Monday, December 20, 2021

Weekend Round Up

Friday afternoon playing out back in the warm weather! We decided to hit the patio at the club to let the kids run wild in the 72 degrees!

Grady somehow cut his thumb and it bled everywhere. I didn’t bandage it well so Nurse Hilary had to make it all better. Of course that happened instantly when she wrapped it how it should have been wrapped and told him to keep it above his head for a few minutes. Kevin got a kick out of it and kept tell him to hold his arm up! Too funny. He was fine, it wasn’t a deep, wide or big cut but man that thing bled!

Working on her reading challenge for school break. “Read with your pet” for 20 min. Check check. 

And Saturday they got letters back from Santa responding to what they had mailed him from our club.  The magic is REAL! I believe!

We delivered fudge to our neighbor friends in the morning. Then Grady had a birthday party for a neighborhood friend in the afternoon and he had a blast with this huge monster truck bounce house! Isn’t that wild?!

Then we celebrated Christmas with Kevin’s side of the fam. Separate post to come for that!

Sunday we literally stayed in pajamas until midday. Molly Anne went to play next door while Grady napped. Then we all went for a bike ride. Then flip flopped over to our house for more playing and an easy dinner. 

This is what Sunday mornings should be like!

Molly Anne did her slime that her grandparents gave her. 

And she put together a monster truck car wash for grady. It sure is nice to have someone else in that house that can put things together!! She is so technical it is amazing!

Same time as earlier but I just love this pic. And also don’t know why it’s out of order. 

A trek commerical haha!! 20” for big girls, 16” then 12”. 

Well it’s the last week before Christmas! I planned out all of our meals for the week. Should I share those? I also got in a good workout yesterday afternoon. I worked out 6 days last week. Fitted it in when I could. Cardio tennis, peloton bike, peloton strength, peloton run, my friend Kelly’s class.  All of the things. Keeping it fun. 

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