!! Even at 38 I’m working on it. I explained to her why it’s always better to be nice. In every situation. And to always be friends with everyone. And to be the one that goes to play with the person on the playground that doesn’t have a friend to play with. Allll of that. But it’s a lot to comprehend and it’s a lot to do right in the moment of a situation like that. We talked about it and she knows right from wrong and we probably won’t talk about that exact situation ever again but I’m sure she’s thought about it again since. 

Another little thing that came up. The four of us were at breakfast the other day and I quietly showed her a pair of shoes that the lady behind her was wearing. I told her how I liked them. Well Molly Anne looks at me and says, “I’m going to tell her that I love them because they’re sooo pretty!” So I said okay. She starts talking to this sweet elderly lady who was sitting by herself and I just let them talk and didn’t walk over. It was the sweetest conversation and she was incredibly kind to Molly Anne. We got in the car and Molly Anne told us that she thought that may have filled the lady’s bucket. I asked her what she was talking about and she told me how a teacher comes into their room every Tuesday and last week she talked about filling others buckets by talking to them and being nice. It was so simple for Molly Anne to talk to her and for Trudy to talk to Molly Anne but it filled my bucket the most I think! I am thankful for Trudy for giving us such a lesson that day and I’m thankful for Molly Anne and her non-shy self that she just went over and started talking to Trudy! All of it made my day!

So let’s be nice! 

Monday, May 17, 2021

Flowers, Busy Saturday

Aren’t these flowers that my parents sent me for Mother’s Day gorgeous?! They’re from @prettythings.charlotte 

Mills loves his backyard!

Friday afternoon we played in the driveway with the kids then grilled out for dinner. 

Queen went inside to get her hat then came out with my pool shades on too haha. 

Think it’s time for this cute Little English dress to go see her friend Ella! 

Saturday was a crazy day. First up, Molly Anne tried out for the competition team at dance. She loved jazz and tumbling so much this year so she decided to try out. We don’t find out until mid June after her recital for this last year but it’s a good life lesson either way. I told her to do her best and that’s all she could do!

I took her home and traded with Kevin so I could take Grady to a birthday party for one of his friends from school. Hilary took Molly Anne to tennis while we were at the party. 

Then I picked up one of Molly Anne’s friends and brought her home to play for the afternoon. We did all kinds of things but while we were on a golf cart ride we discovered the pool opened for the season. So of course we went home to change into bathing suits then went back!! 

Crazy nuts in the pool when the water temp couldn’t be above 70! Swim team starts today so she’s going to be already ready to go!

Saturday night Julia came to hang with the kids and we went to dinner with Benjy and Jess at Noble Smoke. It was sooooo good. I don’t normally go nuts over meals but this was legit. The vibe was awesome with the live band, pretty weather and lots of people hanging out. 

that dress I posted about last week. I now want to wear it daily! 

Easy like Sunday morning!

We went to Le Peep for breakfast then grabbed our groceries. Prepped all of that for the week, we took naps then went to the pool again. Good times. Ended the weekend by grilling out 
crab chicken and had that with corn and green beans. Yum. 

Friday, May 14, 2021

Five on Friday

Winding down on packing lunches. Molly Anne got to have lunch from the cafeteria last Friday for the first time ever and she was so excited. I must admit, it was nice to not pack a lunch! Here is one of her lunches this week - cracker cut cheese, pepperoni and salami, triscuits, carrots/everything hummus and yogurt covered craisins which she informed me she doesn't like!

I got these salami at the Teeter last week and they're really good. It just says "Private Selection" as the brand?!

@city.stems posts the most pretty arrangements, plants and flowers on her instagram. Here is a little inspiration for a piece for our outdoor coffee table. 

In Charlotte this week, we've had a major gas shortage. I had gotten some on Tuesday morning because I only had 50 miles left but I know a lot of people have been in a jam. I think all will be back to normal today or tomorrow. 

Grady and another friend at school share the same birthday so they had this little sign outside of the classroom door on Monday! 

Wear your favorite team day was at Molly Anne's school yesterday and of course she picked NC State!!! Go Pack! She told us on Wednesday night that she was going to marry her friend from after-school because he was very cute. Well that little friend happens to be the principal's son. HA!

Yall have a nice weekend!

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Nordstrom Picks

Hello everyone and happy Thursday! I've started thinking that I may do a Thursday series with some things I've been eyeing that week. I would show a wide variety of items but keep it to five or less things. What do you all think? That way it's semi organized and every Thursday. Anyway, here are some cute finds from this week.

Is this blue and white dress not a classic or what? Love it so much. It's new and I bet it's gone fast.

Tory Burch sandals...I have the sea shell pink and I wear them literally every day. These are a super fun neutral that could be worn daily too but also has some spunk. Thank you Margot for this amazing find!

Coverup for the beach or pool, comes in black too!

This shirt caught my eye. Available in pink and white too.

The athletic socks that are so perfect for Molly Anne and her sports!

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Mother’s Day Art

I LIVE for school art for Mother's Day. It's what makes the day for me if I'm being real honest. Well and being with my kids of course. Ha! Check out their art this year. The teachers are extra sweet to be doing all of this for us Moms. I'm so thankful for their teachers!

Teacher Appreciation Week

Last week was teacher appreciation week at Grady’s school so this is what a few of us put together for our class. We sent the below email out with a Google doc for people to sign up for what they wanted to contribute. It made it so easy! 

We wanted to do a mix of surprises, gift cards and pampering for them and I think this encompasses all of that. We hope they felt so appreciated because they’re truly wonderful and take care of our children every day!!!

I volunteered to get the beach cups so I grabbed these yetis and this name sticker to put on them! Both of their favorite colors are pink and they happen to be going to the beach together one weekend this summer!

Here’s the email we sent to the parents...feel free to use it! 

We are hoping we can all pitch in and spoil our teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week from May 3-7! Our ideas are below. Please sign up on this document so we can keep track of who has volunteered to bring in items.

Monday: "Beach Day" (coordinate with other beach person)
1. Two beach cups
2. Two beach towels

Tuesday: “Self care”
3. One mani pedi with tip (two people to split)
4. One mani pedi with tip (two to split, coordinate with other)

Wednesday: Flowers
5. One set of flowers
6. One set of flowers (coordinate with other flower person for size)

Everyone does: (Venmo: Xxxx) we will purchase a gift card from group for each teacher 
 - $15 or $20 for Target gift card to be split 

Everyone does: Thank you notes to each teacher.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Grady’s Birthday

Well we woke up at the beach on Grady's birthday so I had taken some gifts down there for him to open and of course a few decorations to make it feel festive for him when he woke up! When I went in to get him that morning I said, "Happy Birthday Grady" and he said in his cute little thank you voice, "dank you!"

Big John Deere sand toys for the beach! This one and this one!

Then we got in the car and headed back to Charlotte for the rest of his birthday celebrations! He got a big boy swing, a blippi dress up role play and a john deere gator that is a little collectible replica!

And my parents gave him a new bike which he is obsessed with! He's so glad to not be riding a pink one anymore haha!

Kevin's parents, brother and his friend came over to celebrate with us too! See what happens when you tell publix to match the red happy birthday in the same red and put Grady on there? Yep...can't win them all!

A cookie jar!

He also got a stomp rocket, john deere shirt and lots of other goodies!

He had a wonderful birthday and he's officially 3! Hard to believe but I love the little boy he is becoming!

Monday, May 10, 2021

Beach Weekend

We had a great weekend down at the beach! Our friends Brad and Shauna and their girls came too so it was big fun!

First stop was Sharkys for dinner on Friday night! Pink lemonade and two excited girlies. And we wondered why they stayed up giggling in their room until 11pm?!! 

Second to last day he was two!

Our neighbors from home also were down and had another family with them that we know so the four moms went for a walk on Saturday morning while the four dads took all 8 children to breakfast!! Evidently the ladies at the restaurant were like where are your wives haha!  We were exercising and drinking champagne on the back deck afterward!!  It was dreamy! 

Then they were back and we packed up and headed to the beach!

Finally getting to use his chair he loves so much!

My friend Leslie took this and I love it so much! Just out running around on the beach with my kids! I love how both of their arms are out. We are a bunch of beach bums!

It got super windy and chilly!

This one said she was going to take a nap - yeah right. That lasted about 30 seconds. Speaking of naps, Grady didn’t take one on Saturday and just stayed on the beach the entire day. Good times!

Their swimsuits are from last year 

A mess! 

Low country boil by drew and hilary, the chefs!

So happy to be eating shrimp!

Grady is still waiting on a Grady White to show up on our dock! ;)

I love this picture of them!

Alex letting Grady fish with him, so cute. 

Hanging on the dock

Shauna and her cute girlies! She’s such a good mama!

We packed up and headed back home yesterday morning! We had Grady’s birthday and Mother’s Day to celebrate!