Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Day In The Life

Thought it'd be fun to write a quick day in the life post to remember this time with Molly Anne in first grade and Grady in the 3's daycare! Of course this isn't exact and every day is different but this is generally a good way to remember our days!

6:06am - my alarm goes off and I get up and get ready...well just hair and makeup. Sometimes I snooze until 6:14am but not often because I like to be mostly ready when....

6:15am - Molly Anne's alarm goes off. She sets her alexa and it's pretty fantastic that she just gets right up on her own. I always lay her outfit out the night before and she gets herself ready. Little fun info that I didn't know until recently - you can set alexa to set an alarm for 6:15am for every week day. And done, no one has to remember to do that each night. 

6:30am - we tip toe downstairs and try not to wake Grady up but he usually comes downstairs about 5-10 minutes later. So then I end up making them both breakfast at the same time which honestly is pretty ideal so I quit getting upset with him for getting out of bed before 7am which is our standard rule....thanks to Moms on Call when they were little. haha! But I like being down there with her while she eats. We have good conversation and I just think it's a good way to set up her day.

no later than 7:05am - we are out the door to school. Grady usually comes with me to drop her off. Occasionally he's already dressed and fed but not always. He likes to go in his pajamas and get ready for his day when we come home and when I get dressed in my work clothes. 

7:10am - we get dressed and I get my junk for the day in the car

7:45am - we scoot to his school. 

8:30am - I get to my office or back home to work. Most of the time - to my office. Yes, we've been in the office since May 2020. We had about an 8 week break where we worked from home but then back to the office we went! I've always worked from home a day or two a week since I had Molly Anne. It keeps me sane. 

work work work work. calls calls calls calls.

2pm - Julie picks Molly Anne up from school and keeps her until 4pm. Julie is a retired Kindergarten teacher and is absolutely wonderful. I have no idea how we got so lucky but whew I'm thankful for Julie daily. They do homework and Julie even unpacks and repacks Molly Anne's lunch. I'm telling you...lifesaver! Molly Anne's homework takes anywhere from 30-90 minutes. Yep, lots of reading, math, word study. She's killed it on the homework front this year and has grown from it. 

3pm - I typically leave anywhere around 3/4pm to head to get Grady then home to run them to afterschool activities. Kevin or I are always home by 4, sometimes earlier, to relieve Julie. 

4pm - Grady is doing swim and teeball right now. Molly Anne is doing swim and jazz. Earlier this year she was also tumbling on Mondays...that's when she wasn't swimming. I'm typically a max of two activities per child. That ebbs and flows depending on seasons. Teeball is a big commitment!

I’m also still working here and there. My phone never stops though I’m conscious about my time with my people. Pros and cons about what I do! It never leaves. It is all of the time. 

5:30pm - dinner! Early bird special. We typically always eat at home during the week. It's never anything fancy. I prep for dinner that morning while they kids are eating or the night before.

6pm - we have been doing some after dinner walks/scoots/bike rides and I've loved doing that with the kids and Mills! Special times. We talk about alllll of the things and it's a good way to end the day. 

6:30pm - baths, reading

7pm - bed for the little friends. Mills usually goes upstairs at this point and won't come back down to hang out with me anymore. He's lazy!

7:30pm - After cleaning up the house, I open my computer back up or I workout most nights - either tennis, walk the hood, strength in our home gym, something. It's hard to do but I know how much I better I feel after getting it done. 

8:30/9pm - I sit on the couch for about an hour and catch up on things. 

10pm - goodnight!

Honestly things have gotten so much easier the older the children have gotten. With Grady about to turn 4, it's really a lot easier to do things. I can take a shower when they're playing. They can go out back by themselves while I make dinner. They entertain themselves in the playroom. Molly Anne can take her own bath and get dressed on her own. Grady is almost there on the getting dressed part. It's really amazing I must say. I never thought I'd see the day! There were some hard years there. Don't get me wrong, not every day is amazing but I remember when I held Grady for 23 hours a day. Not really but sort of haha! All of this to say - it does get easier! 

I feel like our crew is in a decent little phase now and I'm thankful for every day!

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