Wednesday, December 1, 2021

OIB Part Two

Saturday after thanksgiving was a busy day. Us three mamas were smart and started it with a one hour walk! We got those steps in then back to get the day started!

The kids and I went scooting again then Kevin took Molly Anne to meet up with everyone for lunch and Grady took a nap. 

Then we all watched the parade at the end of our street. It was so fun and the kids loved all of the candy being thrown out! 

Grady was in awe of these guys..check out his face watching them!

Then they went on a boat ride and I got to see some friends, Regina and Jeff, from home who were cruising through town with Ava their daughter. They came to see our house which was so nice of them!!

All set and ready at Steve and Ariel’s house to watch the flotilla…all of the boats parading down the intracoastal with lights on them! Check out this view from their top deck! The boats got to their street about 6:30pm, 30 min after leaving Inlet View. 

Then we ended up not being able to see well so all 12 of us got in his boat and we went out to the end of the canal to watch. You should have seen us getting all 6 kids in life jackets! We ended up with the perfect view!

Hilary and Drew kept the kids and the four of us fools went down to Sharkys to check out the flotilla party. It was wild and super fun. We stayed for about 10 min just to see what it was all about then headed back home!

Sunday morning chilling after many good times with friends!

It was a weekend well spent full of memories. 

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