Monday, May 16, 2022

May at the Beach

It was a quiet weekend at the beach and it was much needed. Grady didn’t feel great so we didn’t go out or anything but we did spend 4.5 hours at the beach on Saturday so he didn’t feel too awful!

Friday night on the back porch with my Molly Anne. We sat out there for a few minutes and she matter of factly said, “so like what do you want to talk about? Let’s talk about something!” 

It was a beautiful evening!

Saturday morning Kevin had to do some work stuff so I took the kids to the beach and he met us out there mid day. Molly Anne’s first two piece! ;)

It cracks me up when he turns his hat around backwards!

Kevin and Molly Anne got us Sharkys carry out for dinner (hello shrimp burger!!) and we hung around the house. Grady went to bed early and Kevin and Molly Anne played in the yard. I love this picture of her just chillin!

This boy refuses to come inside off our back porch. He’s obsessed. 

Look at his hover through the railing. 

Sunday morning Molly Anne wanted to kayak! She loved it just like last year!

This was my view most of the way home. The hound that refuses to ride in the back and instead lays in the floorboard under the kids feet with very little room! Part human and can’t be too far from us. 

Let this weekend be known as the weekend that Grady started calling Molly Anne “Molly Annie!” Haha!

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