Friday, May 13, 2022

Five on Friday - Lanebreak, Grady bday, Field Trip

Hellloooooo Friday!

Has anyone tried the Peloton Lanebreak? I'm honestly a little late to the party but figured it'd be fun to give it a try this past Monday night. I didn't feel like it killed me but I also didn't do the hardest level. I think I did Intermediate which is the one above beginner. It's basically like a video game on the bike and makes you totally get lost in your pedaling. Try it if you've been thinking you may want to do something different!

Grady had a blast celebrating his birthday at school on Monday. He got to take a bag of show and tell goodies and a baby picture to share with the class! He loved it!

This was his main gift from us and a couple of other toys that he hasn't put down since he got them. He loves this digger though! It's a great gift for a little boy. I got the idea from another friend. Grady loves to be outside and he loves to dig so this worked out perfectly!

I never get any pictures of the two of them before school anymore so this was a treat to snap one day this week!

Yesterday I got to go to the Riverbanks Zoo on a field trip with Molly Anne’s class and the entire first grade! What a special day it was. They got to ride on “charter buses” that had movies and allll of the things! They loved every second of it! I had four sweet children that I got to hang out with. They were good as gold. It was a fun day!

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