Monday, December 19, 2022

The Polar Express

Last night we headed up to Spencer, NC to ride on The Polar Express! This was very magical for 4 year old Grady. He was at the perfect age for it. He didn't remember going on it two years ago of course. Molly Anne remembered the north pole but she had a few questions this year as to how it took much longer to get to the north pole than it did to get back!

We bought these tickets right when they went on sale in June so definitely put it on your calendar to purchase early for the best seats!

You know they went up on stage for the Ho Ho Ho contest to see who could say it the best! The youngest boy won, not Grady!

The North Pole!

We asked the conductor if he could please sign their book!

Santa asked Molly Anne if she was on the naughty or nice list by asking if she had been picking on her brother. Unfortunately for her, she had kicked Grady earlier in the day and had gotten in big trouble!!! She was quite bummed! HA!

The trains at the end of the train ride were a HUGE hit. They were super cool so I'm glad we got to see those. 

It was a good time! We were on the 5:30pm train so we got there about 4:30 when it was still light out and had dinner from the food trucks then got on the train as it was getting dark. Extra magical when you get to do the train in the dark! Afterwards, we hung around looking at trains and lights and left about 7:30 to head back to Charlotte. It was a fun night and one we will only do every other year! ;)


  1. Playing "blog catch up!" after being offline for the past few weeks. We have never done the Polar Express, but this one looks super fun!

    1. Hope you had fabulous holidays with your family!!!