Sunday, December 26, 2021

Few Days Before Christmas

We've had a wonderful little break from school, work and reality! Molly Anne was off all of last week. She went to a camp at her dance place for a couple of the mornings and Grady went to school for only Monday and Tuesday. My parents arrived Tuesday afternoon so we've had fun with them since! 

Molly Anne and I got our nails done before we picked up Grady one day!

Four Christmas cuties!

A big grocery order for a week full of many meals for many people!

Grady cut the grass in every yard in our hood while we waited on my parents to arrive. 

And she loved Mills our whole walk. 

They arrived! Mom and I made a pan of fudge together which was fun and something we haven't gotten to do for awhile. 

Mills is always quite pleased when my parents are here. He won't sleep with us and he's always close to them so they'll rub his ears. 

Molly Anne made this adorable snowman at school and it's so special. It's a cute poem attached to it that says she will grow taller than the snowman but this commemorates her year when she was this tall. Precious. 

Wednesday morning Mom, Molly Anne and I went shopping and unfortunately my mom fell in the parking lot and got a huge goose egg on her forehead which eventually spread to two black eyes etc. Not good. But she was okay so that was most important. 

The bopsy twins waiting on my brother and his fam to arrive. 

We had Christmas with them and they gave Grady this cool John Deere truck. 

We had a big Mexican night for dinner and then stayed up too late with Clay and Emily. It was fun though. It included Hip Hop BBQ on pandora and some chaotic pics to check out the next morning. Ha!

Thursday morning the four kiddos decorated gingerbread houses then they headed back to Pawleys. 

We had buffalo chicken dip and cheeseburger sliders for dinner. Easy!

More to come...! I'm planning to wrap up our Christmas festivities on my blog this week then come the new year hit it into fresh things!

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