Friday, May 20, 2022

Five on Friday - Molly Anne Jazz, End of Season Tennis

Let’s see. The week started rough but ended okay. 

I was telling Kevin goodbye yesterday before Grady and I left for school and work. I said oh shoot I didn’t put any makeup on. He instantly said well you won’t look much different if you put it on than now so just go with how you are. I thought it was so sweet! It made my day for sure. 

Grady was sort of sick this past weekend and I was honestly dreading dealing with all of the covid mess for him to go back to school. I had him checked at the ped on Tuesday because his crud was so deep and I wanted to be sure his lungs were clear. It was his typical croup though. Of course we didn’t see his regular ped and this other doc told me they had to covid test him to give him a back to school letter even though she said he wasn’t contagious. 2.5 years ago he would have been back to school in a flash. I left there feeling so defeated. I’m just so over it all. I get it, it’s a real virus. But dang this really upset me. My poor dad got an earful from me when I left there. Thank you dad for always listening and agreeing with me!!!  Yep check the pic, he def needed to be at the doc…you can see how terrible he felt, haha!! He was back at school Wednesday morning without the doc’s covid test or note from the doc and yes I followed all of our school’s rules. More to the story I’m leaving out but Grady didn’t have covid, goodness! 

Molly Anne had her end of year dance award and practice recital performance! I loved getting to watch it!

She got a dancer pin for her two years!

She loves Ms. Anna who has instructed her in jazz the past two years!

We had an end of season tennis party on Tuesday night. Our teammate Shari pulled out of the stops on this amazing board! 

We gifted our captain Allie a lululemon gift card for helping us SO much through the season! 

I had another foot appointment on Wednesday for the cyst in my left foot. This was a follow up from the MRI that I had last Friday. The doc essentially did surgery on my foot in his office. Not really but whew it felt like it…I had to put my hair in a pony tail. I can deal with pain but my goodness! Anyway, he was able to help my cyst and I’ll spare you the details. Let’s hope it lasts so I don’t have to have the real removal done! 

Happy Friday! Big TGIF today!! I’ll be at the Toyota dealership getting my tires rotated while working on a budget for work. Good times. 

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Cute Neutral Bags

A quick roundup of neutral bags for this summer. And then a fun one at the end! I thought it was helpful to include a picture of someone holding it so you could see the scale. These are all classic and are pretty timeless. Happy shopping!



Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Lunch Dinner Ideas

Now I’m not the professional lunch packer in my house because I only pack her lunch once a week. Julie  packs it the rest of the time when she brings Molly Anne home from school. Anyway, I made her lunch Sunday night and figured I’d snap a picture. It always helps me to get ideas from others. 

Molly Anne decided she wanted to have a rainbow competition with me this week. She’s making a rainbow checklist for us for each day and we each have to eat every color of the rainbow. She knocked every color off yesterday during lunch! 

These are the crackers in her lunch above. They’re SO good. Check them out. 

Here is a little meal plan for the week. Always subject to change. 

Sunday - no one ate with me for various reasons so I had salmon and Brussels in my air fryer. Yes the air fryer is new to me and I have loved using it. I didn’t want another appliance but so far I must admit, I’ve enjoyed cooking in it. And this salmon recipe is amazing, thanks Hilary! 

Monday - Greek chicken bowls 

Tuesday - taco Tuesday - beef nachos probably!

Wednesday - my friend Ashley sent me this honey chicken recipe that I’m going to try! She’s an awesome cook so I’m sure it’s delish. 

Thursday - probably spaghetti and a salad but I haven’t gotten there yet. I like to have one flexible meal that I can use the following week in case we decide to go out one night. 

Monday, May 16, 2022

May at the Beach

It was a quiet weekend at the beach and it was much needed. Grady didn’t feel great so we didn’t go out or anything but we did spend 4.5 hours at the beach on Saturday so he didn’t feel too awful!

Friday night on the back porch with my Molly Anne. We sat out there for a few minutes and she matter of factly said, “so like what do you want to talk about? Let’s talk about something!” 

It was a beautiful evening!

Saturday morning Kevin had to do some work stuff so I took the kids to the beach and he met us out there mid day. Molly Anne’s first two piece! ;)

It cracks me up when he turns his hat around backwards!

Kevin and Molly Anne got us Sharkys carry out for dinner (hello shrimp burger!!) and we hung around the house. Grady went to bed early and Kevin and Molly Anne played in the yard. I love this picture of her just chillin!

This boy refuses to come inside off our back porch. He’s obsessed. 

Look at his hover through the railing. 

Sunday morning Molly Anne wanted to kayak! She loved it just like last year!

This was my view most of the way home. The hound that refuses to ride in the back and instead lays in the floorboard under the kids feet with very little room! Part human and can’t be too far from us. 

Let this weekend be known as the weekend that Grady started calling Molly Anne “Molly Annie!” Haha!

Friday, May 13, 2022

Five on Friday - Lanebreak, Grady bday, Field Trip

Hellloooooo Friday!

Has anyone tried the Peloton Lanebreak? I'm honestly a little late to the party but figured it'd be fun to give it a try this past Monday night. I didn't feel like it killed me but I also didn't do the hardest level. I think I did Intermediate which is the one above beginner. It's basically like a video game on the bike and makes you totally get lost in your pedaling. Try it if you've been thinking you may want to do something different!

Grady had a blast celebrating his birthday at school on Monday. He got to take a bag of show and tell goodies and a baby picture to share with the class! He loved it!

This was his main gift from us and a couple of other toys that he hasn't put down since he got them. He loves this digger though! It's a great gift for a little boy. I got the idea from another friend. Grady loves to be outside and he loves to dig so this worked out perfectly!

I never get any pictures of the two of them before school anymore so this was a treat to snap one day this week!

Yesterday I got to go to the Riverbanks Zoo on a field trip with Molly Anne’s class and the entire first grade! What a special day it was. They got to ride on “charter buses” that had movies and allll of the things! They loved every second of it! I had four sweet children that I got to hang out with. They were good as gold. It was a fun day!

Thursday, May 12, 2022


We have a trip coming up after school gets out for the summer and I think I may need this dress! It’s a splurge for what I typically buy though. We will see. I sometimes have commitment issues on things over $300…hence why I’ve taken back golden gooses and things like that. I have to really love it. But maybe I would really love this!

Whenever I’m getting ready for a Saturday night out, I always grab the same earrings that go with every outfit. These lucite earrings would be a good addition to the few pair I wear constantly! 

And yes this clutch is amazing. 

This is a nice dress to have in your closet and you can pop it out any time. It's like this similar navy dress I wear constantly. It just goes with everything for every event and is comfortable. 

I didn't think I'd like the two buttons with zipper on these jean shorts but I really don't mind it. They fit so well and are 4" inseam. $20, done.  

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Mother’s Day

It was the nicest Mother’s Day in awhile. We didn’t do anything until midday when we went to brunch at our club with Kevin’s parents and brother. 

They had mimosas when you walked in and an area where you could pick out flowers to make a bouquet to take home. It was sweet!

Molly Anne picked out her own outfit and wanted to wear her knee high socks. Made me happy for an almost 7 year old. 7 year old girls clothes are hard to find!! 

She made a bouquet for me! It was so sweet! 

My parents sent me these gorgeous flowers!

We just hung around the rest of the day. I had to pick up groceries and get my act together for Grady’s birthday the following day! It was nice though! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Grady’s Birthday Party

Grady’s fourth birthday was on Monday but we celebrated on Saturday with a party at Charlotte Allstars and Gymnastics! Not many friends could come but the ones that did, Grady had a blast with! He honestly didn’t know any different and was just so happy the whole time! I’ll be honest it hurt my mama heart a bit but I understand people have things going on. It just taught me to always make the effort to take your kids to their friends birthday parties! 

He wanted a tractor themed party so that’s what we did - allll of the John Deere!! He gave his friends these light up tractors as a party favor! 

Gotta love Publix. They always make it happen in the bakery!

They were born on the same day! 

Big four year old!

So excited to open presents when we got home!

Yay happy birthday party day to my little buddy!!