Friday, December 16, 2022

Five on Friday

ONE - this pooch will not allow you to shut the door because he has to have his hoover half out there so he can hear the children!

TWO - Molly Anne had her class party this week and my co-room mom did such a cute job with it! I did the gifts and she did the party. Divide and conquer!

THREE - Grady's jellycat Lion lost a limb this week because he was swinging him around. The ladies at the alteration shop were super sweet with him and got him fixed right up. This is at the alterations place by The Butchers Market and Bradshaws in Charlotte near Stonecrest if you're near by. They're wonderful. 

FOUR - the elf left a note and put himself in a tall tervis tumbler and said he wanted to see their schools this week! So here is Achy at Grady's school. He went through carline at Molly Anne's. They LOVED this!

FIVE - when you get to go with a co-worker for your first mammogram haha! She and I both scheduled the same lunch time appointment time and walked over together! 

1 comment:

  1. Such a cute Elf idea!

    Had to chuckle at the mammogram appointment - I just turned 40 last week and at my physical the Dr. said, "alright, find a friend and get that mammogram scheduled!".