Monday, December 6, 2021

Festive Weekend

It was in the mid 70's on Friday afternoon so I was wearing shorts and taking two Christmas beers to my next door neighbor's house to have. It was wild!

Friday night we just hung in the driveway and Hilary ordered pizzas and we all had a merry ole time. Natasha and Brad stopped by on their way out for dinner for a beverage. I didn't drink much of anything other than a beer and a half. Hilary and I went over to our club for the bazaar mainly to support one of my friends who was selling bracelets! And we were in bed before 10pm and it was glorious and much needed. 

Saturday morning I played tennis then went to Lowes to get gravel to put in a big hole in our yard. Got that done then made fudge with my assistant. 

Oh while I was gone, Molly Anne and Kevin put this tree together. I ordered it to put in the foyer with all of my White House ornaments on it. Did you all know the White House puts out a new ornament every year? Here is the link. My parents have given me one every year since 2003. They're so fun to collect. Here is the tree I ordered. It's 4.5' tall. Still need to add a tree skirt. 

Saturday night we had two parties. The first with children, the second without. Molly Anne put on her lipstick!

And they got to see Santa and Mrs. Claus! Grady was so excited and ran right up to him and just started blurting out tractor and 4 wheeler!

Such a sweet picture. 

Molly Anne got off of Santa's lap and came over to tell me that she sat on his lap so Grady didn't have to. Grady has been so scared of Santa until this year so she was being sweet to think of him. 

Love them. Thank you to Kelly and Aaron for hosting such a wonderful party!

We met our babysitter at our house then Kevin and I took the golf cart over to a neighbor's home! With Whitney and Veronica. Wearing this dress on repeat. 

I didn't even get a picture with Kevin!!! Fun neighbors - Karen, Nancy and Ammie. 

Next up, Santa brunch on Sunday!

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