Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great weekend at the beach and definitely remembered those that gave the ultimate sacrifice so we could live in this amazing country. 

We picked up Molly Anne from school a bit early on Friday so we could beat the traffic and thankfully we did! We didn’t do much on Friday because the concert was canceled so we just hung at home. 

Kevin and I got woken up early Saturday morning by a dog barking so I went for a run on the beach. It was so nice. When I came back, Kevin went to run some errands while I fed the kids. Then Grady and I scooted to the liquor store and look what they had - the high noon pool pack! The new flavors are so good. They also had lemon at the store which is new. 

We packed lunches and headed to the beach early. 

Matchy matchy in our TBBC cover ups from last year!

And these two in their suits. This brand, Prodoh, is definitely Grady’s favorite because of the shorts inside of them. Molly Anne’s suit is sold out. 

I’ve officially made it when I don’t have to go to the sunset slush stand anymore!! 

Molly Anne and Lincoln

All of the kiddos. Molly Anne’s top is from Target and so well made. Good one for July 4th too!

Grady driving Mr. Drew’s boat!

Wearing this dress

On Sunday Hilary and I walked then we all headed to the beach. I do love getting exercise in at the beach. Makes me feel better about those high noons haha. 

Molly Anne’s new suit, it’s navy. They have it in big girls too. 

Grady’s similar hatrash guard and prodoh suit. 

Sunset slush on Sunday!

Grady and Greer playing with the big BeamO 30” frisbee!

The kids and I went to Sheffield’s on Friday night when we got here to get bait for our crab trap. We caught two crabs. We threw the small one back and steamed this guy. It was good!

Made this dessert for after our dinner Sunday night. Just presliced pound cake, cool whip and fruit. We cut corners at the beach! Drew smoked the best pork and we had fruit, potato salad and coleslaw with it. 

Yesterday we took our time heading back to Charlotte and laid low! It was a busy two days in the sun but made wonderful memories!

Friday, May 27, 2022

Three on Friday - Recipe, Tires, Member Member

I tried this Crockpot Spaghetti recipe this week and I must say, it was legit. I added two jars of Rao's sauce and used a pound of angel hair in it. I added the angel hair about an hour before we had it and it turned out perfectly. This made three meals for us - one for Tuesday night and one for two other nights (I froze two separate portions). 

I had to get two new tires on my car this week and I don't about you all but I don't like car maintenance. I also don't know how to do it with my Sequoia because I've had a different kind of car for most of my adult life. Anyway, two new tires and a balance and alignment later, I'm back in action until probably September when I need to do the other two. Ugh!

Yesterday I played in the Member Member tennis tournament at our club with my friend Kate. It was a blast and a big treat to play tennis during the work day! Skirt 15”

I wore the dress I posted about yesterday to the evening party! 

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Thursday Finds

This is a good batch, if I do say so myself!! 

ONE - obsessed with this dress!

TWO - keep an eye out, they keep restocking. Currently available. 

THREE - flattering suit 50% off! I just had the cups sewn into my three favorite bathing suits. Why aren’t cups always sewn in?!! Also, did you know on Target’s app that you can filter by sewn in cups?! Fun fact. 


FIVE - this is that material that doesn’t wrinkle and is cool temperature wise to wear. 

And yes Molly Anne likes to match me still - girls romper here!

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Family Pictures on the Beach

While we were at the beach for Easter in April, we had some family pictures taken on the beach in Ocean Isle by Katie Cooke! She was SO sweet and wonderful to be with. We really only have full family photos from our wedding which was almost 10 years ago so I wanted some recent casual pictures. And we love the beach so it made sense to do them there! Plus, it wasn't 5,000 degrees in April when these were done! 

I will certainly treasure these pictures forever! 

This one is so good with my parents. 


Tuesday, May 24, 2022


I have three random things today! First up, two adorable girl items I found this week that are on major sale! 

This bathing suit, Molly Anne has it and looks adorable in it. 

This dress perfect for Memorial Day, July 4th and in between!

Very odd combo but delish. Try it for a low carb snack!

My friend Chris’ cousin wrote this adorable book called “Lucky the Cow” about a cow that lives on their ranch in Wyoming! Chris had Linda sign a copy with Molly Anne and Grady’s name in it and sent it to NC! Very special. Molly Anne started reading it to Grady last night! This is the same author that wrote “There's a Witch in My Dryer!”