Friday, May 20, 2022

Five on Friday - Molly Anne Jazz, End of Season Tennis

Let’s see. The week started rough but ended okay. 

I was telling Kevin goodbye yesterday before Grady and I left for school and work. I said oh shoot I didn’t put any makeup on. He instantly said well you won’t look much different if you put it on than now so just go with how you are. I thought it was so sweet! It made my day for sure. 

Grady was sort of sick this past weekend and I was honestly dreading dealing with all of the covid mess for him to go back to school. I had him checked at the ped on Tuesday because his crud was so deep and I wanted to be sure his lungs were clear. It was his typical croup though. Of course we didn’t see his regular ped and this other doc told me they had to covid test him to give him a back to school letter even though she said he wasn’t contagious. 2.5 years ago he would have been back to school in a flash. I left there feeling so defeated. I’m just so over it all. I get it, it’s a real virus. But dang this really upset me. My poor dad got an earful from me when I left there. Thank you dad for always listening and agreeing with me!!!  Yep check the pic, he def needed to be at the doc…you can see how terrible he felt, haha!! He was back at school Wednesday morning without the doc’s covid test or note from the doc and yes I followed all of our school’s rules. More to the story I’m leaving out but Grady didn’t have covid, goodness! 

Molly Anne had her end of year dance award and practice recital performance! I loved getting to watch it!

She got a dancer pin for her two years!

She loves Ms. Anna who has instructed her in jazz the past two years!

We had an end of season tennis party on Tuesday night. Our teammate Shari pulled out of the stops on this amazing board! 

We gifted our captain Allie a lululemon gift card for helping us SO much through the season! 

I had another foot appointment on Wednesday for the cyst in my left foot. This was a follow up from the MRI that I had last Friday. The doc essentially did surgery on my foot in his office. Not really but whew it felt like it…I had to put my hair in a pony tail. I can deal with pain but my goodness! Anyway, he was able to help my cyst and I’ll spare you the details. Let’s hope it lasts so I don’t have to have the real removal done! 

Happy Friday! Big TGIF today!! I’ll be at the Toyota dealership getting my tires rotated while working on a budget for work. Good times. 

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