Monday, May 2, 2022


We had a nice little weekend and hope you did too!

Friday night we met one of my dear friends that I grew up with and her family at Brixx for dinner. It was fun and great to catch up. We love hanging with them!

Saturday morning cuddles. Then I went to a tennis clinic for an hour and a half. It was perfect weather and I enjoyed playing with the three girls that were out there for it. 

Kevin took Molly Anne to chess club. Grady and I even got to watch for a few minutes before we headed to his teeball game. 

Grady took a big nap and Molly Anne and I went next door to swim then Kevin and Grady joined us. 

We grilled out and the kids had popscicles. Felt like summer!

Mills laid down while Charley went wild. Typical. I can’t even get a pic of Charley because she moves so quickly!

Silly Grady!

Sunday we didn’t do much other than getting to go to Greer’s sixth birthday party next door! Hilary had a horse come for pony rides. It was super cute!

Happy Monday! It’s teacher appreciation week at Grady’s school so I’m wild with that! Chat soon. 

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