Monday, May 9, 2022

Grady is Four!

Grady is FOUR today! I can hardly believe it. Here are some fun Grady facts!

1. He is 45 pounds, 3’7”, both 95th percentile, wearing size 5 clothes, size 11 shoes.

2. He sleeps from 7pm until 6:30-7am. 6:30 if school day and Molly Anne is up. 7:00 or later on weekend day. He still takes a nap every day for a couple of hours. Naps for life! 

3. He hasn’t met many food items that he won’t eat. He eats at least three breakfasts every day. He’s not as big into lunches. Then he’s back for a big dinner. 

4. He loves to play outside whether it’s in the backyard, biking, scooting, walking, all of the things!

5. So far he’s tried soccer through Soccer Shots and Teeball. He loves both. We will see what he asks to do in the fall! He’s getting back into swimming now at Charlotte Aquatics. 

6. He’s very complimentary of when Molly Anne or I look extra nice. He will tell us how pretty we are or if he likes our dress or whatever! Sweet boy!

7. He does not stop talking. Ever. I wonder where he gets that from. We talk alllll of the time. His favorite thing to start with these days is - “hey mama you know what?!”

8. Tractors are still his favorite interest but he loves all construction vehicles, fire engines, cool cars and trucks, monster trucks. He LOVES the beach. He likes to putt putt and do go karts down there. He basically likes anything you give him the opportunity to do. 

9. He is obsessed with Molly Anne. He looks up to her, is sweet to her and loves her so much. I can’t wait to watch their relationship grow over time. They’re pretty tight right now and I’m so thankful. 

When Grady was born, I always said if I can just get to when he turns four then life will definitely be easier. And he’s already four! I wasn’t wishing time away. I just think when children can talk, walk and eat by themselves, it makes things easier and more fun! 

But the time went so quickly. He’s growing right up to be such a nice little boy. We love him SO much! xo

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  1. Happy Birthday, Grady!!

    He sounds like such a sweetheart! #6 on how he compliments the ladies in his life is adorable! A good little gentleman!