Thursday, December 2, 2021

Five Things

We got our tree last night and we're still married haha! Good times! Molly Anne helped me put lights on after Kevin got it in the door. Ornaments happening tonight after work/school. Kevin suggested I may feel less overwhelmed if I didn't have to get it ALL done in one night. He was right...!

I wore this dress in black in Napa and you all loved it. The red is perfect for a holiday party!

My friend Lauren swears by these hair ties and yep they're going in my stocking. Anyone else fill their own stocking with all of the goods that they need for next year?! Travel dry shampoo yes, individual make up wipes yes, new lipstick color 50% off yes. 

My favorite long sleeve shirt finally is back in black with a thin white stripe and I definitely ordered this for Kevin to give me for Christmas. I'm very excited. 

Grabbed this hat for a co-worker that loves to dress extra warmly when she travels up north! It's always fun to have an exciting color and not just ivory or camel all of the time! 40% off

This sweater comes in 7 colors and is simple and classic. 

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